Friday, March 20, 2009

Beach Babe.. a poem by my 15yr old niece about moi!

Sunshine Queen at seventeen,
She's kept that title living,
Bronze statue, with breasts supreme,
Goddess of sugar-free dieting.

Amazonian independence, she needs no man.
She wears bright smiles, and bright shoes,
To bring out that year round tan,
She is the sunshine's muse.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

CBJ vs BBBJ and rating systems on theeroticreview

I just found out today after perusing the private section for providers on that the reason I can't receive 9's or 10's in their rating system is because I don't provide certain services... like an uncovered blowjob, anal, and french kissing! I was flabberghasted. Not that I rely on this site much for my clients as it caters to the US.. but seriously??? So no matter how good my service is.. no matter what connection I make with a person as a provider I will always rate a 7 on a scale of 1-10 tops. Get real!!! I had no idea..
I've felt in the past few years a bit inadequate in that arena but the fact that some of my regular clients keep coming back to see me when I have even shared duos with other friends of mine who provide these services makes me believe they are not the only important issues when seeing an escort. To some obviously they are.. and if a girl doesn't offer one or all of these services they won't be seen. That's okay. I don't need to see everyone and certainly can't please everyone as much as I might like to. Anyway.. one of the girls on the private forum who shall remain anonymous wrote this and I loved the way she put it. I felt an immediate kindred spirit.. like what I offer cannot be listed on a menu and the conversation, compassion, passion and connection can't be put on a list. see below :)

"I RARELY have anyone around here raise an eyebrow about CBJ anymore... Unlike when I first started in this business years ago- if they have issue with it they are almost always curtious enough to keep THAT to themselves! ;)

It seems like MOST men on TER are big babies about this! The experience I offer people FAR transends a long list of acronyms!!! I play the role of "friend", "masseuse", "therapist" "cuddle buddy/confident"... AND LOVER...!!! (Sometimes I'm even asked relationship/marriage advice! Ha!)

I can damn near put both my feet up over the back of my head (ie I'm VERY limber and flexable ;) ,) I'm bisexual, I believe in open relationships, I can make conversation/joke etc ABOUT ALMOST ANY TOPIC... I'm NOT a clock watcher, I am open to cross-dressers, people with foot fetishes, tieing people's balls up with rope and LORD KNOWS what else...!!!

REALLY- most of the people that see me don't feel deprived... ;)

I have it listed in my profile that I kiss "but without tongue" BECAUSE in my personal life that's how I PREFER TO KISS! I like lightly sucking on people's lips, using my tongue occasionally to TRACE the inner side of their lower lip, maybe grazing them lightly with my teeth sometimes... savoring their lips like I am eating a juicey PEACH... YOU KNOW- kissing all slow and smoldering and sexy- NOT TRYING TO TOUCH THEIR TONSILS WITH MY OUT-STRECHED TOUNGUE...!

Some men use their tougue like a rigid thing to penetrate your mouth with.. a second penis of sorts. I will suck on their tongue and *tollerate* this, but it's not my personal style. I occasionally have people licking the WHOLE LOWER HALF OF MY FACE... or sticking their toungue FAR into my ear canal etc...

"Girl's like that!!!" I have been told by these men... Raise your hands, girls- so I can send these men your way! ;)

February/March highlights and blahs

Goddamn.. I'm so glad to be back in Ottawa.. I am so looking forward to spring when I can plant some rosebushes... buy some backyard furniture and read books in my backyard while I get a tan instead of heading to the tanning booth. Last year I had absolutely no use of my balcony in my Toronto apt because they were noisily jackhammering, sandblasting and then re-cementing them. It took the whole freaking summer and I only got the use of my balcony back in time for my new year's party. All my friends that were over for that pretty well are smokers so it was either have a balcony or host the party somewhere else since smoking is forbidden in my abode. Anyway.. winter is long enough without having access to sunshine in the summer as well!
My living room window lets in tons of sunlight in the new house.. plus upstairs I have a skylight!
I do miss my friends in Toronto and was supposed to head back there this past weekend for a party at Leanne Fluxx (fellow jerkygirls etc performer) and several other friends I miss dearly. I got that stupid flu bug but because of my fibro I don't really get the flue properly and get it over with.. I just get a bit achy, coughy, no fever and just generally blah. I was very disappointed that I wasn't well enough to drive never mind hit the party.. but I've learned to respect when my body is telling me to rest. I console myself with the fact that this summer there will be plenty of other parties to attend and I now have made enough new industry friends in Toronto and other friends who are supportive of what I do that I can visit and have various offers of places to crash all over the city.
Again.. I've said it before.. but this past couple years of being 'out' has been very rewarding. Living a double life as an escort sucks. Always worrying about who will find out. This way.. let them. I have been so rewarded with friendships of people supportive of what I do that it's more than made up for the ones who didn't.
So! The sun is shining on this sunday morning and I am not hungover.. but I'm sure I missed a good party and am looking forward to seeing the pics posted on facebook in the next couple days.. as I'm sure there will be!
Oh. I am delighted that I found an organic beer in the liquor store near me in Westboro that is mild and yummy! I hope they start carrying it at bars so I can enjoy it there.. It's called Mill St. brewery and it's made in Toronto. Anyone never having been to the Toronto Brewery district.. make it a priority in the summer. Great beers to sample, live music and art :)