Thursday, March 31, 2011

processed people

If you're a long time reader of mine.. you know I have very strong opinions about modern ''health'' care and have studied pre-med in my undergraduate degree and as a naturopath in my post-graduate. I love that movies and documentaries nowadays are so well made and now easily accessible on the web.. so here is a great one! This website called red pill tv (aptly named if you understand the underlying theme of Alice in Wonderland followed by the Matrix) has some other great movies you should watch it you haven't already. Enjoy.. Carrie.

processed people video

Friday, March 25, 2011

Puppies had their first bday!

My adorable yorkies turned 1 year old last week.. so thought I'd post a few little pics of them :) Timmy is the smaller one.. (4 lbs) and Max is the bigger one (6 lbs)

garage sale mentality

I get a call today from someone wanting to book an appt.. all is pleasant as he asks for a certain time.. and I describe how to get to where I live. Then he asks my rate (which he should know already.. and if he doesn't for some reason he should have asked that first). I tell him for the 1/2 hr that he wants it's $160. He says.. is 120 okay? I respond with no.. and perhaps if your budget won't allow it today maybe you could book me another day. His response? Is 140 okay? My response is always at this point when I realize I'm speaking to a complete moron...

''You have a good day''. and I hang up.

Where do guys get the idea that seeing an escort is a great place to haggle?.... and don't blame craigslist. I've been doing this over 20 years.. and some guys have always done that. BUT what the guys who think they are shopping around for the best price or ''tire-kicking'' as another sp friend of mine says.. think we are all in competition with one another.. uh no.. buddy you are in competition with all of the other respectful, appreciative clients who don't ever quibble about a ladies rates and are grateful she takes the time to see you!


Pussy Poker Rant

A friend of mine every once in a while laughs and refers back to my pussy chewers rant as being her favorite post of mine..perhaps she'll get a laugh out of this one too.

I had a client last week who did pretty much every thing wrong you could do in a session..
First of all he booked me because he felt like he knew me from my blog.. but in my head as I left I had to ask myself. How well do you know yourself???

Now I have been learning to take everything people say with a grain of salt lately.. but still try to take them at their word until they prove to be completely full of crap :)

He claimed I was his first escort.. no reason to disbelieve that. He claimed I was his first white woman.. again no reason to disbelieve that. His first claim that threw me however during the course of getting to know one another was that he didn't masturbate. Now for a woman.. this is possible.. I've gone long periods of time without it.. but I rarely if ever believe a man when he makes this claim.. and the thing was he had no good reason for his logic except to say that it was a show of self-control (even though he claimed to be horny all the time). Made absolutely no sense to me.

He also told me in his relationships he didn't have sex right away with the women he dated.. and wouldn't date someone who'd had a lot of sexual relationships before him. To me this just means a man hopes the woman won't have had enough sexual experience before him to be able to compare him if he falls short.

So.. anyway this guy oscillated between being very shy and being aggressive. I'll explain....
He would start to get amped up.. and then I could see the horniness factor overtake him. Unfortunately I would have to stop him and focus his energy elsewhere. I was lying on my back and he was exploring my body with strong massage like strokes. Enjoying my legs and my abdomen.. but then he did something I've had happen a few times.. he squeezed my flank (side of my abdomen) so tight it hurt. I told him to stop.. but it was like he didn't hear me.. I told him again.. and this time I had to grab his hand to unclench it from my side.. and tell him again.. I was telling him firmly mind you.. not angrily.. and so he responded by saying.. oh you're sensitive eh? Yeah.. I'm sensitive... I replied.

btw.. if you're reading this buddy.. you left me with a small bruise. That's not normal!!!

Anyway.. I try to be delicate and sensitive to a person who's rather inept with women.. all part of good customer service.. but there's a limit.

next strike.. was him finger fucking me (hench the rant title). Guys who can't maintain an erection or cum too fast seem to think it's a great idea to use their fingers as a dildo and fuck you as if they were doing it with their dick. uh.. no. At least not for me.. can't speak for all women.. but I don't like it with a dildo either.. but it's worse with the finger fuck if you can't do it right.

How it's done right? start with one finger.. and make sure the pussy is well lubricated either with saliva or by her from your fantastic foreplay :) do the come hither motion by tickling toward the gspot. ASK before inserting a 2nd finger if it's okay.. personally I rarely like a 2nd finger. One is great.

How it's done wrong? Put 2 or more fingers in and ram with all your might like you're punching the kitty.. your knuckles pummeling the pelvic bones as you do. This is what this guy was doing to me.. and I kept trying to explain to him not to do this.. but as guys will do when they're used to doing something a certain way.. and get amped up.. they don't listen. I finally told him that was off limits.. and distracted him with my tits.. which funny enough he played with absolutely appropriately.. never hurting them.

