Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everything to do with sex show in Toronto

Came back from my trip to Ottawa Wednesday afternoon exhausted but excited. Christine had put an ad in the sun and the phone started ringing at 430 am.. which of course I first thought was a fluke but once woken up I unfortunately didn't go back to sleep til 730 at which time the phone started again and didn't stop for 2 hrs so I slept fitfully...
I had just started on a new program for my fibro which a good friend in Ottawa turned me on to.. (watch the video clip - click the link at the top of the page) that builds glutathione - a major powerful antioxidant.. and as well had one of their vitamin packs with nanomolecular (immediately absorbable) vitamin mixes.. so I took that and when Christine came back in at 10 am I was coherent enough to hit the road for Toronto. NOTE: everyone at the convention working either had the flue or was getting it and I who usually pick up everything did not get sick!!! Another reason to be happy and excited...

Back to the show.. I was super excited as a friend of mine from LA was visiting to help M/C the miss nude pageant. I met up with him at Whiskey a go-go where I ran into Sheik from terb.. had no clue they were good friends til that night.. small world.. but the adult world is even smaller. Although I've corresponded with Sheik re: terb and on facebook we had never met. He's a sweetheart.
Thursday I went to pick up my banner for my booth that I had made through Albie at Northboundleather. I should have made it bigger in hindsight but hey we can't have anything outshining the size of my enormous bossom...
Did my hair again all curly. this takes quite a bit of time so I rarely do it.. and alot of hairspray which causes a tangled mess.. and went to the pre-party at Club Wicked. met up with my galpals in the industry and danced in the cage. It was so much fun!

Friday was spent recuperating from the party and getting ready for the show. Upon arriving Jodi that I had sent an email about the purepillz issue told me her boss agreed with me about them not belonging at the show and would no longer have them at future events. I was relieved. This past year for me has been alot about being more and more comfortable about sex being a healthy healing thing for me and others that I touch (ha pun intended). So many people came up to me at my booth asking about the industry and giving me kudos for putting it all out there! I had my hard-core porn playing and a variety of my magazine spreads open for them to view so I was 'out there' in all my glory. Yes it takes guts to be so exposed but the results of new fans, new friendships and helping others feel more empowered sexually were all worth it. Some leering individuals creeped me out.. one guy even had the gall to take a picture of my video playing and when I told him the actual video was only 10 bucks.. said he could just go home and download it for free! I was pissed.. but I'm not a hypocrite.. I too have downloaded music and porn for free. he didn't realize it was me standing behind it and also in it.. he never even looked up at me til I told him he had balls to say that to me..

In fact most people took a few looks at the porn and ignored me.. but they were just shy and embarassed to be caught looking at yes even at the 'sex show'.. Hey! I've been there myself.. being a die-hard born-again christian just prior to getting into the sex business.. so I've evolved alot... a hell of a lot!!! Then it was funny to see the looks on people's faces after making a comment on the video...looking at me and then realizing with astonishment they had just been watching me have sex. The laughs I got from it were priceless. Some asked me how to get into porn and some were too shy but I've been getting emails from some of the shy ones who just grabbed my card and contacted me afterwards. Now I'm thinking for next years show I should give a seminar all about my experiences in the industry both here in Canada and in LA.. as most people are extremely curious about it.
Saturday I was at my booth from noon til midnight and it was the busiest day. I got a body cast done at 7 pm.. and then headed back to my booth for a while.. I didn't get much of a chance to see the other booths or the shows going on on the main stage but I could hear them from where I was situated and it sounded like fun!
Sat night was a visit to Northbound Leather's party at the Docks. It was humungous and everyone was dressed in leather/latex or crossdressing. My only problem with that was it was way too fucking dark to see anything til you were right up close to anyone. This for me was like a halloween party and halloween is my favorite event. I love to dress up.. still haven't figured out where for this upcoming weekend but I'm going as wonder woman wherever I may be :)

My first 4-some!!!

Well not my first but my first professional 4some.. I've had an awesome 4some once before where I was the entree and had 3 guys once at a swinger party. Geeze guess I should blog about that too! I will.. remind me
I was in Ottawa seeing clients and friends the week prior to the sex show. Christine gets more and more gracious each time I visit. This time she fixed my laptop for me by showing me open-office instead of microsoft office which saved me much needed space on my laptop. She showed me how to respond to online messages on her website and put an icon of me there saying I was seeing clients in her absence. She also of course provides me with her incall which is invaluable to me.. as staying in a hotel is not only costly but inconvenient.
Anyway.. I was super excited to have a 4some with my friend Valerie, Amber Moon and one lucky client. It was for 2 hrs at Amber's place. I had only met Amber the summer of last year for a couple hrs when we did our movie in Toronto 'Dazed and Cumfuzed'. She was a trooper and though she was called in last minute to replace another girl and extremely tired from partying for a few days prior.. she pulled off a great scene. Then she moved to Ottawa where I had just moved from and I never saw her again. So I meet her at her place for the 4some and we reminisice about the movie we did. She shows me a few other movies of hers and I ask her to play one for the client and me while we wait for Valerie. We ended up playing the movie over and over again while we enjoyed our 4some visit. At one point I glance over at the screen to watch Amber suck a cock and realize outloud that she looks just like me from the side view with a cock in her mouth! We all have a good laugh and then it's mother/daughter Moon jokes for the rest of our play time. This is not a 'review' so details will mostly be omitted. save for the fact that Amber let me play with her hitachi while I watched the client and her each suck on one of Valerie's nipples.. and I came hard.. Ambers tongue wagging back and forth with her gorgeous eyes looking at me taught me alot about why eye contact is so important for certain people... you have to be in the mood for it.. sometimes I like to close my eyes to cum but when there was so much visual stimulation (her in person and her on the screen) well I know I have to get a tv in my bedroom so we can watch my porn while I fuck clients.. it's so hot!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Everything to do with sex

