Monday, February 22, 2010

recent blackberry pics

me at a pub with friends.. (not my hat)

me in the bath tub

flashing my boobs

suntanning bed

another day in suntanning bed

Monday, February 15, 2010

stroke me, stroke me!

One of my regulars I'vd had for probably 6 years or so came for his weekly appt. He loves to watch me get off with a toy.. and today he asked me to lie within his lap and lay facing away from him while he propped himself up against my headboard with a pillow.
While I stimulated myself with my vibrator he gently stroked my shoulders, breasts, arms and neck. It was awesome!!! I was able to completely relax and let go immensely.. and of course I had to ask. Why hadn't I thought of that????
He said he thought of it on the drive over.. and would be happy to do it again for me next time. Damn sometimes my job is fantastic :)

Winterlude was a pain in the butt and Age is a state of mind

I had 2 outcalls downtown this week.. one yesterday at the lord elgin hotel and I had so much trouble finding parking because of winterlude.. the other one was today and was far enough away from the winterlude that parking wasn't a problem.

People were wandering all over the hotel and the streets wearing skates. I'm sooo not a fan of ice-skating as the last time I tried on the canal I fell into a huge puddle of water. It was too mild that day and puddles everywhere. I prefer skiing :) but I haven't done that this winter either.'
It's been freakishly mild with respect to the snow this winter and I'm loving it! considering I'm in a house again instead of an apt means I have to shovel any snow that piles up in my driveway and on my steps.. so I'm really happy about the lack of snow.

I was at a friends house for a hottub friday night and one of the other guests there had been on the canal skating about 3 weeks ago when she fell and shattered her forearm which of course required surgery. That was all I needed to reaffirm that I did not want to go skating on the canal.

Bah humbug! ha ha.. I want to be down south again! I'm looking at going to Ecuador to an ecovillage.. let's hope in March. I should have gone there in the first place instead of Jamaica as I've wanted to visit more of south america for a while. I fell in love with Costa Rica a few years back and I enjoyed Venezuela as well. Time to learn Spanish maybe hey?

So.. I really wanted to blog today to talk about my client I had at the Lord Elgin. He was a visitor to Ottawa for the first time and was looking for something to do when he found me on - ha ha.. he found someone to do instead of something :)

He was impressed with my personality on my blog and mentioned several of my contributions during our session. I absolutely love it when someone does their research on me because it means we're more likely to be a good match!

Anyway.. he was in his mid-60's and immediately joked that he hoped he wasn't too old for me. He wasn't... attitude and personality are way more important than age for sure and he was tickled to have me visit so we were off to a great start.

The bit I wanted to blog about though was this. He came twice in an hour! I teased him right away that he should be in porn and that he put many 20 year olds to shame. Now.. that tickled him.. but it was true. I was impressed. Aren't you?

Friday, February 5, 2010

group sex....oh my!

This past week was an anomaly for sure. I had a friend visiting from Toronto (Abbey) who does massage appts only so we're not able to do duos unless the guy only wants her to do a handjob :(
But I had 2 appts with Anessa. A fellow I'd met on one appt by himself had previously done 4somes with his buddy that weren't all they were cracked up to be when they tried it with an agency a couple times before. Since he and I had such a nice session he asked if I had a friend for his buddy and could we have a 4-some. I did indeed!
Anessa and I are good pals and enjoy karaoke together immensely. She's stunning in the face so I was excited to play with her and watch her with a guy.
The guys wanted to watch us play together first and then join in.. so she and I kissed, stroked each other and played with each other's tits until I asked her to pull her panties off so I could view her pretty pussy. I licked it and played with her until the guys couldn't watch anymore and had to join in..
There was a lot of touching playing with each of the guys but no guy-guy play ( of these days). I couldn't help but think if only this was on camera!! I have yet to do a porn with 2 guys or more. My favorite 3some on camera is of course fuck my mom and me 3...
none of my companions in this session however are willing to be porn stars so I did my best to memorize what I saw. My favorite time was while one client was on top of me and the other was lying down and Anessa seductively sucking his cock. I love watching a guy get sucked while I'm pleasured.
Well another good scene was later in the week in a 3some Anessa and I had where she was kissing my tits and my mouth while the client went down on me! holy crap!!!! I was in heaven.

I love being a present

I have been a surprise birthday gift to a spouse a few times.. but last week I was a gift to a birthday boy who turned 19 and had 3 friends chip in 100 bucks each so he could lose his virginity and he picked me to lose it with!

It was fairly spontaneous and he hadn't done his research but picked me from my photos on so he was surprised to find out I did porn and I was tickled to be the one he chose to train him sexually. I showed him some of my magazines and sent him home with a movie as well as let him take photos of the adventure during so he could always have momentos of his first time.

He had literally never had a girl touch him in any sexual way so was enjoying everything new saying each time it was the first time he had a girl's hand on his cock.. etc etc..
He was uncertain as to his penis size which of course I asked him if he compared to porn actors and that was unrealistic. They are chosen for their abnormally large size so that they can easily be seen on camera. He in fact was good in girth and since I'm small in the canal region anyway it was plenty..

Unfortunately though his cock bent at the end downwards so the only position he wouldn't fall out of me on as he stroked in and out was doggie.. so I figured that would end up being his favorite position and not a problem as it is for many women too! The bend also made it better for the g-spot stimulation in doggie.

He had to learn not to make the in and out stroke too long and too keep his pelvis close to mine or he would pop out and then poke me outside my hole.. not pleasant! He learned fairly quickly though and managed to not cum before we were able to try a few positions. I was proud of myself for getting the education across and proud of him for learning so quickly. It was fun being a sex educator for real instead of in a porn pretending to be one.

But the best part is being a gift for someone.. and generally I'm a gift every day I see a client. Usually I'm a gift to himself from himself.. and I always joke that I buy myself the best gifts as well.. although it's usually shoes :)

It wasn't my first time having a virgin but that experience is often in an appt.. especially with a new client. New to me.. or new to escorting. Each time it's a rush for them and I get to help them thru it.. even with repeat clients it's often a rush like it's their first time and being so kinesthetic/intuitive or whatever you want to call it.. I feel a smidgen like I'm experiencing it too. I love it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new pics - liquid latex dress

this is both comfortable and sexy as hell so I thought I'd share it with you..