Saturday, May 18, 2013

duo with Bianca Jaguar

My friend Bianca and I had a duo tonight with one of my favorite clients who I"ll call 'S'. He was coming to see me for a visit and since we had planned a duo that we weren't able to work out with another of my friends before I was pretty sure he'd be interested in fulfilling this fantasy with Bianca and myself. She certainly didn't disappoint.
Bianca is gorgeous both in her physical beauty and her sparkling happy personality. She is super fit and sexy but in my opinion her best feature is her gorgeous smile. She always seems happy to me which is why I'm so attracted to her as a friend. And of course she loves my carrie-oke singing.. so that's a bonus :) ha ha..

I wore a short tight red dress no heels and she wore a short tight camouflage dress and high heels so that we were almost the same height as he answered the door. We'd both been tanning all that afternoon so we were nice and brown as well. He followed us to the bedroom where we all removed our respective clothing.

Bianca had told me that she'd never done a 2 girl blowjob so of course I thought what a good place to start. S has a really nice cock I had forewarned her so she was pleased when she saw him naked and thought it was a good place to start too!

BUT..S loves to go down.. so shortly into the session he started licking my pussy while Biance sucked his cock.. then Bianca came up to join him and I got the two of them licking my pussy.. something I've never experienced before..

Bianca licked my tits.. She was really enjoying my big natural tits..
Bianca now came to lick my pussy and then S got behind her to lick her pussy.. super hot to watch and of course feel.

and then I got him to lick her pussy for a while so I could watch and get off with my big vibrator as I'm quite the voyeur.. I wasn't quite able to cum but I was so close to being after helping him get Bianca off a few times to his pussy licking I asked S to fuck me.. he knows how much I love his cock inside me and for some reason I needed it at that point to get off.. and once I get off the first time it's easier to get off over and over. So he fucked me deep and hard so I could cum a couple times and Bianca borrowed my massive vibrator to help herself get off some more while watching him and I fuck.

FUCK threesomes can be so fucking hot!!!

He went back to fucking Bianca and now since my 'seal was broken' I could cum properly over and over with my wand while I watching the chemistry between them develop.. it was so hot. He was fucking her in missionary and now turned her over for doggie style. I went under her and licked her tits and then went back up for some kisses..S kept pounding her like he had done me. Thank god he's in shape as we put him to work!

S now had to taste her 'cum' after having made her cum a few times so he went back down to taste her.. then back up to kiss me..

He pounded me again for a while.. and then I guess we wore him out for a while.. he laid down to take a break and we then went to sharing his cock together again as we had done at the beginning.. that was too much for him and he exploded in my mouth while Bianca stroked his balls.

We were all a sweaty mess now :) What a fun way to get more acquainted with each other. Man.. I have a tough job eh? not!

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