I was invited by Mary Taylor to join her booth at the show in London this past weekend. Mary is the woman who produced my first movie in Canada for Rogers on demand paytv called "Naughty Canadians at Home". It was my first time selling my own movie at a booth. I have signed autographs before in Vegas at AVN for 10network but at the time I didn't have my own movies out yet.. so this was a cool experience. I had my little DVD player from Wallmart playing my scene in the movie as well as some of my magazines and other photos I had printed off in glossy 8x10's on the table. I had only a small table for Friday and Saturday that I shared with Mary. She was doing her 'strip for your partner' seminars which were a blast (from what I could hear) as I wasn't able to view them from where I was maning my table and her DVD's of the same were also on our table. This was London's first time doing this show and I got a kick out of the fact that I was born in the hospital there 44 years ago. I wondered if someone from my youth might show up as I grew up an hour away from there but no-one did. You all know what a small world it can be sometimes.. well it was for Mary. A girl at the table across from us recognized Mary from several years ago in Mary's stripping days. This girl was a waitress in the bar where Mary had stripped. The girl at the table was helping a sex educator who gave her talks on bum play and g-spot pleasure. Beside them was a woman giving palm readings and was burning incense. It was highly annoying and with the smoke coming off of that combined with the dryness of the building we were all getting sore throats. Well talking to people over the noise of 3 different stages in the building to have conversations didn't help. Well wine did.. and we had some Saturday evening to help us get through the long day. Mary had a couple friends join us for the afternoon Saturday and all day Sunday so we had a blast with them. The palm reader was asked to put out the incense and she did but then she would start it up again whenever she did a reading... so ignoring our pleas we sought the help of the staff and they put it out. The lady said she'd leave if she couldn't have her incense.. we didn't mind a bit! She gave off a negative vibe anyway..
Mary has been doing these events for 9 years so she asked the management if I could fill up the blank spot the palm reader left. Woo hoo! I got my own booth on Sunday where I could display my wares a bit better and people came up more to talk to me.. I had some great conversations with people starting with the explanation that I'm 44 years old and only got into porn at 42 and started with my magazines. I really got into a groove and had some great talks with people. I especially got a kick out of telling some of the younger couples how to do webcam shows and make money doing live shows and the older couples (older than my own parents) who bought my porn because of my age :) That was pretty cool for me.
The only thing other than the palm reader that annoyed me was a booth of young people giving away samples of something they claimed was akin to Crystal Meth and Ectasy. People were taking this because there was a 'vitamin' in it that was supposed to give you energy. It wasn't until I was having a conversation with someone that halfway through started bruxism. I asked him if he had TMJ and he said it was from that pill! I mentioned it to one of the cooridinators and sent them an email about it.. but I think recreational drugs has no business at an expo. I feel it's important to present an ideal that sex is healthy and good for you. Drugs are not!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm in AVN Online magazine!!! for the full article

Promoting Personal Porn via MySpace

Mainstream online social network can translate into hardcore fans for performers.

By: Michael Pearson

Posted: 09/18/2008

In theory and somewhat in practice, the social network site does not allow adult content. Yet check out the profiles of adult stars with pages on MySpace - such as Carrie Moon, LeAnne Fluxx and Vicky Vette - and you will be astounded by just how actively each one is promoting their XXX product.

" MILF porn star" declares the headline on Moon's MySpace page, getting right to the point. "I'm a 43-year-old Canadian MILF pornstar. I like men from 30-35 mostly ... in good shape, tall and handsome. When filming, however, I am often filmed with guys and girls in their early 20s. Yeah, I have a tough job ;)."

"I am a Model, Adult Entertainer and Actress," says LeAnne Fluxx's MySpace page. "I have my own website at, I have had it up for a year and it has all 100% all-natural girls in it ... I also run my own clip store at, where you can see the naughty side of LeAnne Fluxx and the Deadlightdolls. ... I also love fetish, love to get freaky, mmmmmmmm. LOL, well I could waste all day talking about me, but to find out more just check my page banners and my blogs every once in a while, and well you'll keep up with me."

"This is the one and only MySpace page of Vicky Vette and the Vette Nation Army ('VNA')," explains Vette's MySpace page. "If you want to be a part of the VNA, you have to obey the following orders: - watch as much Vicky Vette porn as you can - vote for me when ordered to do so - spend time checking out my official site, Vickyathome - come and say hello at a live camshow one day."

Why They Post on MySpace

Despite the saucy promotions noted above, the most any porn star can post on MySpace is swimsuit shots no more daring than those found in Sports Illustrated. Given this limitation, why would any porn star bother to set up and maintain a MySpace social network page?

The answer: "I like MySpace because it is non-adult," said Carrie Moon (whose personal adult site is "The adult personal sites are laden with creeps who think it is appropriate to send me shots of their cocks. It's a safe place and classy enough that I keep coming back, whereas with the other sites I don't bother. Facebook, for instance, has restrictions on my even mentioning my website or I will be removed; while MySpace lets me so long as I don't post explicit pics or videos."

MySpace "helps build a fan base and it's great for advertising," noted Leanne Fluxx (personal adult site: "You can build a friendship with fans."

Indeed: A clear illustration of MySpace's friendliness to adult stars is Vicky Vette's success (personal adult site: in being voted Miss MySpace March 2008. It was a battle that had its rough moments due to pressure from anti-porn competitors. At one point, "I was suddenly deleted even though I was in first," Vette said. Only the strong protest of her fans got her reinstated; an achievement that proves just how much clout a porn star can generate in a non-porn medium.

Using a PG Space to Sell XXX Content

Rules notwithstanding, browse through the many adult stars on MySpace and you will notice that they are showing about as much skin as possible. There are lots of teeny-weeny bikinis where only the "naughtiest bits" are covered. In some instances, it is clear that the stars have taken some of their X-rated content, and simply edited it to keep the nipples out of the frame.

Not surprisingly, this is a strategic approach to selling porn in a non-porn space, since the point of the MySpace pages is to get surfers to go to the star's X-rated sites. "To be honest, I push the borders by putting up the most naughty pics I can, without going over the border," Leanne Fluxx said. "The only disadvantage is that there is no nudity allowed, but I still love posting here."

