Sunday, February 12, 2012

My new Ebay Store!

This is way way way.. overdue. Sorry it took so long.. but I got a friend to open the store for me.. so all I have to do is sign items and ship them.

Here's the link to purchasing my magazines (I have 3 varieties.. Legworld,Gent and my 2nd Girls over 40) as well as my Naughty Canadians movie filmed in Toronto. This was my first movie... before I got more well known for shooting in LA and my jerkygirls vids.

Carrie's Ebay store

Note: you will need to have a sign in and verify you're of age when you view this store.. and you can always go to the adult section and type in carrie moon to see what the items are as well.

I will also be adding worn shoes and bras and other items including 8x10's as we go.. but it's a start!


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