Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Honey Do list - Barter anyone?

I had a lot of snow dropped in my driveway today.. and since I hate shoveling snow I had a bright idea. I posted an ad on announcing a 1/2 price special for anyone willing to shovel my snow. I got so many responses to it that I decided it was a great idea for guys who couldn't feasibly afford my rates to get a reduced price in exchange for doing something around my house I don't want to do!

My driveway is shoveled to perfection right now and I got reacquainted with a client I hadn't seen in probably 8 years. He's more of a massage and shower guy and of course in my ad I specified that I would massage the hard worker after he shoveled. We ended up talking for a large percentage of the appt getting reacquainted and never got around to a proper massage.. or the hot chocolate I had mentioned either.. but we had a lovely rubdown (rub up?) in the

It's not that I'm no longer capable of hard labor.. it's that I just don't recover from it like I used to.. and have become a bit of a princess..lmao.. well not really...well you decide.

So.. here's the honey-do list. I will add to it regularly as I think of it..
obviously they are on a first come first serve basis as most of these tasks only need doing once.

1) once the weather turns it will be lawn-moving weather which I actually enjoy.. but digging up my garden will be a chore I'm not crazy about. In the meantime whenever I get another dumping of snow like that the 1/2 price offer stands. It takes probably 1/2 hr to do my drive way. My client today didn't think it warranted that amount as my time is worth more.. but not to me! A price someone is willing to pay is what it's about... not how easy it is for you.

email me at if you wish to be considered the next time it snows or for another chore.

2) anyone working at a retail company I shop regularly at or who can exchange (verified proof required) gift cards for places like Wal-mart, Canadian Tire (Canadian Tire money is fine too!), Loblaws/Superstore, Giant Tiger etc.. will be accepted dollar for dollar. This is also useful for those who wish to pay by credit card. Buy a giftcard to use instead of cash with your credit card.

In this economy it's win/win

Now please don't ask for discounts (and yes... we escorts get this regularly) simply because you want a student discount or a senior's discount. You must be willing to offer something in return. This is a barter arrangement not a charity :)

Now. I've never been a massage girl.. ie a lower price for a massage and handjob or blowjob without the full-service option. Why? Frankly I find giving a massage is less pleasurable for me! I love getting them.. but giving. heck no. I'd much rather have my legs wrapped behind my ears. I like sex.

but.. if you are a massage guy who doesn't like full service and are used to paying less for an appt and therefore haven't booked me in the past. Here's an option. If you are willing to let me film our session. Note: you can be disguised or do a POV shoot with my camera. I will reduce the rate of our session accordingly. That way I'm again getting something in return. I have a client willing to film regularly for footjobs so this would be for handjobs only my jerkygirls I can put it on my clips4sale page. Not sure how long I'll offer this.. I'll just remove this part when I'm not offering this anymore.


wiki123 said...

your spirit is funny:)).i just remenber this in japan 15 meters of can see

Cameraman POV said...

Wow! I gotta get to Canada!! I would gladly hold a camera too... only with your incredibly large breasts & my average sized jimmy... not sure it would make a dramatic porno!!! :) :)

My 1st shot on goal should be quite camera worthy though. Perhaps Jerky Girl worthy? Speaking of cameras when can we expect some 2011 Naked Carrie moments posted here?

Carrie Moon said...

Good point POV Camera man.. I must get back to my old neighbourhood and my preferred tanning salon soon. They have the big mirror!