Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

stroke me, stroke me!

One of my regulars I'vd had for probably 6 years or so came for his weekly appt. He loves to watch me get off with a toy.. and today he asked me to lie within his lap and lay facing away from him while he propped himself up against my headboard with a pillow.
While I stimulated myself with my vibrator he gently stroked my shoulders, breasts, arms and neck. It was awesome!!! I was able to completely relax and let go immensely.. and of course I had to ask. Why hadn't I thought of that????
He said he thought of it on the drive over.. and would be happy to do it again for me next time. Damn sometimes my job is fantastic :)

Winterlude was a pain in the butt and Age is a state of mind

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Friday, February 5, 2010

group sex....oh my!

This past week was an anomaly for sure. I had a friend visiting from Toronto (Abbey) who does massage appts only so we're not able to do duos unless the guy only wants her to do a handjob :(
But I had 2 appts with Anessa. A fellow I'd met on one appt by himself had previously done 4somes with his buddy that weren't all they were cracked up to be when they tried it with an agency a couple times before. Since he and I had such a nice session he asked if I had a friend for his buddy and could we have a 4-some. I did indeed!
Anessa and I are good pals and enjoy karaoke together immensely. She's stunning in the face so I was excited to play with her and watch her with a guy.
The guys wanted to watch us play together first and then join in.. so she and I kissed, stroked each other and played with each other's tits until I asked her to pull her panties off so I could view her pretty pussy. I licked it and played with her until the guys couldn't watch anymore and had to join in..
There was a lot of touching playing with each of the guys but no guy-guy play ( of these days). I couldn't help but think if only this was on camera!! I have yet to do a porn with 2 guys or more. My favorite 3some on camera is of course fuck my mom and me 3...
none of my companions in this session however are willing to be porn stars so I did my best to memorize what I saw. My favorite time was while one client was on top of me and the other was lying down and Anessa seductively sucking his cock. I love watching a guy get sucked while I'm pleasured.
Well another good scene was later in the week in a 3some Anessa and I had where she was kissing my tits and my mouth while the client went down on me! holy crap!!!! I was in heaven.

I love being a present

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new pics - liquid latex dress

this is both comfortable and sexy as hell so I thought I'd share it with you..