Monday, February 22, 2010

recent blackberry pics

me at a pub with friends.. (not my hat)

me in the bath tub

flashing my boobs

suntanning bed

another day in suntanning bed


Andy said...

I have a question for you since as anyone can see you were blessed with ample boobige (it should so be a word). My last girlfriend was also blessed and was my first experience with a large pair, but she had very little sensitivity in them. Is that common with endowed women?

richter said...

wow you are a smokeshow...let me know when you're in toronto!

Carrie Moon said...

Andy.. I have heard that.. but can only comment on my own bossom.. I think it depends on the person and not on the boob size. About 1/2 of male clients have sensitive nipples whereas the other 1/2 do not.. has nothing to do with boobage :)

Carrie Moon said...

Ricter. I need you to email me if you want to stay informed of any tours to Toronto.