Saturday, May 29, 2010

A variety of personalities

I spouted off on a discussion when an escort asked how to tell a client she didn't want to see him again..There are going to be a variety of personality types and lovemaking styles that just make you uncomfortable as an escort. I'm quite adept at reaching most people but there are a few I am not happy to service and will refuse to see again.. it happens however very rarely to me because as I get more mature and experienced in this business I generally am adept at refusing the client before he ever gets here if I feel we won't be compatible.

Here's what I wrote in the forum on the topic.

There are 4 types of ways of receiving data when communicating according to NLP (neurolinguistic programming), and therefore a variety of preferred types of communication. Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and A-D auditory digital (data/information/science). When people first attempt to communicate with all of those to attract a mate they give off the best first impression but as they get to know one another better they relax and fall back to their dominant mode. You are not auditory.. at least on the phone. You may or may not be in person.. ie enjoy hearing naughty talk.

I'm primarily kinesthetic and I feel out a person through their voice on the phone. ie. I get a vibe. I can also get a vibe from seeing the person's photo and especially their smile which is why I find it important to not only see sexy photos on a website but also relaxed smiling photos! Too many of the girls have glamour photos but none smiling.. I filmed with Niki V about 5 years ago and was so pleasantly surprised by her winning smile when I met her in person. Not at all evident on her site.

I don't mesh at all with people who are A-D because they have no clue how to touch a person and can't carry on a conversation. Those people seem robotic to me. I do have a colleague who is like that and she's great for sharing information but we can't hang out and have a beer.

A person who calls who is only interested in information without any feeling will not make me connect so I will not respond appropriately. They might go away feeling nothing or feeling ignored... either way no loss on my part because the session would have likely zapped my energy anyway... confusing me as to how to please them.

Other times I have pleased them a lot but with no signals coming from them I have no idea until they thank me at the end of the session. I'm sure you've all had this experience. It has nothing whatsoever to do with your skill if you don't speak A-D

My best clients are kinesthetic and visual like me. They are excellent skilled lovers who can soak up my attributes visually and touch me in a way that I feel I'm being sculpted from scratch by god himself.

So.. before the internet.. we only had the phone. I used to do very well on voice ads because I have a sexy voice. My description was indeed what sold them as I booked appts with a mere 60 seconds over the phone. This can also conjure up a visual image to the visual client. Imagination is my most powerful ally both for the client and for me.

I hear ya mod on the horrible voice. Sometimes an accent can even turn me off if it's one I associate abrasiveness with. I can usually instantly hear if someone is a heavy smoker.. but none of that will deter me if they are respectful and appreciative.

I used to work a variety of customer service jobs over the phone and in person during my lifetime. When you work for someone else you have no choice but to accept the good and bad from everyone. As a provider however I have the freedom to refuse service in person or over the phone to anyone.

I don't think any of the girls in this thread are saying that we are bitchy to the callers we don't like. The initial poster was merely venting and I think now understands why this happens. It will give her and the rest of us more tolerance which is the best outcome from this discussion.

A DVD on how to explain better business practices for escorts? Possible but not very likely.. These same errors in business occur in every industry. Most restaurants fail that start up. Many retail stores have employees that don't seem to know what they're doing. Think of virtually any business you have dealings with and they all pretty much fall short.

Also..trying to explain certain things about nuances is virtually impossible. The main reason some escorts are in this business is for the freedom to run things the way they want. Some are in the biz because they are inept at working in the real world whereas the ones who stand out have soooo much experience in the real world it translates to this business as well and they are successful and popular.

There are so many girls who do a great job and you have way more choices than ever before so count your blessings instead of trying to help those who are bad at their job.

Like attracts like. The ones who are lousy at answering their phone will get clients who don't care. The 'tire kickers'' (got that from Christine) will continue to call around til they get the price/activity that sparks their interest and care little how the girl looks or sounds. Then will complain about it afterward. Well.. you get what you pay for.. and you who put little effort into research deserve to be disappointed.

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