Wednesday, June 22, 2011

pics from Darling

don't blame me b/c the pics are small.. I just copied them from the paysite

I kept hoping this video would end up somewhere on a free site..
I was only paid 300 bucks to do this movie based on the fact that I would get the cover and 100 copies. This guy was reputable at the time and was known to follow through on that promise. Lesbian scenes usually pay less than hardcore Boy/girl scenes but I find lesbian scenes a bit harder to do actually because it's not my normal way to have sex! Luckily I did the scene with a good friend of mine (at the time.. I've lost touch with her since she left the industry).

Sandy Bunz (the director) was fun enough to work with as was the camera man. Our scene was outdoors so we kept stopping the action whenever a helicopter went over us and at one point unbeknownst to me at the time a garbage man picked up some garbage in plain view of us shooting! He sure must have got a good eyefull but probabl not the first time. The houses that porn is shot in in LA are used over and over for shoots.

Anyway.. here are a few pics off of the one site I found that promotes it. I have yet to purchase the scene myself or see a copy of the DVD but you can see that he not only did not follow through with putting me on the cover I'm nowhere on the jacket! whatever... live and learn.

I have been in touch with him but he claims that since the industry is hurting so badly due to free downloads he stopped filming. I have no way of confirming if that's true but once again.. I get 'screwed'.. it's not like I can undo my work :P

this pic I got from Sandy after he added me on facebook.


Randman said...

Carrie, Thanks for posting the pictures. It's great to see any photos from that movie. It's nice to hear some stories from the filming as well. I didn't know you were supposed to make the cover! What a shame! You've at least made the cover of at least 3 dvd covers at least! : )

It's to bad this guy "screwed you over." It would be great to see it on dvd again. I'm always looking out for it and I'll let you know when (and if) I get it! Have a good day! : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

That movie you did called "The Tutor" has got to be one of the best handjob movies out there.

Any plans to do any new handjob movies?



Carrie Moon said...

Thanks Frank! Unfortunately the jerkygirls closed their Canadian studio and only film right now in Florida.. so it's doubtful I will be shooting for them again.

Randman said...

The handjob movies are good! I like The Neighbor as well!It's a shame they shut down their Canadian studio. Any new work on the horizon?