Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So I posted the honeydo blog a while back and it worked out well.. til now. This past weekend a fellow claimed he googled Ottawa escort credit card and found I accepted them. I told him no.. bu that he could use his credit card to purchase a gift card. He did so.. and showed me the receipt.. but after he left I went to Walmart a couple days later to use the giftcard and lo and behold it wasn't activated. That is of course the risk I take...

I have taken the ''risk'' for over 20 years that someone doesn't pay me in counterfeit money but no-one ever has..

In the 2 times I've used a credit card I've been scammed. Once several years ago it was from someone who purchased my services via paypal for a 3rd party who had brain cancer (if that's even true) who I went to see on an outcall.. and then put in a chargeback with paypal so that the money was taken out of my paypal acct and refunded to them. I had no recourse because I didn't have a ''receipt'' for a ''computer'' that I had supposedly sold.

In each case I trusted the person.. as I do each and every day when I run my business.. and of course I'm not perfect in my instincts. 2 out of several thousand isn't bad though..

So unfortunately from now on.. anyone using a giftcard will have to drop it off and give me a couple days to verify the card's validity (if I have to go in person) or a few minutes (if it's online/on the phone)... before I will provide my end of the service exchange.

tsk tsk tsk buddy.. Shame on you

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