Strike 3.. he started to get hard as I stroked him while he played and sucked on my tits.. so I got a condom and proceeded to blow him. This got him really hard and then he grabbed my head and fucked my face basically... this is a huge no-no for me.. I can't deep throat and I don't like having someone control my head. This is a great way to choke someone and I'm not into that..

So.. after a few strokes of him trying to ram his cock through my head.. I figured.. hey he's hard.. let me see if I can get him inside me. I figured since he was being shy and kinda weird and displayed a fondness for my butt as well.. I'd turn around and let him do me doggie style. Nope.. we made a couple of short lived attempts at humping that way and then he went limp.

We kept talking during this time to figure out what would work for him... and this is when I said to him.. that perhaps if he stopped thinking of needing to be ''in love'' with a woman and since he got really hard from the porn style blowjob action.. that he think of me that way (which would have been the logical thing.. except he claimed he didn't really watch porn or hadn't watched mine either..). He wasn't able to.. so we decided to finish up chatting.. and he never did get off and he sent me home a bit early... all the while we were absolutely pleasant to one another.

All of this to illustrate.. how tough my job can be to get inside someone's head to make them happy.. but in some cases it's not possible. If all of what he told me is true.. he's not a candidate for ''hiring girls''.. because you have to be capable of having a one night stand before being capable of hiring a girl for sex. If you're not comfortable masturbating..or admitting to it.. you're probably not going to be able to comfortably actually make a connection with me. I'm connectable.. believe me.. but don't be unrealistic in your expectations.

Frankly I think this guy was on something.. something just didn't seem right about him.. not in a dangerous way.. just not in a grounded way.

I'm not trying to be mean.... I'm just trying to be real.

Monday, March 21, 2011

scammer - update

I removed the offending party's name and tel # from the blog. He offered to pay up if I would remove it.. and as a person of my word.. I did... and then I went on a shopping spree at Wal-mart. That money had to completely go towards fun stuff to remove the negative energy associated with the whole adventure.

After I contacted M.A. to let him know I was blogging his name and # on here for the whole world to see what kind of person he was.. and that I would leave it there so that anytime any future employers or family and friends googled him they would find out what he did..His response was to threaten me with calling the police!

He was under the mistaken (albeit common) impression that what I do is illegal and that I had no recourse if someone steals from me. I informed him that not only is what I do legal in Canada.. but that I have police contacts who don't take kindly to guys like him committing fraud and screwing over a working girl (pun intended). The whole thing got me very upset.. worse than being scammed is someone thinking they have the right to fuck you over somehow.. they justify it in their mind that what they are doing is fine and you have no rights. FUCK you!

I was so angered by this attitude that I threatened him with police action... but in reality a shopping spree is way more fun than revenge. I bought some new spring/summer shoes but of course can't wear them being the first day of spring.. of course it snowed! ack!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So I posted the honeydo blog a while back and it worked out well.. til now. This past weekend a fellow claimed he googled Ottawa escort credit card and found I accepted them. I told him no.. bu that he could use his credit card to purchase a gift card. He did so.. and showed me the receipt.. but after he left I went to Walmart a couple days later to use the giftcard and lo and behold it wasn't activated. That is of course the risk I take...

I have taken the ''risk'' for over 20 years that someone doesn't pay me in counterfeit money but no-one ever has..

In the 2 times I've used a credit card I've been scammed. Once several years ago it was from someone who purchased my services via paypal for a 3rd party who had brain cancer (if that's even true) who I went to see on an outcall.. and then put in a chargeback with paypal so that the money was taken out of my paypal acct and refunded to them. I had no recourse because I didn't have a ''receipt'' for a ''computer'' that I had supposedly sold.

In each case I trusted the person.. as I do each and every day when I run my business.. and of course I'm not perfect in my instincts. 2 out of several thousand isn't bad though..

So unfortunately from now on.. anyone using a giftcard will have to drop it off and give me a couple days to verify the card's validity (if I have to go in person) or a few minutes (if it's online/on the phone)... before I will provide my end of the service exchange.

tsk tsk tsk buddy.. Shame on you

pics from my stepmother made me part II

I hadn't realized there were also hardcore pics in this link. (you have to sign in with a password to view them)

so here are some more from the shoot.. this shoot took place in LA April 2008.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some shots from My Stepmother Made Me

I had a fan send me a link to these yesterday so I copied them and here they are!