Wednesday, January 12, 2011

kissing and bbbj - uh.. nope.. not here! usually...

I just had an email from a client asking about kissing and expressed surprise that I don't allow it..

This prompted me to finally write on why...

yes.. I know.. in this day of GFE phenomenon kissing is often expected. Nothing personal. I have been in the business for 20 years and when stds are rampant as they are in the general population the only risky activity I engage in is unprotected oral on me :)

It's not that I find kissing to be higher risk for STD's but it is for catching colds etc. which I try to limit my exposure to as my immune system is fussier than most.

Also! I find it immensely intimate and personal.. which is why I know many clients want it.. but MY clients respect that it's a boundary I prefer to keep to myself.. same as BBBJ.

I actually don't get why clients expect a girl to promise such an intimate act as kissing to a complete stranger... but they do. The internet has pressured girls to push their boundaries to meet the clients demands.. as many like to gloat. "It's a buyers market"

Thankfully my clients are happy to respect my boundaries and I don't need to get hammered or stoned to loosen up. Heck if I got wasted enough I might start offering anal too! ha ha.. some of you WISH!

Anyway.. as I said nothing personal. I like to decide when and if I'm comfortable enough or attracted enough to a client who becomes more like a date.. it happens but it's rare enough as you can imagine. I find kissing to be delightful!

But seriously.. I question girls who offer it willy nilly to everyone. I mean don't you have to be attracted to someone to want to kiss them? I have good friends in the business who do and most enjoy it.. but they also have clients who have such unpleasant kissing skills or bad hygeine that afterwards they have to find a method by which to ''cleanse the palate'' so to speak.

Another girlfriend of mine says... hey.. if you're looking for a menu.. 'I'm not a pizza'. In my opinion one should let things unfold chemistry wise and sexually during a seduction and ''see what happens".

On the other hand I'm happy to provide certain menu items.. MSOG.. no problem for me. Role play of mom/step-mom/teacher etc. I'm comfortable with that. Titfuck and pearl necklace.. you got it! Filming our encounter..yup! for an extra fee of course.. now.. how many girls offer filming? Unfortunately that isn't as much of a request as kissing and BBBJ... and I honestly wish I were more comfortable with that. I would have a lot more business!

I also don't do BBBJ which seems to be even more of a requirement for the ''buyers market'' and of course if I ended up loosing more and more clientelle because of this ''buyers market'' I'd have to adjust and loosen up my boundaries. I would adapt.. but thankfully I make a very comfortable living with those clients who either respect my boundaries or have well seduced me to a point where I can't help but ravish their mouths with my tongue.

Kissing is a very personal intimate as is BBBJ for me at least. Why isn't receiving oral? Same reason it isn't to men. Lots of guys would receive a blowjob from someone they would never kiss. Kissing involves often another intimate action..looking into another's eyes (something when attracted to a person I find overpoweringly wonderful), as well as smelling a person.. note: I prefer no cologne and to smell the person's clean natural scent (well hopefully clean).

Hey.. I love men.. but I'm extremely selective... and if I've chosen to stick my tongue in your mouth assume I would under other circumstances either have tried to make out with you in high school or ask you out on a date if you weren't already married.

My clients don't kiss and tell... that I kiss.. but I guess it's about time I do. Yes.. there are some clients I kiss but you can bet that if you're a smoker I won't.. if I'm only attracted to you in a minor way it won't happen.. it has to be a case of ''schwing!!!'' and it's rare.. so please don't be offended and don't hold your breath...

but if you're one of those clients who is holding out hope and voices it during our encounter and keeps pressuring me to kiss you or bbbj.. beware.. I will get through the appt holding you off with polite responses but likely never let you book me again.

I know you don't think you're being disrespectful. Charming as you think you may be you're really not.. you're pressuring to get what you want that isn't on my ''pizza menu''

I had a younger guy the other day ask me once about BBBJ.. but then didn't push it.. he had a lovely cock.. and I was tempted.. but then I thought about it.. he was obviously a busy hobbyiest and who knows how many girls he got this from.. SEE this is what goes through my mind. It's still a fairly high risk activity! I mean not as much as unprotected intercourse obviously.. but did some of you know how that boundary is now being pushed as well???? Most guys aren't stupid enough to broach that with me.. but I do know girls who are. Guys think with their little head too much.. and then after they've cum they let it run through their heads and panic about the risk they've just taken. YOU are having sex with everyone else he/she has had sex with. If she lets you fuck her without a condom in her mouth or pussy do you really think you're the only one???? seriously.. wake the fuck up.

Anyway.. this younger guy.. even though I know he gets BBBJ with other sps.. came back to see me again! You see... even though you might really enjoy kissing and BBBJ.. I give a pretty mean blowjob with a condom and I choose condoms that are very thin. I have after all had 20+ years of practice giving CBJ.. so I pretty fucking good at compensating for that rubber and you get to go home to whomever you are going home to knowing you just saw an sp.. who is as one ex-boyfriend put it.. 'pretty much wrapped up in plastic' so he felt safe being involved with me and that I wouldn't bring any std home to him! which by the way.. I never did.

FYI.. I get that not kissing someone you are making love to in your opinion is tough to get around.. and if that's a deal breaker you aren't guaranteed to have with me.. I know you'll find a lovely provider who does.. in fact I can easily recommend some friends that I know if you care aren't also high on something to do their job! It's just not guaranteed with me :)

If however you are confident that you and I will have such good chemistry that I would want to 'pounce on you' when you walk in the door. If you're 95% sure? book me! hey.. if you're wrong and I don't pounce.. wouldn't the sexual tension of wondering make up for the fact that I'm a paid companion? and not a cougar who picked you up in the bar?

I know it can be... I've felt that wonderful sexual tension with clients many times of the ''taboo'''of not being allowed to kiss. It's the same thing in a way as going on a date... getting to know someone and wondering if the other person is attracted enough to you to want to kiss you.. except that in this case you're already inside me wondering this instead of talking to me over a coffee/beer while we get to know one another. That's how it is from my perspective and I've gone on a lot of blind dates while this is obviously in the back of his mind or mine.. and sometimes it's a case of ''yea... not gonna happen'' while in others it's ''you're really nice and I'd like to set you up with a friend of mine'' (I've done that after one blind date about 8 years ago and they're now married 6 years!!!)

In other cases for the ones that hope I'll kiss them.. it's fantastic when we actually do.. for both of us... but just like on a date. You'll have to read the signals. feel the sexual tension which is absolutely delicious! and revel in it when I do kiss you..

but believe or not! as much as love kissing.. not everyone does and would be offended if I stuck my tongue down their throat. In 2 long term relationships I had boyfriends who didn't kiss.. I really missed it and frankly wouldn't ever do it again.. date someone who didn't like it.. but in both cases they made up for the lack of it in so many other ways by their attributes. Hope you feel the same way about our short term 1/2 hr or more long relationship.. but if not.. I completely understand... and I don't take it personally.

I've had some clients for years and the sexual tension of not kissing is probably as much of a delicious part of the encounter as it is for me. One thing I remember from reading Jenna Jameson's book is that when she was stripping.. part of the fantasy that kept men hooked was that she was unavailable to them. There are girls including myself who sometimes reveal too much of who they are (much like I'm doing in my blog as a matter of fact) that it ruins the fantasy. OH well... such is life.

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Bear109 said...

For me, your revelations do not ruin the fantasy for when we spend time together. The reason I choose to repeadly see a particular provider is because I can connect with them as a person. Keep up your great blogging.