Thursday, February 2, 2012

Proper camera?

Got a comment that I should have a proper camera.

ha ha.. I have a proper camera.. I figured a few blurry pics were better than none.. but I promise no more pics in this dim lighting. I have set up a mirror at home with better lighting for future pics.

The problem with a proper camera is I find it doesn't take indoor photos well without a flash.. and mirror pics can't have a flash obviously. I guess I could play around with settings on my camera for better indoor pics?

Anyway.. will be posting a few new pics soon and better quality I promise!


sid said...

place the mirror below a tubelight ... and kepp the tube light on while capturing pics that the more light can fall on u.... and allow natural light if possible ..removing the curtains .... note that more light should fall on you................ anyways.. u r awsome,beautiful and adoreable..... smoochesss.. :D
love yor blogs and pics
plzz upload some outdoor pics of yours... i d love to see u as a free bird.

Carrie Moon said...

I've placed the mirror in my hallway on the back of my spare bedroom door.. no tube lights in the house :)
I will post outdoor pics but not til summer! It's bloody cold outside right now!

Mark said...

Maybe you should let that be one of those trade items, someone that can take decent photos with a flash and what not for your use only in trade for something....

and of course I will volunteer first...not too bad with a camera, and considering the subject matter as long as I am in focus can't see how it would be a bad picture.

Carrie Moon said...

Oooo. How Generous of you! (sarcasm)
I don't need a photographer. I have a huge long list of professional photographers on MM asking to shoot me for TFCD for their portfolios. I don't often do it. Being a model is a lot of work! I charge the same fees for modelling I do for escorting as a result. As I always say.. I like my job very much and I'd rather fuck than pose for a camera. I merely shoot pics with my camera every couple weeks when I'm in the mood

Randman said...

I agree with you! A few blurry pictures are better than nothing and I would never ever complain. Everyone should be thankful that you are taking the time to write your blog and post these beautiful and alluring pictures (new ; ) )I always look forward to your blog and any new pictures that you may post! Boo to the complainers!