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Starting incalls circa 1990

I don't recall exactly what year it was I started escorting.. but I think I was 24. I met and moved in with my first live in boyfriend during this time. He was 4 or 5 years younger than myself and worked at the agency as a booker. I met my first male escort at the agency who was a gorgeous very well built black guy.. and was surprised to see that he was a gay escort. I was pretty naive at the time as I've already exposed.

J was as I said a booker.. but I assumed since he was also a handsome guy that he was a male escort and therefore gay. Turns out I was wrong on both counts. We became friends and somehow he disclosed his sexual interest in me. (the details are fuzzy now). When I left the agency because I was fed up with how Alexis treated me it was also because J begged me to. I told him that if I was leaving he needed to get a square job as well. He agreed and promised to support me while I was in school but in the year we lived together we ended up on welfare for a few months and I started an envelope stuffing scam.

I was bright enough to figure out these things were scams when I replied to an ad but not sure how to run it.. but of course you spend 12.95 to get the details on how to run it. I wasn't proud of it.. but I was trying to 'go straight' for love. Surprisingly I made good money at it and was able to get off welfare. J wasn't seemingly able to keep a square job for very long because he would stay up very late and sleep in as a result. He may have had a sleep disorder but being sure that I could cure him ...after the year.. I knew I wasn't helping him at all.

He also promised me to quit smoking when we moved in together but that ended up being practically all we would fight about. So..after a year of living together in a very dysfunctional relationship I finally left him. I swore to myself I would never leave the business for a guy again. J and I both had issues with abusive fathers so we were drawn together by our codependency and unresolved fucked up beliefs on what love was all about. He was occasionally physically abusive in our fights but I was hearing 'I love you' and 'I'm sorry' afterward ... words I had never heard from my father until very recently in my life.

Foolish I know.. but at the time I thought that was the best I could do.. considering how much he 'loved me'... 'needed me' and 'couldn't live without me'. I thought he would kill himself if I left.. but eventually my lack of desire for him outgrew my fear of this happening and I sought counseling and eventually left.

I rented a room in a boarding house and connected back up with the agency to do outcalls.. and when I left this time I took 2 good regular clients info and kept seeing them. I made a connection with another girl at the agency who told me about doing incalls and with 2 other girlfriends of mine got a duplex with 2-2 bedroom apts on Davenport near Christie in Toronto. We had to climb several steps to get to this place so it was a bitch to move in and getting groceries was a major chore. ugh!

BUT! we had a birds eye view of a corner store with a payphone. We advertised in Now magazine and had guys call us from that payphone. I would see 2 or 3 guys in the evening after getting home from school.. if one of us was busy a guy would often book a roomate. We were all gorgeous young blonds at the time so the lucky guys had a choice :)

I was the only one who really took the job seriously though and all the other girls left the biz after a few months. I was 'hooked'.. pun intended.. and loved being a hooker.

During my time on Davenport I got my tattoo.. and met and fell in love with my first client. Awful.. he broke my fucking heart and I his.. he was married. We cried a lot! My escort friends watched and lamented over the months as I emotionally sent on a roller coaster. He and I kept in touch over the years and even foolishly ended up seeing one another once/year here and there. Each time we would say goodbye it was almost the same level of torture all over again...dumbasses that we were.

The girl who got us the place through her boyfriend in real estate told us after a few months he was flipping it.. so we looked for another place and ended up on Broadview near Pottery road. Yippee! near all the greek restaurants on the danforth and right across from dairy queen. I loved it there and spent 2 or 3 years there (again fuzzy memory). I had an amazing large balcony off my bedroom and sometimes would drag my mattress out on it and sleep there during the night. I had had the same lovely experience in my first student house 2nd year university. The amazing outdoors but not on the hard ground in a tent with a sleeping bag.

I met my longest term relationship while living in that house. He was not a client but had absolutely no problem with my job. I picked him up at the chicken deli while watching a band.. told him I thought he was handsome (had a few beer in my belly to embolden myself) and he asked me out for the next night. He actually thought it was cool that I was an escort and didn't realize his friends might not agree when he told them so I had a bit of work cut out for me winning them over.. well one friend not so much... his best friend ended up dating my best friend at the time who was also an escort! The 4 of us had a blast as we liked so many of the same things. We'd hit live bands playing at el mocambo, gasworks, horseshoe etc etc.. and watch beverly hills, melrose place and seinfeld on tv.

