Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Societal Sexual Oppression?

I was recently asked this question in an article.. not sure where it's to be published but thought I'd share both the question and the answer with you.

As the twenty first century continues to lapse, we are as a society still very oppressed. We are raised to be ashamed of our sexuality. Even as many areas have been liberated, people at large are still ignorant, lack passion and creative sensuality. What long term affects do you believe our society will experience if we continue to be sexually oppressed?

Sexual oppression? I'm more concerned about other forms of ignorance to be honest with you.. Sorry but being a sex-worker isn't my main focus of interest. It helps me earn a living but my main desire is to educate people and have them wake up from the slumber of ignorance that is caused by mindless brainwashing from the media. Thank god for the internet as I garnish most of my education of late from youtube. The censorship of sexuality is only a tiny part and unimportant in the major scheme of things.. view some of Ron Paul interviews and tapings on line to see what I mean. Right now I'm appalled at the lack of honest information and how it's controlled and fed to the general public. We live in a society where we blithely think we are free.. when in fact we are lulled into a false sense of insecurity.. yes I mean insecurity! We think we are powerless to our environment and political agendas of our government and we are only limited by our ignorance... okay.. rant over for now. You didn't really want me to talk about that! BUT part of what makes me erotic is knowing that I also have a brain and am an intellectual equal if not superior to many who watch my porn. Throwing off the archaic notion that only drug addicted, pimped out or coerced females engage in porn. Am I right? Don't answer that. I know I am.. because I enjoy porn that is shot without degrading a woman. A woman in control of her sexual desires is what turns many many people on.. not just men. This is why my genre of porn is so popular. By my genre I mean MILF or cougar porn.. where a mature confident woman seduces a younger timid man. Every kid had a crush on someone older at one time.. a teacher, a baby-sitter.. someone in charge.. but then hey! that relates to my earlier comments. We love having someone else take the reins so we don't have to think for ourselves. That's the fantasy.. to be taken and taken care of. That's great for sexual fantasy.. but wake up when it comes to your real life. Don't let other tell you what to think. One of my favorite sites I was exposed to a few months ago is http://www.brasschecktv.com It's a site that searches for the most relevant videos on youtube or google to wake up people from the duldrums that the regular media wants to impose on you :) Wake up from the Matrix people!!!
But I just went back to my rant.. so here's the answer to your initial question. One of the reasons I love my job is that I am the anonymous discrete secret confidante that a client can bring his or her unspoken fantasies and desires too. The idea that seeing a tit online or in person is so titilating is because it is considered taboo in North America whereas in European magazines and of course on their beaches tits and bums are everywhere with no ruffling of repressed outcry. Sexual oppression is complicated. The mere fact that our desires are supressed make them more desirable to fulfill.. it is human nature to rebel when we are denied something. The naughtiness factor is another aspect to the genre of my porn. I often play a stepmother, teacher or even mother.. someone in power who abuses their authority.. essentially a consensual rape scenario plays very well and is quite requested to be acted out. I get young girls asking me to seduce them as well which I find extremely flattering. The level of trust involved which of course I don't abuse and then am thanked for is a wonderful feeling. Role-playing is a great way to act out a fantasy that would be considered taboo in our real lives.
I think that as I grow older it's not that I care less what people think about me.. I'm still sensitive to criticism. The difference is that I surround myself more with people who are like-minded and I really believe in the law of attraction. The more I spend time with like-minded people the more others I meet and am drawn to in my life. Co-incidence? No...focus. So long winded answer to your question but 'If you build it they will come'... 'You reap what you sew' and all that... it's true for me! and by the way.. society is a made up term. You don't like the society you're attached to.. feel free to create a new one. It's not a fixed thing.

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I agree society should be sexually free