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How I got into the porn industry

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How I got into the escort industry

I often get asked this by clients and through email correspondence.. so thought I'd update you all here.

I was 24 years old but I don't remember exactly what month or year.. except that I was putting myself through post-graduate school in Toronto. I was working initially 3-4 shifts on weekends as a security guard but when trouble at home caused me to move out from my parents I began working full-time nights and attending a heavy courseload during the day..

I had an already weakened immune system and this of course eventually pushed me over the edge. Something had to give. A girlfriend of mine answered an ad in Now magazine for an escort agency and went for an interview.. Knowing very little about what was required and assuming an escort had to be a model look alike I had no clue what assets I owned. I was about 160 lbs (I'm bet 180-190 now) and a full DD cup. I was very very nervous and interviewed in mid afternoon prior to heading to my 4-12 shift as a security guard. This was for Aphrodite escorts and was an outcall agency only.

She told me to call when I was done my shift.. and not realizing I had already been hired (I expected to have to go in for a 2nd interview.. much like a normal job) when I called she told me to put on a dress and get ready for a car to pick me up. I really didn't have time to think about it which was probably a good thing or I may have chickened out! Back then I wore a basic beige bra and granny and probably only owned one dress.

I can only recall 2 of the 3 appts when I look back as both were strange and never to be repeated again. The first one I was dropped off.. called the agency as was explained to me after getting the money and proceeded to get acquainted with the guy on the couch. He explained to me that he was visiting a friend or friends and that we would be staying on the couch. I was nervous that someone would walk in on us! An hour went by rather quickly and at 5 minutes to the hour I got the phone call that the driver was there and to get ready for him. (this was their procedure in every case and we were to say something other than 'yes we had the correct fee') to let them know if the driver needed to come back up... but I never ever had any trouble.

It was the policy for the clients to discuss only money with the agency/phone girl and never with the escort. If he wanted to talk to the escort first about dos/don'ts on the phone that was fine but if he discussed fee we were always to redirect him to discuss that with the agency. This was to avoid legal issues.. but years later they got busted not because of the business but because they had soooo many girls in cars coming and going from the agency which was run in a rather affluent neighbourhood. Dumbasses!

The reason I left? This particular lady (and I use the term very loosely) who owned the agency was a hardened individual who sent me on appts with guys that she knew would cause me grief without warning me. I therefore felt no guilt when I left her service and kept the phone #'s of 2 of my best regular clients.

One of the reasons I don't like agencies is because most of their business starts late at night.. often after midnight and because it was strictly outcall some of the guys would be drunk or even stoned/doing drugs during the appt.

I prefer now how I do incalls during daytime/evening hours. Many of my clients are visiting me on the way to work or between appts if they work out of the office.

Anyway.. so I left my first appt very excited because I'd just made 120 bucks. The agency charged 200 for the hour plus 40 transportation. I got 120 out of 200. I met a couple of other girls in the car and one of them and myself were then heading to the Royal York hotel together.

She was gorgeous.. a brunette stripper from Montreal. Her sister also worked for the agency and was a blond. I have no recollection of either of their names now but I do recall how dumb this girl was. She used the word chaos in a sentence but pronounced it Chows. Trying to be cautious I asked her what her first language was.. because I figured if it was french I would correct her and she would appreciate it. Nope! It was english.. so I kept my mouth shut.

So! she was the more experienced of the 2 of us obviously as I had pretty much just lost my escorting virinity. Without bothering to fill me in on our circumstances she takes me up to the room and I was shocked. There were about a dozen guys in a circle in chairs.. and I was shown one to sit in. I was like a deer caught in headlights nervous as a small kitten. While she got the financial arrangements taken care of I watched as an obvious streetwalker sauntered around the room offering $50 blowjobs to any takers. A very drunk lecherous man started lunging toward me and practically drooling on me when another man rescued me and showed me to another room. The brunette went with the guy who was quite attractive and I was given to a 65 year old geezer.

My geezer turned out to be a sweetheart! He had been made a widower and had never been with anyone other than his wife. He was very gentle.. took about 5 minutes total and we chatted a bit. I'm sure he could tell how nervous I was... and he tipped me 50 bucks!

I don't remember anything else about that night. I know I had a 3rd appt somewhere in there but I guess because both of those appts had me so un-nerved I remembered them so well.

Knowing me know as well as some of you do know through my porn or even in person you wouldn't suspect me of being shy and self-conscious.. but sexually I was very shy!

I was mostly a tom-boy growing up with an occasional penchant for girly things and being 'buddies' with most of my male friends had no clue they even had crushes on me never mind wanted to bed me. I was a virgin til I was 21 and for 2 years after heading to Europe I was a born-again Christian.. which meant I was celebate during that time. This is not to say I hadn't had my share of one-night stands and even some relationships but I wasn't the most experienced. I didn't even know how to give myself an orgasm til about 23.

So I went straight from being a christian to being a hooker! I am now what I call a 'heathen'. I don't consider myself an atheist.. but I don't still consider myself a Christian either. I am spiritual and well my beliefs are another blog all together and off topic but I decided when I began escorting that sex wasn't a 'sin' and to let that religious guilt my mother would have me endure not be a part of my life.

My parents now know what I do.. but for the first while I had them convinced that the reason I had a pager was that I was 'on call' for my security job and was now promoted to a supervisory role so I had to go to work on a moment's notice sometimes. It worked out well until my sister during a pretty volatile argument blurted out my real job to my mother! I was livid and didn't speak to her for months afterward. I begged my mother not to tell my father and she kept it from him for about 2 more years until I bought a house with my earnings and figured it was about time we fill him in on my real job.

He was fine with it! I couldn't believe it! I fully expected my father to dis-own me but he had no issue with it. Considering his religious authority (he was a minister for some years) thankfully he actually now talks my mom down from the emotional 'ledge' she sometimes gets herself on regarding my job. He loved it when I was in sales as he wanted me to follow in his footsteps but I was never really happy at it. I consider myself somewhat of a salesperson now though.. and can properly back up my product rather than try to pass someone else's product on to an unsuspecting patron.

I always enjoyed customer service when I could fulfill someone's order and in that way my job now gives me immense satisfaction. The part of the customer service job I didn't like of course was dealing with unsatisfied clients who were angry because their ordered wasn't delivered or it was the wrong order. They didn't care at all that I wasn't the actual person responsible for it.

In the escort world this happens when you work for an agency who practices bait and switch. I would sometimes get sent out on a call and told to pretend I was 2 inches shorter or a few years younger/older. What a crock!

As my own boss I don't have to put up with that bullshit and what you see is what you get!

There are soooo many perks to this job. I get to work from home. I get to make people VERY happy. I get laid.. and the pay is great!

My first night working for the escort service I saw 3 clients and made 500 bucks. I called my security job the very next day and quit! no notice.. Never wore that navy blue polyester uniform again. I am sorry that I never got a photo of myself in it though.. really sexy (not!)

Oh.. and that's when I became a blond too! the blond sister of the girls from Montreal left the service shortly after I started so Alexis (the owner) asked me to go blond.. which I did. I was under the illusion that blonds were more popular and since I had gone back to being a brunette 10 years ago when I re-entered the escort industry here in Ottawa I contemplated having to go back to being a blond. Guess what? Many guys actually preferred me brunette!

Once in a while I dream I'm a blond again..and it did suit me but man it's a lot of upkeep.. I had to do my roots every couple weeks. Not that big of a deal really and I could do it again.. but it's sooooo much easier to stay my natural color :)

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