Saturday, February 2, 2013

My 'very mature' friend arrested in US

I've always been way too chicken to escort in the states.. While prostitution is legal in Canada, many of the charges around escorting are still available.. communicating, soliciting, bawdy house etc. Other than in the ranches outside of Vegas in Nevada it's illegal for any prostitution in the rest of Nevada or the rest of the states. I couldn't legally work in the ranches anyway without a work permit so that means I will not escort in the states.
However.. I do have friends who do so.. and Sygun is one of them. I got to know her probably 5 years ago when a photographer suggested she and I work together on some shoots. I informed her the money really wasn't worth it for the amount of work involved. She had coincidentally done some 'granny' clips for jerkygirls and we found out we had a lot of interests in common regarding holistic medicine and other things.
She keeps me posted on her adventures and vice-versa.. mostly by phone as she travels so much.
Due to her age she's unusual. She's very attractive for a 60 yr old never mind a 71 yr old. She has some serious health issues that make her unable to 'retire' yet. I've felt bad for her that she has to continue working... she should be enjoying retirement.

SO! I get a phone call a few days ago that she'd been arrested. I was always concerned about that happening to her but felt that surely the cops wouldn't bother someone of her age and focus solely on underage prostitution which is where the real serious trouble is.. Not ladies who choose to do this for a living.. but those who are pimped or enslaved and trafficked.
The government has absolutely no business enforcing this antiquated law that a woman choosing to 'sell her pussy' be punished for it. It's ridiculous. I get on my soapbox about this often. I can sell cookies and lemonade or have a garage sale outside my house. I have people solicit me at my front door for newspaper sales, gas companies, house painters etc.. and I'm not even allowed to hand out a business card never mind discuss a rate for service in public or I can go to jail. If I were to have an ad for free sex and have a line-up outside my house there's very little anyone could do about that.. but heaven forbid I charge for sex.

The US claims to have fought in wars for freedom.. yet where is the freedom for a woman to do with her body as she pleases?

Anyway.. this lady is someone I care for a great deal.. and she's been through a lot in her life. This was a ridiculous arrest. Now unfortunately she needs funds for a lawyer and needs a real rest. Please if you're moved to help her.. you can forward funds to her at her paypal acct..


Randman said...

It saddens me so much to hear this about your friend. You are correct, law enforcement should be more inclined to helping with bigger problems. Freedom it seems is only an illusion. : ( Including her Paypal address is an awesome idea! I will help as much as I can and I hope everyone who reads this will as well! Have a good day! : )

Anonymous said...

That’s too bad

Some would say sex is never free (ha-ha)…but the logic on how something could be legal given away for free but illegal if charged for is bizarre. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist it’s just another means of social control through arbitrary morality concepts