Thursday, September 17, 2009

TIFF party in Toronto

I bought a new dress.. looked damn good! It was cold and the party was very uninspired but at least I have the new dress :) Glad to be back home in Ottawa in my warm bed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

trip to mayan riviera

I just got into Toronto airport at 2 am this morning after spending a lovely week in the mayan riviera at bluebay grande esmerelda. After getting over the obvious misrepresentation on the website of the hotel's amenities I relaxed into a wonderful visit with new friends and a gorgeous pool. disappointments? no working elevator in our building, only one kind of beer which I got used to after I gave up on the way oversugared juices and mixed drinks, a ceiling fan that seemed to have a ghost controlling it, a moldy smell from the humidity I guess and a horrible cleaning fluid smell/insecticide spray. OH! and let me not forget karaoke was supposed to be on wednesday and saturday.. and did not materialize. I will however remember the wonderful new friends I made and the gorgeous hot weather/ocean and scenery. I also got some amazing silver jewelry in tanzanite with blue opal, turquoise in bright lime green as well as blue and some coral earrings/pendants. I didn't bother with t-shirts/blankets, glass or pottery having bought that kind of stuff on a previous trip 15 years ago.

Here is a bikini pic and my tan lines front and back. What? you thought I would post pics of mayan ruins?