"I can't post explicit pics but other than that I'm free to say whatever I like," said Carrie Moon. She does this through her MySpace blog, a place where she can build her relationship with fans by revealing those personal thoughts and observations that she feels safe revealing. (MySpace blog entries can really reinforce the public image a star is promoting to her fans.)

For instance, Carrie Moon recently posted "10 random things" about herself on her MySpace blog. They include the fact that "I own about 200 pairs of shoes ... and yes I keep buying them every month if not every week," which can only please her foot fetish fans. Meanwhile for those who like strong women and golden showers, "I can paint a house, drywall, tile, change an electrical fixture, change a tire but I can't pee standing up. (Tee hee ... well I can, but I'd likely miss the toilet.)"

Following up on Moon's MySpace blog entry, LeAnne Fluxx added her own "random 10" with a decidedly more adult bent. They include the following: "I am a nymphomaniac"; "I masturbate every night"; and "I was a stripper." But she also puts in enough personal points to connect with her fans, such as "I am a proud mommy of 3," "I love horror movies," and "I am a cuddler."

Is the Effort Worth It?

It is difficult to quantify just how much value a MySpace presence can provide to a porn star. For instance, as far as Carrie Moon is concerned, "It's more for fun than profit," she said with a smile. "I think its only usefulness is for a place to let folks know what you're up to and where you'll be and get an inside view into your world if you decide to get personal with it. I don't find it useful for self-promotion. People find me there more often after seeing my movies/magazines and then search for me on MySpace rather than the other way around."

When it comes to income generated by her MySpace fans, LeAnne Fluxx isn't sure how much impact it has on her bottom line. "Perhaps a bit," she ventured. But she really doesn't know.

Vicky Vette is more bullish on the promotional power of MySpace. Thanks to all the content she posts on this social network, "I have met lots of great people who have become both MySpace friends and subscribers," Vette said.

Perhaps the most important point to consider about MySpace is that it is free. This means that a porn star can set up a page there without spending anything but the time to make it and update it. Then, to determine whether MySpace is worth the effort, they can always create a MySpace-related promotion that ties into their site, such as a special introductory offer for newbies who reference something on the star's MySpace page.

The bottom line is that MySpace is fashionable, popular and a mainstream venue for porn stars to meet new customers without investing cash. You can't get much better than that!

This article originally appeared in the September 2008 issue of AVN Online. To subscribe, visit

Friday, September 19, 2008


Tried to post my magazine layouts on here via photobucket but they banned me.. not too traumatic but what was traumatic was my recent refusal to enter the US at the Sarnia/Port Huron, Michigan border. I had been refused entry a couple years ago when I volunteered the information excitedly that I was crossing the border (Cornwall) when I was heading to do the first Girls over 40, Juggs, Over 40 and 40+ layouts. It hadn't occured to me to keep my mouth shut and just say I was going shopping... and that I was 'working in the US without a work permit'. 3 hrs of interrogation later they also of course discovered my escorting schedule online to see clients in the US while I was in NY. I ended up going across the very next day however with zero problems and haven't had any trouble since... until Tuesday. I was with my mom who lives in Niagra region and she was going with me to Detroit for a much long sought after treatment with a clinic there that deals specifically with CFS (and fibromyalgia). I have suffered.. mostly silently with this for my whole adult life and some of my childhood too I know realize. The humilation of being treated like a criminal at the border, coupled with the knowledge that coming so close to being finally properly treated for my disorder was almost too much for me to bear. I was in tears most of the rest of the day as well as the following day. My parents thankfully know what I do and while not wanting to obviously know all the dirty details.. to say they were supportive those 2 days was an understatement. My mom at the border.. if it weren't so serious I might have laughed while we chatted with 2 other ladies who were unable to pass from the one Canadian woman from Edmonton having some slight on her record from the age of 18 (she is my age now) prevented her as well from being allowed into the US. We muttered and joked about the blue gloves they used to fingerprint us and that they were really going to use them for rectal exams on us... that they should be proud of themselves for rejecting such terrorists ladies such as ourselves from spending so much money while in the US. (she was a fellow shopper). They entertained me for a while. It turned out that this lady's brother had dated a porn star (whose name I don't recall now) and her sister used to be an agent for strippers. She thought my chosen career was 'cool'. This was good I think for my mom to hear who doesn't think my career is something to be proud of whilst still loving me!
Anyway.. my dad who is a huge Bush hater was very supportive too once we got home and through my tears he offered to help search online for another source of treatment for me. This meant alot to me and when I got home yesterday I felt alot better. I had to lick my wounds from the humiliation at the border and the major disappointment over not being able to get to the clinic there but know that good things are around the corner for me... I may get kicked down but I get right back up again with a smile on my face.. eventually! Now. Let's get back to talking about sex!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

my new blog

I lost my hosting for my original site and my blog so here are my older posts from the beginning.

09 Aug 2008 Talking porn on Oprah!50% of women are affected by porn according to Oprah survey...72% of those say positively!

11 July 2008 Jerkygirls - handjob website I've shot now 15 scenes for them. About 10 are on the site so far. I'm getting pretty good at role-playing naughty tutor, H/R, and mother/step-mother/neighbour :)

17 Jun 2008
My interview for YNot. Thanks Peter Berton :)
Carrie Moon: 40DDD Bi MILF ... with a Graduate Degree by Peter Berton
When one sees Carrie Moon either on the Web or especially in person, one can be forgiven for having ... impure thoughts. With her 40DDD breasts, shapely body and long brown hair, Carrie is a naturla choice for anyone's fantasy list. But hold the phone: The star of numerous movies magazine spreads and is smart, literate, and holder of a post-graduate degree. Intrigued, decided to examine Carrie's 'credentials' in detail. for the full article go here :)

03 Jun 2008
Over 40 magazine cover June 2008Picked it up today at a little magazine/cigarette store in Westgate mall in Ottawa as I'm there this week. I'm on the cover in a nurse uniform and white lingerie. There's an 'interview' in it which until being in magazines I always thought were actual interviews!!! ha! Apparently I'm a mom of 2, an actual nurse and I live in it's pretty funny because if I didn't know me I'd think the stories I tell were true! Very good writers in these magazines. There's a story of me giving a blowjob to an intern in a supply room behind the nurses station and then being discovered by an orderly who joins in. Porn script anyone??? Bet they're written by guys... at least this one only cost me 9 bucks! gee guess I'll sign it to myself.. tee hee.

