Monday, May 31, 2010

venting --- yah i was due for one don't ya think?

Got into it with a guy on - he was looking to negotiate a snuggle date.. ie.. fondling, necking while watching a movie but not necessarily sex..
not with me mind you.. so we're clear. He was just putting it out there on an open thread. What's wrong with that you might ask?

He was hoping for a reduced rate for said activity because it's not as much work as say a massage appt. (who says? it is fun for the escort? how do you know.. )

I see right away he thinks it's more fun because he's so charming and witty... and just a generally great guy. He makes sure he gets this across in his post.

First I had replied as has other girls.. that social time is normally charged at a lesser rate.. BUT social time is outdoors.. not indoors where touching can occur... leading to naughty things. This in my opinion should be charged at the same rate.. my opinion only. hey. I can only speak for myself.

I personally don't offer lesser rates for my time as one girl pointed out later on "regardless if we play scrabble rather than have sex" :)

He responded with something about perhaps being charged an in between rate.. going from 75 bucks/hr up to 200/hr for such social time.

And then the joke.. that if it went into the bedroom you'd have to pay him. OH that joke is soooo funny. NOT!

I'm soooo sick of guys who think they're all that and a bag of chips that we'll swoon over them and see them for free/fall in love and they are richard gere (except for the rich and handsome part).

Anyway.. I call him on it. I say for him to joke about bedroom time that way makes his inquiry now less serious.

Responding to another male poster who says he's looking for a friend rather than an escort I agree with the caveat that he's trying to manipulate the ''friendship''.

Well I had posted this prior to going to nap with my pained tooth/pained brain.. and when I got up the shit had figuratively hit the fan.

He accused me of slander.. to clarify myself and that someone supposedly of my caliber showing their true colors.. yadda yadda yadda. It went on for paragraphs!

I responded with.. guess I hit a nerve eh? well I was more verbose than that.

He contacted the mod complaining about me demanding I be removed.. guess what.. he got removed.. well for 30 days.. I did get a slap on the wrist for having provoked him.. but seriously?

This is no better than trolling on the street asking girls who is the brokest which one could use some money since times are tight?

He eventually claimed before he got banned that he got responses quoting him for 2 1/2 hrs for 250-300 bucks. I'm sure he did..

It's certainly not up to me to tell girls they are worth more than that.. that's their choice. I was just offended that he did this on cerb.. a place that's supposed to be a haven/friendly warm respectful to girls in the industry place.

Anyway.. if you're curious to read the whole thing it's on cerb :) looking for an sp.. not what you think is the posting.

I won't post the link. I was in the right to out this guy and nip this kind of crap in the bud.. but I'll have to be more careful I guess how I do it. AS if girls in this industry aren't disrespected enough..

He had the gall to say.. in these recessionary times you could fill your calendar with such an appt for those who weren't very busy lately and he wanted to create a niche! OH and that it could become a regular thing.

I know.. I know.. many of you are thinking probably what he did.. she's over-reacting. I can't quite explain myself.. but it's a gut thing.

We get dufus guys texting us how good looking they are.. can they have a discount, what in the world are they thinking? We're not in this to date good looking guys. We're not in this to date.. well again I can only speak for myself but I hang out with other girls who are quite like minded so I know I'm not alone.

This is a business.. who in their right mind would walk into their hair dressers or fav restaurant and say.. hey I know we're in a recesssion.. would you like my company so much that I could get a discount? yup.. that explains it if you don't get it.

If the advertiser posts an ad with a discount (I would never do that personally but I've seen girls do it and frankly it looks desperate to me.. but hey if you're desperate you're desperate) that's one thing but asking girls to basically quote their best price so he can chose??? low low class!!!


Marc said...

I read the exchange on cerb, I think you were right to call him out.

In my opinion anyway...

Carrie Moon said...

thanks for the support Marc. I found it strange and said so to the moderator that the girls all supported me pretty much across the board that it was offensive... but the ones who had support for him only pm'd him and mod? hmmm. why not out in public on the thread? Another bunch at first thought I was off the mark but then re-read the comments and then finally saw what I had seen! I'm usually not wrong when judging someone including myself :) Being a good judge of character is what makes and breaks my job and why I've never in over 20 years been hurt.. why is it other girls get into trouble consistently? They have no sixth sense about people. I do.

Iceberg said...

Yeah that was crazy. It's a shame that people don't understand bigness and get it all twisted

Anonymous said...

well said Carrie!