Thursday, May 31, 2012

Isabelle is hot!

Today I had my fourth duo with Isabelle. She's been working with me now for 4 weeks almost.. and it's been great. Having your close friend work with you is fun enough.. doing duos. Well that's the cats meow.. rawrrrr.. I don't think I can accurately detail these last few sessions the way I did the first one but I'll try. Here's some hot scenarios we've recently tried out.. on a whim during our 3rd duo I got my strap-on and took it to her. She'd never had this done and thoroughly enjoyed it. I fucked her from behind and the fellow underneath her watched me fuck her doggie in the mirror while my tits bounced back and forth. I do like fucking a girl doggie style but rarely get the opportunity. I often dryhump my friends for a few seconds when they let Yup.. I have a butt fetish. Today..I did that again.. but here's a new one. Isabelle rode my tits! That was her idea.. never ever done that before. I have had many a cock ride my tits for sure.. but never a pussy. She rode each one separately.. and then told me she was going to lick her cum off my tits afterward. But she ended up riding my face before she could do that so I told her when she was done to lick her cum off my chin, tits and my cock (because she had ridden it too of course). Another new thing for me was when she rode my cock I propped her up on my upper thighs a bit and bounced her off of it like I love having guys do to me. It was fantastic for us both.. but frankly since I've never used my thighs/hips that way before I had to take many breaks to rev myself up again. Hmmm.. I do need to work those hip and thigh muscles. That was fun! We took out Isabelle's rabbit and I fucked her with that as well while she sucked on our friend's cock. I made her cum a few times.. and then of course I had to take out my Hitachi and get myself off while our friend and she sucked each on one of my tits. Today's threesome ended with client fucking Isabelle doggy style while I was underneath her licking her pussy. Super fun! There was a lot more happening of course but those are the highlights.. all new stuff for me.. Can you believe that I've been in the biz now about 24 years and I still experience new things? Mind blowing :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

BDSM shoots

Anyone interested in being in a BDSM video for a new clips store I'm building please connect with me. You are able to wear a mask in these videos as part of your costume. You must be interested in spanking/slapping at the minimum and trampling, strap-on at the maximum. I am not interested in providing any time of blood/piercing play or other such extremes. Please connect with me by email at and be local to Ottawa :) thanks for your interest. The first shoot is taking place Wednesday May 30/2012 at my place. The 'husband' from cuckold husband of a slut wife site will be doing the filming. No-one else will be on set but the 3 of us (including YOU!) We may also be able to accomodate you on the Tuesday evening prior or the Thursday as well. cheers, Carrie.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm 48!

Bought a new bathing suit.. and got a red bikini as a Bday gift from my friend Randy..painted my nails red and am working hard on my tan :) Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Jerkygirl Video! Miss Moon Seduction

I had a shoot at my house with jerkygirls a few weeks ago and one of the clips is up.. Miss Moon seduction It's on the front page today but after today you'll have to search my name in the search box.
here's a gif to the clip and I just looked.. my tutor 3 clip is #2 on the store right now! coolio!