Sunday, August 16, 2009

on modesty

recently I've made acquaintance with a musician who when I complimented him was surprised and called it modesty. I was having a conversation about how there's no such thing as an original thought with someone being that we are all connected to a universal source that sends us thoughts and then we of course foolishly think that they are our own. While I don't like arrogance one little bit I think it ridiculous to feel ashamed to say thank-you or you might even take that further and say that to say thank-you for a compliment would be ridiculous as well.. because you can't take credit for your talent or your beauty or even in reality your work ethic because that was all given to you! For instance.. when someone says I have a beautiful smile or great tits.. I often surprise them by saying enthusiastically 'I know!!'
It's not like I can take credit for anything I've received genetically and if I smile it's because I'm predisposed to want people to like me and have learned that if I'm friendly they will be attracted to me... therefore I'm not modest in that regard.
Where I am modest is in regards to clothing... I have only in my last decade or so become more comfortable with showing off in public with regards to my cleavage or wearing tighter skirts and such. If I were on 'what not to wear' or something like that they might say I dress too young for my age but I can get away with it.. or so I think/am told :)
I don't wear the really low-cut tops however that I do at porn show events or for incalls.. and I always dress modestly for outcalls preferring to bring whatever outfit may be requested with me to the clients hotel room/home. That kind of modesty I subscribe to.... a time and a place for everything.
I was at a weekend mini-seminar/birthday gathering/camping event with about 30 people.. we went swimming and I almost went in my birthday suit (naked) but realized with the particular set of people involved that would not be appropriate and in anticpation brought my bikini to wear.. that was not the case obviously at the party J threw a few weekends ago in the hottub.. another example of modesty in action.
Oh.. and I love compliments on my singing.. and say thank-you for that.. I'm less confident on matters of skill than I am on physical features if that makes sense.. plus my singing skill varies quite a bit whereas well my tits....always look stupendous don't you agree??

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alexalmendrades said...


I found your blog through craiglist whilst looking for an SP in Ottawa. Because of shyness I've yet to call up and set up an appointment but I wanted to commend you for your blog. Since I began reading it I have been HOPING you update more frequently, as your style of writing and insights are both unique and entertaining.

It's not often you find a blog author with the ability to pull you into their world in such a way. Congratulations, take the compliment.