Thursday, September 1, 2016

Webcam shows interrupted by parents..oops!

So today I'm camming with one of my regular guys overseas and his dad knocked on the door asking him some questions.. needless to say he took his hand of his dick for a moment while I waited..and then we got back to it.
I always have to laugh.. because I've never actually been caught.. or rather they've never actually been caught.. but this was my first dad.
I have had several mom's interrupt a session and some roomates.. and occasionally wives.
Sometimes.. esp when it's a wife the session ends abruptly as my cam client closes his laptop or phone app.

Last week one of my cam clients had his mom actually come in the room to ask him some questions..without even knocking! but thankfully he had the presence of mind to cover up as she did so and she didn't even notice.. good job by the way (wink).

A regular setting for these types of clients has been in the bathroom.. they are.. not me.. while the showing is running so whatever parent, spouse or roommate won't hear them.

It's rather fun for me as it escalates the kinky factor of being caught. But I wouldn't be happy if any of them actually got caught..