Monday, November 23, 2009

the tutor on jerkygirls (my first shoot for them)


Solarayyy said...

I enjoyed the clip tremendously. Too bad a bj wasn't included. Wish i was the pupil. When is class in session again?

Solarayyy from Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

i should have never seen this movie. no i'm addicted.

Tumescent said...

A really classic fantasy.
Her matter-of-factness and lack of coyness are very hot.

Too bad that some of the dialogue is indistinct, I would have liked to hear every arousing word.

All in all, one of the handful of hottest porn clips I've ever seen.

Johann1516 said...

Boy the first kid should have been wearing either a Senators or a Maple Leaf's baseball cap. I can't figure out how the other two guys could have held out so long. I would love to have you jerk me off in an adult movie theater. One thing I love about escorts is that you can act out your fantasies.