31 May 2008
I’m in 40+ magazine - best of 2008
I found out from a client who picked it up last weekend that it's out. He brought it for me to autograph.. as I'm finding out is typical.. the publishers never let me know never mind send me a copy (aside from Girls over 40 and Legworld who sent copies to my photographer who sent them to me)...anyway I saw it and it looks great. I'm hunting around to find my own copy now!! have to buy it myself - geeze... lol.. (the pics were taken 2 years ago!!! and they finally got it out on the stands)

24 May 2008
My movie releases for MayI'm out on Naughty America for my first scene with them... hoping they'll ask me back for more as they are a great crew to shoot with. It's 'my friend's hot mom' series. Click here for trailer,0,0,0,0&page=scene/mfhm/2245/mfhm_carriemoon

view trailer here for 'My Stepmother Made me'

I wanna cum inside your mom trailer yet)
On this site you can find my first ever DVD 'Dazed and Cumfuzed' as well as 'Darling' and now 'Fuck my mom and me 3'

14 May 2008
June issue of ’Over 40’... got the cover!For those who like nurses.. I am in white lingerie and a nurse outfit! the pics kind of freaked me out at first because we used an old fashioned nurses cap and I have pics of my mom when she graduated from nursing school wearing practically the same one!! Seeing myself spread eagle and looking like my

watch me on!! April 27, 2008
my Guitar Hero show on Rudetv is up with myself and Dakoda Brooks!
my Baadmaster's dungeon show with Satine Phoenix
and here's my page on Rude. Please join here to be my friend on

MILF vs DILF? Cougar vs Rooster??? April 22, 2008
There's been discussion of late with several people about the terms used to describe the niche category of porn where older women seduce younger guys/girls of which I'm happy to be a new and up and coming starlet.
These terms are of course used in the mainstream culture as well as porn. While so many perveyors of porn and dating like younger girls to chase after I'm finding as both an escort, dater and now porn peddlar that younger guys and girls are super interested in pursuing me even more so than the guys my own age or older!!! It's both flattering and weird especially when the young ones are under 18!! I tell them to contact me when they're older but hormones win out and they just push on with me or someone else. Now I love younger guys and guys my own age if they are youthful looking and in shape. I'm in that category so most tell me - the good looking and shapely/in shape part - so it's fair to request the same from someone in my list of qualities I'm attracted to.
Anyway...back to the terms. MILF? Mother I'd like to Fuck... in my opinion does not mean an actually mother. This could be way too many things from a girls who's 16 who just had a baby to your grandmother... what it means is a woman who is older enough to be your mother that you are attracted to. It often stems from a crush on a teacher/babysitter/friends' mom etc etc... when you were younger that carries over to adulthood. I too had crushes on some older actors/teachers etc and even older cousins but of course never acted on it! That's the kinky fantasy though isn't it? I just played a step mom in a movie seducing a 'step-son' and it was hot!
Cougar is a term I heard several years ago and was told it referred to 30 yr old chicks chasing 20 yr olds when I'd be in the bar... so I was one! Now I guess I still am if I'm chasing 30 yr olds when I'm 40.
I believe since women are often referred to as pussy that's probably where the cougar reference came about. Why not lioness/lynx/panther? no idea but I like it nevertheless...
A new question however is coming out lately. Guys in the industry who are older are creating DILF sites to utilize the idea of MILF but for men? My thinking is that won't catch on but what do I know??? older guys chasing younger girls is not a new concept. I mean if the older guys are more 'richard gere' type rather than ron jeremy type I would watch :)
Now we've been tossing around the idea of what would be the equivalent to cougar??? Since I presuppose cougar comes from a girl being called pussy.. would the name Rooster be good? I mean guys are called dick/cock etc... I personally prefer cock to dick :)
Thoughts? comments???

Living the dream April 11th, 2008
Met with Bethany Sweet yesterday afternoon to film content for our respective sites. I knew we had a lot in common and suspected we'd hit it off but wow!!! We filmed a smokin' hot scene!!! She then asked me to be her date for a red carpet movie premiere and I was all over that. We met up with James Bartholet, Dick Chibbles and his lovely wife Daisy, the stunning and loquacious Veronica Rayne and her adorable husband Jack Vegas and we all got in a stretch limo to hit the National Lampoon red carpet premiere. We met up with Tommy Gunn (the blond) and Elizabeth Starr there and then we were all interviewed on the red carpet by a few different tv shows.. none of whom I remember the names of (oops) and then tried to watch the movie. I had brought a sweater but it was so freakin' cold in the theatre and we were both tired coupled with the fact that Bethany had a Naughty America shoot today so we snuck out early. She was very accomodating to an excited newbie to LA who had never been at a red carpet premiere. I got to meet Lorenzo Lamas while we were on the carpet who I've had a crush on since I was a teeny bopper and that was about the highlight of my night!lol.. Thanks Bethany. I look forward to more fun times both on and off camera *wink*

