Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stunning Summer

Summer is visiting in Ottawa! yippie kai yay! I had only met her briefly when I was in LA at PSK (porn star karaoke which was obviously my favorite night of the week if you know me at all). Summer picked a great time to visit.. It's like summer this week. What a wonderfully early spring. I picked her up from her hotel yesterday afternoon and drove her around the city a bit.. but then we came back to my place.. met up with 3 other local escorts (all camera shy) and went out to what I jokingly call Carrie-oke. Here are some pics.

I love that Summer is the same age as me and is as down-to-earth as I am..
She's no drama, has a great sense of humour and is very hugable.
We just put an ad up on Craiglist last evening so the phone calls started coming in but we were having way too much fun on a long overdue girls night out so I should be able to blog about some duos in the next few days.. but in the meantime I'm enjoying Summer! and by that I mean the unseasonably warmer weather and my galpal Summer.

For those of you who don't know Summer you can of course google her or just go here. website member site
blog stunningsummerxxx.blogspot
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reviews ter and big
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Stunning Summer 39dd-28-39 46 year old MILF
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and for those of you on facebook.... she's on my friends list.

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