Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ottawa adventures

I miss Ottawa.. but when I'm in Ottawa I miss Toronto. I'm looking to relocate back to Ottawa for several reasons. I have more regular clients who can easily visit me.. whereas in Toronto clients have a lot of trouble getting to my place in a reasonable amount of time. I shoot about once/month for in Kingston now and love it! I have a blast playing my well niched MILF role and seeing the guys eyes pop out when they get to play or view my tits. Most of them are younger and haven't seen natural tits my size in person. Shooting for is closer and easier for me to get to from Ottawa than from Toronto.. mind you I usually shoot for them on my way to and from on my trips. This will allow me to shoot more often there. I also hope to be shooting more for which is in Ottawa. My move to Toronto was partly to be near family again but also to shoot more porn. I was surprised to find that there are basically only smaller mostly unprofessional companies to shoot for in Toronto for very very low rates. As most of you know I ended up going to LA last year after AVN to shoot. It was a blast but expensive as I had to pay for my own lodging, transportation and of course did a ton of shopping :) I am still disappointed that Toronto's industry is so underdeveloped ... it's a real shame. But!!! The Canadian content ruling has apparently gone from 5% to 30% so assures me they want to shoot me more often so hopefully I will be shooting more Canadian programming in the near future for our paytv channels. So far I've done some promo work with them; did the naughty joke lady on Redlightdistrict channel and did one movie with Amber Moon called Dazed and Cumfuzed. I do have to say that if it weren't for my present border patrol crossing issues I would for sure be in LA this winter and be making all of you jealous that I was avoiding this unending snowfall and cold-snap. I'm proud of the milf movies I did while down there last year.
Anyway.. back to why I want to be in Ottawa aside from the porn shoots. Ottawa is beautiful of course.. but I love how easy it is to get from point A to point B compared to Toronto. I also have several colleagues both presently escorting and past escorts that I'm friends with so my community network is stronger here than in Toronto. In Toronto however I've developed a porn community network.. but most of the girls I know are mothers who have little time to themselves so working together is rare never mind spending social time together. See those girls on my facebook page.. and of course on As it is I'm amazed at what they can pull off and still take care of their young ones so well :)
So my friends in Ottawa will be able to help me shoot more content for my own website.. which is a huge plus! I started my first members site here and had a few friends volunteer to be on it initially.. I will probably once I get settled invite my porn girlfriends in Toronto to guest shoot as well on my site and it will be a nice break for them to come here.. or go back to Toronto as a visitor. SO! anyone who has a line on a nice 3 or 4 bedroom house that would be suitable for me to rent to both see clients discretely and shoot in a nicely finished rec-room basement feel free to let me know!

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