10 Apr 2008
Vivid party at Little Cave on Figuero
Jenna and I met up with Tony Batman and Precious at Sardo’s for Big Mike’s comedy night and then the group of us went to a Vivid party downtown. Thank god I have my gps or I would get severely lost!!! It was a cool cave style bar exactly as the name implies and we were mostly outside where it was heated. thank god as it was a cool night out! Met Joanne from xbiz and we realized we knew one another from PSK. Saw several producers from Vivid alt. For those of you who don’t know what alt is it’s the ’alternative’ aka wilder side of Vivid. They have capitalized on the tattoo style or goth group and although that look is for younger gals and guys and I’m not personally into it I think it’s ’rad’. I stopped at my little bird tattoo when I first started in the sex business almost 20 years ago but I see girls addicted to tattoos up the wazoo!!! My friend Bex (aka freakytiki) has some lovely ones as Anyway it was one of the more interesting parties I’ve been to in recent days but we were all bushed from several nights out on the town and since I have a shoot today with Bethany Sweet - I and the others went home early at about 12:30 am :)

09 Apr 2008
Jenna Taylor and partying out late!!
I met Jenna Taylor and immediately called her ’mini-me’ as we were both wearing Purple shirts and she was so tiny compared to me. We have become fast friends in a short time and have hit the town to clubs in Hollywood 3 nights in a row and then to PSK at Sardo’s where of course I had the most fun as I’m more of a small club person than a large dance club venue at my age. Plus I love hamming it up at Karaoke!!! I think Jenna will tell you she ended up having the most fun there as well because we’re heading back there tonight to help Tony Batman host the comedy venue which is followed after 10 by more karaoke!!! yeah!!! The clubs we went to this past weekend were Forbidden city Friday, Element Saturday and the best of the best for me was Bordello on Sunday where we saw 2 bands play and a burlesque show during the intermission. I’ve never seen one before live and it was like being at a Moulin Rouge in the 1920’s for a few moments

Adult Entertainment Expo/Internext continued January 17th, 2008
I must say. I have thoroughly enjoyed every part of this week. It’s been a party/vacation and great for networking. I went to a few great parties at the Palms. Last night we were in several different rooms (same as the night before) but we saw Everclear play (the sound sucked) and an awesome troup perform in latex garments. Then we went up to a few party rooms. The one Monday night had a pool in it! I met up with MaxineX and her hubby Scott finally. Even though we both live in the same city we’ve been travelling so much in different directions that we’ve never met up in person. We really hit it off and shall be collaborating on some projects back home when things slow down a bit. Last night the final room I ended up in had 2 bowling lanes in it… and with only minor encouragement one of the strippers convinced me to join her for ‘naked bowling’. It’s not hard to get me naked…lol. Must have been the drinks but I got 2 strikes and a few spares. I do believe I bowl and play pool better when I’ve had a couple drinks to relax
Anyway… at the airport in Vegas and excited about all the people I’ve met. Many opportunities to film for me now both in the US,Canada and now Europe as well. Woo hoo!!! My bed is definitely calling me in Toronto but I have a few hours of travel before I hit it… signing off your friendly neighbourhood MILF.

More AVN (Canadian porn stars galore) January 17th, 2008
Did my shoot with Porno Dan and then Kira (originally Canadian) decided she also wanted a shoot with me and her girlfriend so of course I was happy to oblige. Man that girl is a little horny Then we all went out to dinner and to the Voodoo lounge for the xpeeps party. It was so beautiful on the rooftop of the RIO hotel. The stars were bright and the lights of the Vegas strip of course as well.
Saturday was such a blast. I hung out at the PAW booth. Took some pics with a few fans and of course me with Ron Jeremy, Christian (fucking hottie!!!), Kayla Cupps, Kitten Natividad (Russ Meyer actress), Cousin Stevie, etc….. I’ll post the pics when I get home. I did an interview with Lara Roxx (from Quebec) about my knowledge of natural treatment of HIV as she was infected with it and is doing a documentary on herself, her illness and the effect in the industry. I was so happy to share my knowledge in this area and of course to make some new friends. Then I got dolled up for the AVN red carpet walk. This was my first time walking the carpet. What a TRIP!!! I wore my heels and slutty outfit like a good girl but then switched to tennis shoes once inside… man heels are killer!!! Brandon Iron won an award so there’s another friend of mine (Canadian!!) I was happy to see here. We’re really starting to infilltrate the industry here in the US… ha ha..After the awards we grabbed some late dinner and then a quick trip to the circle bar at the Venetian. We were all getting pretty exhausted from all this socializing and partying and of course all the SEX!!!Today I just vegged in my hotel room for a few hours and then met up with Dick Nasty for a get to know you meeting. I had no idea he was Dick Nasty when we arranged to meet as he wasn’t introduced to me that way. I was meeting him to talk about representation. He will likely be my new porn agent in LA.. yeah!!! Working on that when I get home to Toronto.Then I met up with Dutch from and Mikal J Foxxx from to do some Blow Job scenes obviously… man I’ve sucked alot of cock this weekend…lol. Now I’m heading to another party…woo hoo….

AVN/Adult entertainment expo January 17th, 2008
Flew into Vegas late last night and since I was prepared for the time change by staying up til 4 or 5 am at home and getting up at noon..when my plane landed at midnight (9 pm Vegas time) I was raring to go. Met up with Bex (Freakitiki) and we shared our stories of our life in porn.. mine from in front of the camera. Hers from interviewing porn stars. We had a few drinks and some fun girl talk and then it was off to bed at 3 am (6 my time). This morning I did have some trouble getting out of bed but had my coffee, walked over to the Sands and got my pass. I was only walking around for about an hour and ran into Porno Dan. I’m now at his hotel room getting ready for a shoot…. well actually waiting til his wife Kira is done with her lesbian scene next door in the adjoining room. What a hoot! I can hear it going on but can’t see it. Guess I’ll have to watch it later like everyone else I may sign some autographs tomorrow at the PAW booth but they have a pretty small booth and it was crowded so we’ll see. Tonight I’m going to a fetish party. woo hoo!!!

