Friday, February 24, 2012

Webcam sessions.. finally!

I'm now finally offering webcam sessions for those who are either too shy to cum visit me in person or live to freaking far away! If you're in Canada you may pay for a session by email money transfer. For international sessions please email me for instructions to pay by money order or online (a fee may apply). Email me at to book a session and choose an amount of time for your session. Sessions are $60 for every 15 min booking.. ie $120 for 30 min, $180 for 45 and $240/hr.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My new Ebay Store!

This is way way way.. overdue. Sorry it took so long.. but I got a friend to open the store for me.. so all I have to do is sign items and ship them.

Here's the link to purchasing my magazines (I have 3 varieties.. Legworld,Gent and my 2nd Girls over 40) as well as my Naughty Canadians movie filmed in Toronto. This was my first movie... before I got more well known for shooting in LA and my jerkygirls vids.

Carrie's Ebay store

Note: you will need to have a sign in and verify you're of age when you view this store.. and you can always go to the adult section and type in carrie moon to see what the items are as well.

I will also be adding worn shoes and bras and other items including 8x10's as we go.. but it's a start!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

OZ - heading to Australia?

I have wanted to visit Australia every since I was a little girl.. and since I have several viewers to my blog from Australia I want to reach out to you all and ask for advice.

I will probably stay in Sydney for my first trip.. but I would love advice on where to stay and where to advertise from those who live there or who are in the know.

Please email me at

I intend to visit in a few months and want to know as much as I can before going :)

Note: I've been getting requests wondering if I'll be escorting while there and the answer is hell yes! I can't wait to meet some gorgeous Aussie men. I absolutely adore the Aussie accent!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Valentines (early..)

Went tanning yesterday..Took a few pics in my new red sheer teddy.. got it at Giant Tiger! They have a lot of red lingerie for Valentine's day but few sexy items in plus size..

Then I took a couple at home in my hallway in a summer dress also from GT boutique. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kingston, Ontario visit Feb 15-17

I will be traveling with the lovely Alexandra Sky . We shall hopefully be arriving by 1-2 pm on the 15th but perhaps booking in earlier. We will be available til the morning of the 17th.
We will be available for duos as well as individually of course..

Click on my escort site link for rates and a list of do's/don'ts. You do not need to fill out the booking form.. just email me at or text/call me 613*762*4551

Proper camera?

Got a comment that I should have a proper camera.

ha ha.. I have a proper camera.. I figured a few blurry pics were better than none.. but I promise no more pics in this dim lighting. I have set up a mirror at home with better lighting for future pics.

The problem with a proper camera is I find it doesn't take indoor photos well without a flash.. and mirror pics can't have a flash obviously. I guess I could play around with settings on my camera for better indoor pics?

Anyway.. will be posting a few new pics soon and better quality I promise!