Wednesday, October 29, 2014

new selfies


Finally! An East Coast tour... St. John's NFLD, Halifax, NS and Saint John NB

I have been meaning to tour out to the East Coast for several years... and I'm finally putting on my big girl pants and flying out there.

I'll be open and honest.. I haven't travelled much in the past few years because I had to go on thyroid meds about 3 years ago and I had bad side effects from it (went off them after a week). Follow up to that is that I now have slight anxiety issues when I travel.. so it's been baby steps to overcome this..

Trips to Toronto from Ottawa were all I managed for a while because I was seeing family and friends as well as repeat clients so it was more in my comfort zone.

I finally said.. 'fuck this shit' and got a move on.. big time. I moved to be closer to family and I absolutely love seeing them so often instead of basically once a year..

I got on a plane a couple months ago and went to Calgary.. My close friends are very proud of me ha ha..

I have toured in Ontario by car several times now.. and it's getting to be more normal for me so pat on my back to myself for that too.

I don't post my trips in advance because all the inquiries prior to going set off my anxiety about the trip! so now.. my big girl pants are getting bigger and I actually pre-post for my trips..

lol.. my friends are really proud of me now :) and I'm so excited!!!

FYI.. for my thyroid issues I only take natural supplements and herbs now and it's slowly improving.. B12, kelp, glandular thyroid extract.. etc. I take lots of other stuff too for general health. Ashwanganda, Astragalus, Milk Thistle, Relora as examples.. oh and indole-3-carbinole for breast health :) gotta love that stuff.. it's a substance found in cruciferous vegetables that converts bad estrogen to good.. for you women reading or men who are concerned about their wives/girlfriends breast health.. please read up on it!

the Big Cock least for me!

This past week I have had two requests to do interracial porn with big dick performers... uh.. no thanks.
Why? I really truly do not like big cock!
Yes.. it's good to have a big dick in porn so it's easily viewed going in and out.. but the biggest dick I ever did a movie with was Sledgehammer my good friend, colleague and for my last month in LA roommate.

We were friends. good friends.. but we only fucked for that one scene..
believe me.. I would get drunk and we would go out an party in LA and I would get horny and contemplate it again.. but then I'd sober up just the tiniest bit to remember that it fucking hurt!

I haven't had kids... so maybe that's why.. but unlike my giant boobs.. my pussy is small.. and I like a normal sized cock. I do know friends of mine who get very excited by a larger 'member'.. but I just want to run away! ha ha..

So often when clients book me.. they apologize for their size.. saying I must be used to bigger ones.. uh.. hell to the no! I never get used to the giant ones.. and no.. you likely won't see me doing any monster cock videos or mandingo in movies.. sorry if that disappoints but I like an average 4 3/4 (I think that's the average) to 6 inches in general.. I can handle bigger but you gotta be very very gentle and kiss me a lot to get me wet (or lube me up good)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Herbal alternatives to Viagra that won't fall flat

Often times I have older clients who have erectile difficulties. Some are too shy to ask their doc for Viagra or can't take it for other health reasons... why not try some of these?