T and I were together 3 years living together and another 3 after we split up.. I know seems backward but certain ex boyfriends remain lovers. This one did but I wasn't emotionally prepared to handle it and after 3 years I made my first move to Ottawa.

My CFS and fibromyalgia were a real problem so I was exhausted and depressed a lot of the time. My glands were swollen, I got low grade fevers everyday and T had no clue how to help me or be supportive. I never looked sick on the outside so simple minded people like him and many others assumed I wasn't really sick. I learned to basically not talk about it and pretend I was fine. This doesn't work when you live with someone because you can't keep the facade up for very long.

I had tried a variety of antidepressants and most made me worse.. except for Wellbutrin! it was a miracle for me during this time (a year or more after my arrest and 3 years into my career in a square job)... and I quit my job.. found a suitable replacement and planned my move to Ottawa with the plan to buy another house and start my practice from home. Unfortunately for me after selling my house in Mississauga and moving etc etc the wellbutrin stopped working and I got worse. I don't recommend it but at the time medicine natural or otherwise offered me no other options. I had had my mercury fillings in my mouth removed in 2001 and had a bad relapse. I was physically and emotionally at my lowest as well as financially. As soon as I came out of the relapse I started escorting again!

During my absence from the industry the internet had become a wonderful playground so I searched escorts ottawa and found
I put up a free ad and started doing outcalls in Ottawa while staying with a friend. I had bought a house way too far out in the country so doing incalls wasn't feasible.

I contacted most of the girls on E-C to see if any were willing to rent out a room for incall and met a nice girl who I worked with for about 2 weeks before getting the fuck out of there. Nice as she was she turned out to be a crack head with a worse crack head boyfriend! At her suggestion I booked myself into the very seedy Concord motel and was amazed at how many guys were willing to see me there. There was a payphone at the pancake house beside it so I would have guys call me from there. Once I earned enough money I got an appt near the 417 and bronson. I eventually got rid of my house in the country :)

I met Shannon who was similar in work ethic and thank god not a crack head. We hung out a lot and share a bunch of clients by referring back and forth to one another as well as doing plenty of duos. During the early 2000's money was flowing in the high tech industry and horny guys with money and very little time were abundant. I had to turn clients away almost every day who all wanted the same time slots! Shannon left the biz about 5 years ago and guys still lament the fact :)

One of my favorite scenarios with Shannon in a duo was lying on my back licking my pussy while she was getting pounded doggie style. I could reach down with my long arms and feel her awesome titties bounce and watch both in front of me and in the mirror. Hot hot hot!!! She loved getting pounded and her tight big round ass was simply delightful..

Shannon introduced me to the world of swinging. She and her husband took me to a swingers club. I was super nervous but the people were so non-threatening and welcoming I eventually ended up in the sex room where couches were set up around the perimeter and mattresses were placed on the floor in the middle. Couples fucked on the couches and the 3 of us played on a mattress. Another couple joined us but the male partner of the couple tried to stick his cock in my mouth. uh. no.. I don't do bbbj.. but how would he know this... I just avoided it and played with my friends.

We did several other parties but at their home. I eventually tired of that scene however as I was pretty much always the main course. I never had a boyfriend during this time and when I did he wasn't into it.. and frankly neither was I. In my personal life I'm greedy. I want him all to myself :)

Yes.. I have a lot of sex. Yes.. I have a lot of experience.. but in my heart of hearts I'm a one man woman. I only had one boyfriend who was jealous of my work and that was the first one. The others all understood that my job was just a job. I might enjoy it like any other job I might have... but I left the job at the job.

Yes. I've fallen in love occasionally with a client and had relationships but never born out of cheating.. on my part at least. When I'm involved I'm with that person. I leave a relationship before ever venturing on the hunt for a new one. I realize many people are too spineless to do that but once you've been cheated on that should cure it.. I have. It sucks... but that's another story :p

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