Saturday, March 31, 2012

New shoot for Cuckold site

I shot yesterday just one tutor clip for jerkygirls and a longer video for 'Cuckold Husband of Slut Wife' site The jerkygirls clip is not up yet but the cuckold site clip is up! Also.. here are a few pics taken before and after the cuckold shoot!
Anyone interested in shooting for the cuckold site (and is local to Ottawa) please connect with me. We had so much fun we're definitely doing it again!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Handjob shoots

So.. I heard from my jerkygirls producer today. He is taking a break from Florida for a few weeks and hoping to do a few shoots here in Ottawa in a few weeks.. Anyone interested in shooting please email me. You do need to show your face so please don't ask me for special consideration. My email is

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dorinda Duo

Dorinda was visiting me for a few days this past week and a last minute booking turned into a duo! The out-of-town visitor booked with me and was so nice and sweet I asked him if he might like a cute petite friend of mine to join us. He was delighted of course and he'd never had a 3some before and thought this was a great opportunity to have one! Due to the lower economy I see few clients who can afford duos anymore so it was a treat for me as well! Dorinda joined us for the last 3/4 of our session and my out-of-town visitor was happy to enjoy a swapping of alternating titties in his mouth with Dorinda and I took turns slurping on his cock.. We played and sucked on each other titties as well. (she has an amazing set btw) and then took turns riding his cock. I always love duos because I'm quite the voyeur.. and it's fun to watch another woman get randy. I rode him first while Dorinda played with my tits.. and then we switched Our visitor came with Dorinda riding him and me feeding him my tits.. he was very happy to say the least! Man I love being the one to make dreams cum true. It's an awesome job :) (Dorinda has taken her website down for now.. sorry guys.. no pics)