Can you get drunk…. on AC/DC???? December 29th, 2007
Last night I was bored and a bit restless. My newfound habit/passion is online karaoke. I once spent a New Year’s eve at a party (about 2 or 3 years ago) singing karaoke til 4 am…. well now I can do it at home anytime I want.
I admit I’m a bit of a class clown. Well last night I got to really show off and make people laugh. I had karaoke fan egging me on so even after I’d made myself almost hoarse singing AC/DC… I kept singing more. I did a few other tunes as each day there’s a theme and today’s is ROCK n’ ROLL babeeeee!!!!
I mean is there anyone who doesn’t love AC/DC????
Now the most I’ve done with their tunes is sing along when I’m dancing… I’ve never sung them! This was so much fun!!! and the thing about this site is you can erase it before putting it out there for the whole world to see if you suck at it! In a karaoke bar you obviously can’t do that. I’ve done a lot of live karaoke over the years and sang at weddings and around the campfire with my guitar as well as with live bands on occasion for ‘open-mike’ nights. I grew up in a singing family in church (my dad was a and sang in a church choir back in the early days..
BUT AC/DC???? Who knew I could sing it! Certainly not me! It may have been the Friday night feeling… or the excitement of some new ventures I’m about to have in my life… (I can sense my career and personal life and everything else is going to be GREAT in 2008) but I was in rare form… goofing around online. to see what I mean…. it’s good for a laugh! now join singsnap (started in Canada’s capitol of Ottawa where I lived for 6 years) and do some duets with me… but not on AC/DC.. they don’t make duet songs! ha ha..

karaoke online - singsnap December 17th, 2007
A friend told me about this last month but I finally got around to getting it going tonight. Here’s my singing debut!

New Online Store for my Calendars, Posters and T-shirts December 10th, 2007 Please check the products and let me know what you think
Next is to figure out a way to sell copies of my magazines and DVD’s online. Should have that figured out in the new year. Happy Holidays everyone! kisses and licks Carrie.

Travelling to Ottawa November 30th, 2007
Whew. I promised Brianna to take her on tour to Ottawa where I have several friends and clients. I foolishly came at a bad time however. It was snowing, raining, sleeting and hailing on and off on our route the whole way here pretty much. Cars were in the ditch, severe accidents all over the place and of course this is Brianna’s first visit to Canada this past week and now her first time seeing a blizzard and all of the other winter crap. Anyway… thankfully we made it to Ottawa safely but man I miss Arizona and Florida!

Left Stranded and Pissed off! November 17th, 2007
Brian Berkefeld of claims to take good care of his girls. He takes good care of them alright… he does and says inappropriate things with some of the girls but never ‘fucks them’. Early on in Brianna’s stay she asked me pointedly if he had taken me shopping and ‘interviewed’ her during the shopping trip about ‘what would it be like if someone took you in and took care of you and changed your life?’ ‘What would you do for them’? He had bought her a bottle of perfume and took her to get her nails done. She said the whole thing had made her uncomfortable. Sure I could see getting her nails done as he wanted her to look her best for her photo shoot so he could as an agent properly promote her. But buying her perfume? Doesn’t a boyfriend do that???? I found it strange and the next morning confronted him about it. During this week of living at his house I had become a welcome addition to the home and was often told so… so instead of going behind his back I talked to him directly about how she felt uncomfortable. He claimed the conversation was because he was referring to a pimp relationship he had witnessed with someone else and wanted her opinion about it…. WHY?? She has never had a pimp? Still didn’t sit right with me and because she was much younger than myself I felt a natural maternal protective instinct. It wasn’t until Friday that things became a bit clearer for me. Thursday Halle wanted to go shopping and of course I can’t resist a shopping trip. I also needed to get new blood tests done for a shoot I was to do on Sunday so Brian offered to take us to Miami to shop and then we’d pick up Dolly at Bang Bros. Brian, Halle and myself got into the car and that’s when the whole 5-year old behaviour started up and only got worse as the day progressed. He likes to whistle, sing, figet, talk on the phone or tap his feet and poke you. That was annoying but not troublesome. The first thing that troubled me was while I was sitting in the front seat and he asked me to rub his hand. I rubbed some acupuncture points thinking it might help with his headache as he has high blood pressure. After I let his hand go he put it on my bare knee…. This made me uncomfortable and I should have just lifted his hand up but I waited a minute and he took it back. At another point in time while waiting in some traffic he put his head on my shoulder. Couple this with the day before when he felt the need to have a pow-wow in my bedroom about Brianna. Why in my bedroom?? That made me uncomfortable but it was uneventful. He was planning a shoot with her and Dolly in Tampa for Saturday and for some reason wanted to run it by me first. It was going to be a 4 hr drive each way and a hotel stay with 2 rooms. It wasn’t for that much money so it didn’t make much sense to me but we told Brianna about it. Anyway… come to talk to Brianna later on and she is not at all comfortable with idea especially when he amends it to 2 girls in one bed and he in another in the same room. Skip ahead again to Friday. I’m very annoyed at Brian’s incessant child like behaviour and his inappropriate moves although with me they were quite minor. When I vent to the girls about how annoying he was later that evening when we got home they commiserate with me about it. I mention the hand incident and Brianna says ‘he did the same exact thing to me’!!! He also asked her to massage his chest in the van that first day. She said the reason she didn’t tell me the whole thing was because she needed the work and didn’t want to get kicked out… (well cut to Friday and we both get kicked out!) She tells me how she is in no way going to tampa with him and wants in fact to leave the house. I agree that she should. I have 3 shoots to do Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so I agree I will meet up with her after the shoots on Wednesday as we’ve made plans to do some work back home in Canada together. She’s upset and wants to talk to Karen about it. Karen talks to us but isn’t the least bit convinced Brian is a problem verbally. Her face says otherwise. She is concerned and her face has not been happy for about a week at this point. Of course that may be me reading too much into things but hey my intuition is all I have at this point considering the lies that are about to come out of Brian’s mouth. Karen calls me in to see her and Brian. Brian wants to know what’s going on. I am very anxious at this point. I tell him I think he uses his 5 year old behaviour to excuse inappropriate sexual harrassment and that if he’s not careful there will be a suit. That just because he’s a porn agent doesn’t mean he can’t be charged. This is on the heels of both Dolly and Halle saying they had different sources alleging his behaviour as well. I wanted both of them to be there to corroborate for themselves what had been discussed the night before… but Brianna couldn’t wait - she wanted to leave right away. So here’s how it unfolded… Now that I knew the other stuff that happened… coupled with Dolly saying there’s a review board that he’s on called blacklist (still can’t find the website) that states he’s into having girls play with his nipples and I’m now furious. So here I am sitting in front of Brian at his desk with Karen dubiously by his side. She obviously doesn’t know what to do. When I bring up the hand rubbing that he did with both of us he claims to have no recall of laying his hand on my knee… I say that’s exactly his problem. He’s not aware of it and therefore if he’s not aware of it he can’t claim responsibility. That’s minor anyway I say. What about her massaging your chest in the car? He claims when he offered to buy the perfume he asked her what it was worth. She said 40 bucks. (he claims she said a blowjob). This is complete bullshit! He says he took a massage instead. This is where the whole thing gets really ugly because the logic goes around in circles and I’m frantically trying to come up with ways to beat his logic but panicking inside from the confrontation and the subject matter. Sexual harrassment/abuse? Not fun! I say to him there’s no way in hell that’s what happened.. at this point Brianna walks in because she can hear the accusations. He shuts up for a minute while I rant.. then baldfaced states well she did! He knows Karen will side with him as he’s been priming her for 3 months as both his employee, sort of girlfriend/wife/right hand-man and has offered to give her the company if anything happens to him. A psychologist or reality show would have a field day with this house. Anyway back to my desperate attempt to use logic with him. I say fine. Let’s assume she really did offer a blow job in exchange for a bottle of perfume…. why would you as the boss/owner/older and supposedly wiser person not say ‘That is really inappropriate. I wouldn’t feel comfortable. Let’s just consider the perfume a gift or let’s not get it at all!’?? He went on about other agents being worse and such and I just finally blew up at him and stormed out swearing and fuming. Finally calmed down somewhat and Karen asked us both to leave. Neither one of us was prepared with a cc. to pay for the flight so I demanded he pay for the flights. He refused… after more angry words at him telling him he needed to be a grown up and take care of this curfuffle he wanted to send us to Buffalo on a bus! Nuts to that. The flights were 190 a piece and I said I could afford my own but not Brianna’s and thought he should ’suck it up’ and pay for both. He finally gave Karen 200 bucks cash and said drop them at the airport which she did. When we got to the airport however we couldn’t get the online rate and of course had no way to book it online as I only had money for 1 ticket on the cc and the other would be in cash. (It was 350/person in cash). I called Karen and she said she could not pick us up to rectify this and that Brian had not enough on his cc to do it anyway.. that she worked for him and couldn’t help us. It was not Brian’s problem. Since I had already earlier called him an asshole I called and left a message that he was now above asshole in this manoever. That was the end of that! We finally arranged to get a rental car to stay at a friend of Brianna’s in Jacksonville. This accomplished a few things. I could vent all the way there, get a place to rest my head (but I barely slept still a wee bit wired up by the whole thing) and we then got ahold of a friend of mine to buy our tickets online and I’ll pay it back when I get home. Cut to it’s now 8 am and I’m gettting ready to take a shower and then head to the airport to head home via Buffalo where my parents will pick us up and then Sunday finally back home to Toronto to freeze my buns off! going to miss Florida…. but not Brian Berkefeld.

