Friday, February 5, 2010

I love being a present

I have been a surprise birthday gift to a spouse a few times.. but last week I was a gift to a birthday boy who turned 19 and had 3 friends chip in 100 bucks each so he could lose his virginity and he picked me to lose it with!

It was fairly spontaneous and he hadn't done his research but picked me from my photos on so he was surprised to find out I did porn and I was tickled to be the one he chose to train him sexually. I showed him some of my magazines and sent him home with a movie as well as let him take photos of the adventure during so he could always have momentos of his first time.

He had literally never had a girl touch him in any sexual way so was enjoying everything new saying each time it was the first time he had a girl's hand on his cock.. etc etc..
He was uncertain as to his penis size which of course I asked him if he compared to porn actors and that was unrealistic. They are chosen for their abnormally large size so that they can easily be seen on camera. He in fact was good in girth and since I'm small in the canal region anyway it was plenty..

Unfortunately though his cock bent at the end downwards so the only position he wouldn't fall out of me on as he stroked in and out was doggie.. so I figured that would end up being his favorite position and not a problem as it is for many women too! The bend also made it better for the g-spot stimulation in doggie.

He had to learn not to make the in and out stroke too long and too keep his pelvis close to mine or he would pop out and then poke me outside my hole.. not pleasant! He learned fairly quickly though and managed to not cum before we were able to try a few positions. I was proud of myself for getting the education across and proud of him for learning so quickly. It was fun being a sex educator for real instead of in a porn pretending to be one.

But the best part is being a gift for someone.. and generally I'm a gift every day I see a client. Usually I'm a gift to himself from himself.. and I always joke that I buy myself the best gifts as well.. although it's usually shoes :)

It wasn't my first time having a virgin but that experience is often in an appt.. especially with a new client. New to me.. or new to escorting. Each time it's a rush for them and I get to help them thru it.. even with repeat clients it's often a rush like it's their first time and being so kinesthetic/intuitive or whatever you want to call it.. I feel a smidgen like I'm experiencing it too. I love it!


Austin said...

I seriously hope that young man gives his 3 friends some serious presents for being such great buddies. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

not cool that you are spilling these embarrassing details about a client

Carrie Moon said...

How exactly is it embarrasing?
It's completely natural and understandable as well as being educational. This is on of the points of my blog.. you don't like it. you're free to view other blogs.
Besides. My stories are just that stories. I might use artistic license in incorporating situations with parts of other situtations. The only person who might be embarassed is the client himself and only he knows who he is. It's not like being reviewed for instance on a board where everyone reading it knows who I am!
But still I ask what is embarassing? his being a virgin? or having a bent cock? The first he did something about.. not that being 19 and being a virgin is anything to be embarassed about. I've certainly met older and been one myself (21 for me). Having a bent cock is nothing embarassing either. In fact like I said it does wonders in doggie style. He's built like a g-spot vibrator.

Skinny (Chuck) said...

Great story! What a lucky young man to have such a great teacher to help him through what could have been a very nerve-racking experience. Wish I had someone like you for my first... and friends who could help make it happen.

Anonymous said...

I'm 23 and a virgin also. It would be cool if I could lose mine to u. Is there a way to do it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie, i love to learn sex from a sexy milf like you