Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My first 4-some!!!

Well not my first but my first professional 4some.. I've had an awesome 4some once before where I was the entree and had 3 guys once at a swinger party. Geeze guess I should blog about that too! I will.. remind me
I was in Ottawa seeing clients and friends the week prior to the sex show. Christine gets more and more gracious each time I visit. This time she fixed my laptop for me by showing me open-office instead of microsoft office which saved me much needed space on my laptop. She showed me how to respond to online messages on her website and put an icon of me there saying I was seeing clients in her absence. She also of course provides me with her incall which is invaluable to me.. as staying in a hotel is not only costly but inconvenient.
Anyway.. I was super excited to have a 4some with my friend Valerie, Amber Moon and one lucky client. It was for 2 hrs at Amber's place. I had only met Amber the summer of last year for a couple hrs when we did our movie in Toronto 'Dazed and Cumfuzed'. She was a trooper and though she was called in last minute to replace another girl and extremely tired from partying for a few days prior.. she pulled off a great scene. Then she moved to Ottawa where I had just moved from and I never saw her again. So I meet her at her place for the 4some and we reminisice about the movie we did. She shows me a few other movies of hers and I ask her to play one for the client and me while we wait for Valerie. We ended up playing the movie over and over again while we enjoyed our 4some visit. At one point I glance over at the screen to watch Amber suck a cock and realize outloud that she looks just like me from the side view with a cock in her mouth! We all have a good laugh and then it's mother/daughter Moon jokes for the rest of our play time. This is not a 'review' so details will mostly be omitted. save for the fact that Amber let me play with her hitachi while I watched the client and her each suck on one of Valerie's nipples.. and I came hard.. Ambers tongue wagging back and forth with her gorgeous eyes looking at me taught me alot about why eye contact is so important for certain people... you have to be in the mood for it.. sometimes I like to close my eyes to cum but when there was so much visual stimulation (her in person and her on the screen) well I know I have to get a tv in my bedroom so we can watch my porn while I fuck clients.. it's so hot!!!


chorizo_luva said...

Eye contact... I will say that I don't like it when women look at the camera in videos. I suspect I am in the minority but I prefer to feel voyeuristic to a degree, which isn't possible if she's looking at the camera. I mean, is she bored with the dick or whatever she has in front of her and doesn't want to look at it, not into it, etc...?

Carrie Moon said...

I was speaking of eye contact from the person in real life.. Amber was looking directly into my eyes when I came. But with regards to POV.. I agree.. it's way overdone.(POV being 'point of view' shoots)