Swingers club visit to Trapeze in Ft. Lauderdale November 12th, 2007
I’m not really one to go to swingers clubs but my new friend Brianna Bree really wanted to go so I got caught up in her enthusiasm. Boy what a great time we had. We went on a couples night so it was probably a much different atmosphere from a night when single guys are allowed. The couples we met were all very friendly but respectful about boundaries. I have found that to be the case the few times I’ve been before. It was SO much fun! Bri and I flirted with both guys and girls on the dance floor and cuddled/stroked various people. It was such a love fest and like a giant foreplay event but yet so natural. There were some couples and groups later on in the night in the back rooms romping a little more aggressively than our experience out there but I had the best time. They also had a great buffet going all night with an omelet stand (my favorite part of a buffet most times) so I ate Sunday brunch at 2 I was a wee bit hung over yesterday but more so from getting in so late. After all I’m usually in bed by 11 or 12. A girl my age needs her beauty sleep

Duck Rescue November 10th, 2007
I was walking Pebbles (my friend’s dog at and saw a duck in a person’s front yard. It was low to the ground and when I got closer I realized it was injured. It must have been hit by a car. I couldn’t determine how injured but once I took the doggie home and came back I finally managed to get closer to it. I tried gingerly to pet it on the back as I was sure it would turn it’s long neck around and bite me. I have been bitten before and their beaks are strong!!! We kept playing a game of me trying to stroke it and it trying to get away but without too much success considering it’s injury. After about 6 attempts it finally gave up and let me gently grab his neck. I was amazed that he/she submitted! I was able to pick it up and then holding it close and securely to my body walked across the street and through a set of townhouses to the canal where I had seen plenty of other ducks and other birds. I guess it was about 100 yards or so… but when I got about 15 ft away from the water it struggled out of my arms and jumped to the ground and waddled crookedly to the water and got in. It was lopsided at first trying to swim but got straightened out and swam to his friends on the other side of the ‘pond’. I was so thrilled to be a ‘duck whisperer’…. as I love animals.
speaking of which.. I saw my first possum that wasn’t in the zoo in the backyard walking across the fence here a few nights ago and my first wild Iguana here during the day. Man he was huge!!!

Whew! 4 magazines in 4 days! Thursday, November 1st, 2007
Just finished shooting for D-cup and Gent with Anton Fury. They should be out in Feb (April issues). Did my Girls over 40 and Legworld on Monday/Tuesday. I’m bushed… this travelling out of a suitcase and switching motels is stressful to say the least but I’m thrilled with the photos. Luckily the ones Anton shot I get to keep as well so I can post them on my site. Today was my first hard-core print layout. That was interesting but the young buck I shot with is going to do some video as well with me tomorrow. So far it looks like it will be a 3-some MILF sandwich ha ha..

