Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meeting up with Molly, Maddison and Loraly oh my!

Molly, Maddy and Loraly were seeing clients at a hotel in Ottawa Friday day/night. I met up with them at 10:30 and managed to squeeze in a visit for an hour with Maddy and Loraly while Molly saw her last client of the evening and then the 4 of us giggled and shared stories of our various escorting adventures for another hour or so.. Maddy and Loraly both had to get flights in the morning so they went to bed after we inhaled some chicken wings, fries and red wine. Then Molly who seems to be quite the night owl entertained me some more til almost 3 am! She graciously ignored my many yawns as I'm not the spring chicken I once was and am often in bed by 11 or I meant to snag a photo of the 4 of us but neglected to.. sorry :( but promise the next time I see them I will do so as I'm sure the girls in pink will include me in some 3somes or even 4somes as they are so fond of the next time we meet.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Visit from Mom

My Mom came to visit me in Ottawa in honour of my 45th Birthday. After seeing one of her brothers and his wife in Kingston..she arrived on Tuesday morning. Thankfully we had some sunshine to enjoy and did some gardening as the next 2 days were overcast and rainy. I took her and my sister to Nordik spa for a massage which was lovely.. and then we enjoyed the spa's facilities in the drizzle. I'm a huge hottub fan so I was disappointed that although amazingly beautiful the hottub was merely luke-warm. We spent a bit of time in each of the steam room and sauna. I'm not a fan of either of those for more than 10 minutes if that.. so won't be back to get a massage there. I can do that closer to home. I even emailed them to say the hottub was disappointing and the reply came back that they keep it at 100%. Baloney! We unfortunately weren't allowed to take pics in the spa.. so here's one of the outside the spa :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

In honor of my 45th birthday here are a couple pics of me in my birthday suit ;)

Friday, May 8, 2009

thread from terb

these open season questions on were interesting enough to share

Originally Posted by Scarey
Have you ever had a guy just break down out of guilt for cheating on his significant other and not be able to go through with it? Honest guilt

Reply from Carrie Moon

many times.. but I had a guy about a year ago who would not only not go through with it but was shaking from terror... when I went in to comfort him with a hug.. he freaked out 'don't hurt me!' like I was going to attack him. I eventually calmed him down enough and offered to give him a masturbation show while he pleasured touching him was obviously out of the question...

the thing is the whole session was emotionally exhausting for me as he was so unstable... and he tried to book again a few months later.. yeah right!!! not happening. I don't mind offering a bit of support/therapy but psychotic ramblings make me draw the line.

Originally Posted by Kilgore Trout
Do you remember the first client you ever saw as an SP? Were you nervous or scared?

Reply from Carrie Moon

majorly scared! My first night I worked for an agency and saw 3 clients.. two were so strange that I don't remember the 3rd (and it was 20 years ago).

The first guy was staying at a friends house on the couch and we did it there.. I was sure someone in the house was going to walk in on us..

The 2nd was at a stag party at the Royal York hotel. I went with another more seasoned escort from the agency and was so green.. I owned one dress and no lingerie. The guys were all in a circle when we arrived and sitting on chairs while an obvious street hooker offered anyone else want a bj 50 bucks? Some creepy very drunk guy started in on me.. and the 'host' grabbed me when he saw the deer caught in the headlights look on my face.

the seasoned escort grabbed the host as her client. ( I guess she had been told what we were hired for ... but I hadn't.) the host then brought me to a separate private room to be with my intended client. He was 65 and widowed.. it took all of 10 minutes and he tipped me 50 bucks.

I had had visions of being gangbanged against my will.. the escort agency owner did several things like that without warning me of what I was walking into.. and of course I felt no guilt whatsoever when I left her agency and took 2 of my regular clients #'s with me. She is also the one who opened BUDGET escort service!

My first night I made 500 bucks net and promptly quit my security guard night shift job and never looked back.

Originally Posted by foxwilly
So you are saying a lady can't be a slut??????
respectfully....I disagree!

Reply from Carrie Moon

well technically we're not sluts. Sluts do it for free... We're whores..

Originally Posted by fashionboy
Another question: what is your favourite aspect of being an escort (aside from the money)?

Reply from Carrie Moon

are you kidding? the ego boost is enormous. Think of a hobby you enjoy that people love so much they're willing to pay you for it.. be it playing golf, watching the hockey game, building something.

having fans! I love it.

another is the never knowing who you're going to have sex with next. When I was first escorting I was terrified.. now I'm just excited to see who it's going to be.

Most important is the freedom.. being your own boss and having the ability to say no whenever you want.

Originally Posted by fashionboy
Excellent thread Gen. Question: what percentage of the time would you say you are "acting" as opposed to genuinely enjoying the encounter or getting off? How often do you cum with a client if at all?

Reply from Carrie Moon

If the guy has even reasonable technique when dining I can cum. I have a very spectactular fantasy life in my head that gets me off.. It almost always includes me being the male ejaculating on a female face.. I know.. I don't allow BBBJ or CIM/COF but in my head that's exactly what I do! The best fantasies for me are guy/guy.

Having said that the other day I had a wicked fantasy.. One of my regular clients was going down on me.. and his hand was on my hip/abdomen where I could clearly see his wedding ring. It turns me on to know I'm his fantasy when he's with his wife...

Here's how my fantasy unfolded from there. I was the queen bee and he was gaining nourishment from my nectar so he would be fired up with his sperm to go impregnate his wife (the worker bees). That got me off like nobody's business.