Monday, February 15, 2010

Winterlude was a pain in the butt and Age is a state of mind

I had 2 outcalls downtown this week.. one yesterday at the lord elgin hotel and I had so much trouble finding parking because of winterlude.. the other one was today and was far enough away from the winterlude that parking wasn't a problem.

People were wandering all over the hotel and the streets wearing skates. I'm sooo not a fan of ice-skating as the last time I tried on the canal I fell into a huge puddle of water. It was too mild that day and puddles everywhere. I prefer skiing :) but I haven't done that this winter either.'
It's been freakishly mild with respect to the snow this winter and I'm loving it! considering I'm in a house again instead of an apt means I have to shovel any snow that piles up in my driveway and on my steps.. so I'm really happy about the lack of snow.

I was at a friends house for a hottub friday night and one of the other guests there had been on the canal skating about 3 weeks ago when she fell and shattered her forearm which of course required surgery. That was all I needed to reaffirm that I did not want to go skating on the canal.

Bah humbug! ha ha.. I want to be down south again! I'm looking at going to Ecuador to an ecovillage.. let's hope in March. I should have gone there in the first place instead of Jamaica as I've wanted to visit more of south america for a while. I fell in love with Costa Rica a few years back and I enjoyed Venezuela as well. Time to learn Spanish maybe hey?

So.. I really wanted to blog today to talk about my client I had at the Lord Elgin. He was a visitor to Ottawa for the first time and was looking for something to do when he found me on - ha ha.. he found someone to do instead of something :)

He was impressed with my personality on my blog and mentioned several of my contributions during our session. I absolutely love it when someone does their research on me because it means we're more likely to be a good match!

Anyway.. he was in his mid-60's and immediately joked that he hoped he wasn't too old for me. He wasn't... attitude and personality are way more important than age for sure and he was tickled to have me visit so we were off to a great start.

The bit I wanted to blog about though was this. He came twice in an hour! I teased him right away that he should be in porn and that he put many 20 year olds to shame. Now.. that tickled him.. but it was true. I was impressed. Aren't you?

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