Monday, August 17, 2009

tummy gone?

After a seminar this past weekend on health and wealth.. I am encouraged to get more serious about my rebounding. and I'm also starting the master cleanse - yikes!
I love lemons anyway.. so it's not that big of a deal. However not eating fun food is a bit difficult for me never mind quitting my morning coffee! I'm starting today with the juice but this afternoon had to have some veggies to quell my headache as I detox. Plus I have a client coming shortly and I don't want to be having my tummy grumble or being thinking about food instead of bedroom antics.

It got me to thinking.. I've been keeping weight on on purpose these last few years because I like to keep my tits at their fullest for my porn and my clients who often gasp at how large they are. If I lose a few pounds that will be great for my trip to Mexico as I'll be living in my bikinis while there. Although I don't mind my tummy too much I do wish it were a bit smaller so I can wear more outfits! But I can't have it both ways.. unless I get lipo which is really not an option since surgery is only an option for me in an emergency. (I would never go under anesthesia for cosmetic reasons). So.. if I lose weight on my tummy.. I will also loose a bit on my tits.. but it will be barely noticable...hopefully! That is if I stick to the diet...time will tell.

Anyway.. enough about me. Look at the links on detox and rebounding. It's a simple way to keep fit and improve your general health/well-being.. brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood MILF/naturopath :)

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