Tuesday, October 4, 2011

are you getting laid?

....My gf says to me yesterday. While I'm on the phone with her recounting the weekend gossip as well as our plans to go out for her birthday lunch later this week I get a phonecall on the call-waiting requesting an appt. She knows what I do but she still has lots of questions about how it works.

I reply to her.. "I really don't know yet. I usually do but since I haven't seen this guy before I don't know because sometimes they just want a blowjob or tittyfuck."

Turns out he only wanted a very long luxurious handjob... disappointing for me because he had a really nice cock and I had been hoping to get laid. BUT he had a great time and I enjoyed making it fun for him. He said it was hard to get his gf to give him a handjob so I made suggestions that might make it more fun for her.. but I doubt it would.. She probably enjoyed fucking as much as I do..lol..

I just found it ironic that she would ask me that question literally minutes before my appt arrived and in probably 95% or more of cases I do get laid.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen your videos and enjoy your blog. I am in the US, a bit too far to travel to book a session, but you really turn me on. What I would want is for you to play the 'Mom' and I would lie on your lap and suckle on your breasts while you gave me a handjob. Then of course I would fuck you :) If I ever get out in your neck of the woods I'd love to book you!