Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reality tv show with Spenny

So Friday I get a phone call from a guy named Mike I had previously seen about 4-5 years ago in Toronto. He's from Calgary.. and refreshed my memory a bit about meeting him. Then he says he's doing a porn type reality tv show with Spenny from Kenny vs Spenny. Would I be interested in being on the show. So... I meet with Spenny yesterday and we discuss it.. on camera! well.. get right to it! lol.. Mike was there as was a male performer I hadn't met who's an up an coming actor Matteo Cash. They explain the premise of the show is to follow them and that Ray Wolfe who I had had several phone conversations with but not met in person was aiming to break the reverse gang bang record. Link here I thought it was a fabulous idea to attempt to put Canada on the map a bit where porn is concerned. I was in! I wanted to be number 69! they agreed.. and in 5 weeks time the attempt will be made and filmed. So if any girls want to be involved please contact myself or Ray. 1-866-Ray-Wolf. (1-866-729-9653) Note: that you can wear a mask or have your face blurred. So after we discussed my involvement with the show and the eventual gangbang I agreed to help promote the One & Done as it's been called on that evening with Matteo. I had my reacquainting session with Mike.. then went home for a bit.. and met up with the camera crew and Spenny, Matteo, Mike and met Ray at his house.. He's a doll and very funny! I absolutely fell in love with his doggie.. she's adorable. I felt a bit like I was cheating on my furry boys.. what a cuddler! So at 9 pm Ray got on cam with Matteo and Val the girl who manned the keyboard and they promoted the show.. then introduced me and I came in to show off my tits to the many viewers. I guess at one point there were 3500 viewers. I have to say most of the active chatters were nice enough with their requests but there were several odd rude buggers.. and I quickly remembered why I don't like group webcam shows. They kept trying to get Val to undress instead of focusing on Matt and me.. but then again.. between the camera crew and Spenny and Mike and Ray coming in and out of the room pulling pranks it was hard for me to focus on anything as well.. and poor Matteo.. how was he supposed to stay hard with all the yattering and pranks. It was more hilarious than sexy I think.. but who am I to judge. At one point Mike came in with a mask on to soap me up.. claiming it was a fetish for some people.. one which I'd never heard.. and of course it was part of a prank on me for the show. ha ha.. funny.. gross.. I didn't enjoy it one bit. It was a stinky sticky soap. Earlier on the filming of the reality show we got talking about squirting and Matteo claimed he could make any woman squirt in 7 seconds.. so I challenged him to prove it on the cam show. He did! but it fucking hurt.. It makes for good tv though.. so at least I did it on film. That's the only time you'll likely see me squirt so you'll have to wait for the show to air now to see it :) Anyway.. I had the presence of mind to take a pic with Spenny before I went home for the night. Mike and Matteo were going to head out to karaoke with me.. but it was already 10 pm and they still had to go back to the hotel to shoot more for the show before going out to party and I had had a long day.. so I begged off. I'm not a late night party girl anymore.. need my beauty sleep to stay young at heart :)

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JoyfulC said...

Oh man! And to think I feel like I have a wild day these days when I have a session in which I cum more than once and then go on to do some baking around here.

You are our idol, Carrie! Keep on keepin' on!!