New Magazine shoots! October 31st, 2007
I shot another layout for Girls Over 40 on Monday. Cross your fingers that I get the cover again. Then Tuesday I shot for Legworld so there will be lots of long leg and foot pics for my foot fans. I will post when they are published so you can pick up a copy but if last time is any indication it probably takes about 6 months. Tomorrow I shoot for Gent and D-cup so that should be interesting

Guys wanting to get into porn October 22nd, 2007
Now with the internet there are more ways to get into porn than before. If a guy wants to get into porn in the DVD industry… ‘they’ generally prefer guys who can get it up on cue…stay hard for a long time and cum on cue. Nowadays cialis/viagra is sometimes necessary but the guys who can do it ‘au naturelle’ seem to still stay on top which is why Ron Jeremy for instance despite his less than stellar looks did so well for so long. A lot of guys want to do porn but when it comes down to having a camera crew (of other guys) looking over their shoulder they lose whatever erection they had. This is where erectile aids come in when the stage fright happens. Then there are internet porn opportunities. Either way the guy is better off if he has a girl to work with… On the internet hubby/wife sites do very well and the guy never has to be on camera with a camera crew. POV (point of view shoots) where the guy’s face is never shown and he’s holding the camera are very popular. Personally I’m not a fan of those as being a woman viewing porn - and there are alot more these days - I’m just as interested in seeing the fantastic looking guy and not Ron or the view from the ‘camera man’.
Now for any interested people wishing to be in a video with me… just because you have the desire and the ability does not automatically qualify you. I’m pretty fussy about who I want to work with… so if applying be polite, respectful and don’t just offer cock shots (or pussy shots if you’re a girl). That does not work for me. cheers, Carrie.

Yet another Gorgeous day in Tucson October 22nd, 2007
I’ve been here over a month. At first it was so bloody hot for me I could barely be outside and it was September! Now it’s just beautiful for me. Sunny every single day and cool in the evenings. I’m sitting her listening to a rock station (Boston is playing and I’m singing along) and about to head out for some shopping (not lingerie or shoes) for renovation items like sinks and light fixtures… I’m helping my friend with her house. It’s a lot of fun shopping with someone else’s money and I feel priveledged to be asked my creative opinions. Also chatting up the various strong young studs in home hardware doesn’t hurt either It was hilarious the other day when I said I didn’t like the particular kitchen sink for washing dishes to the one guy. He looked at me like why would you be washing her (meaning Genie) dishes? Genie said I was the nanny..,. and we laughed as she then elaborated the story to say.. well she’s my puppy nanny. I’m not of course but we had our private joke. Later on we played with the idea of wouldn’t it be fun to have me dress up as a maid and her follow me around with a video camera and see the reactions of people in the grocery store or a hardware store or just walking down mainstreet… I also wanna dress up as wonder woman and do the same thing. I get to have fun being an exhibitionist.

Outdoor photo shoot October 7th, 2007
I’m in Tucson Arizona renting a house from my good friend and co-conspirator Genie. After our adultcon trip we both came back with rotten colds so we haven’t done much except a little bit of shopping (well almost every day). I’m very excited to find out that they want me to do another Girls over 40 shoot so that always encourages me to do more shopping. Anyway. So I have a few new outfits that I had brought at Fredericks this past week and I wanted to photograph them for submitting to Magna group for both GOF and Legworld as I might be doing that one for them as well. Genie got the bright idea that we should not only take photos outdoors but that she should take me up to the mountain top instead of the desert. Man it was freezing cold up there. I had no idea Tucson had a ’ski hill’ never mind colder weather. So we toughed it out with our coughing and sneezing colds as it was such a gorgeous day and we got a bunch of pics even though we had to keep moving up the hill to avoid onlookers daycamping. After they are somewhat edited they should be up in the next week or so. xoxox Carrie.

Agency in Ft.Lauderdale Giirlz Inc October 2nd, 2007 wants me to come to Florida for some filming. I’m likely heading there later this week to finally do some shooting in the U.S.

Webdreams plug should be up in about 6 months. September 24th, 2007
The ‘interview’ I did with the guys from Black Bachelor at adultcon where I spanked a fan on camera with his pants down!!! It was interesting and a bit weird. The guys took my tits out of my shirt and played with them and then I was mobbed by a bunch of guys…lol. Had to put them away

Adultcon in L.A. September 23rd, 2007
I’m in L.A. for adultcon with Genie. Not nearly as big as AVN expo but fun nevertheless. Got filmed for webdreams as a friend ‘blackbachelor’ was being followed around so they interviewed me with him. I will likely do some content for both our websites with him later if we have time. Genie and I did a bunch of shopping in L.A. at the fashion district and I got several pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of boots all for under 60 bucks! This is my kind of shopping paradise It’s surprisingly cold here…and I hadn’t brought a sweater with me so I had to buy one. Guess I brought the Canadian weather with Met with Lynn Lemay, my friend Jack Lawrence, fellow Canadian porn star Brandon Iron (both guys I’ll be doing content with either this trip or next) and several chicks I didn’t really know…lol. Took the buses across town yesterday to AIM to get my US testing done and then a subway back to the hotel… man there are some interesting characters on the subway. The buses were obviously more scenic but since we’re staying downtown near the convention center it’s about 2 hrs by the bus routes to Santa Monica and only 30-40 minutes back by subway… saw pretty much everyone we wanted to say hi to at the convention today so probably playing tourist or shopping again tomorrow before heading back to Tucson tomorrow where I’ll be staying hopefully all winter

Hello Online World! May 5th, 2007
I’ve finally gotten a blog. Everyone’s having one nowadays i figured it was well time I got into the grove and put one up. I hope you guys have all liked my new and improved website and tour. I know I do. I’m still new at ‘blogging’ but I’ll do my best to post often on here.
Carrie xxx