Saturday, July 12, 2014


I've had a flicker acct for several years.. but since I have pics all over the place.. here.. twitter.. facebook.. etc I think it's a good idea to host the pics.. all the pics and just the pics.

I'm poorly organized with all my photos.. so they're not in the right order age wise.. but usually flicker gets the date taken of them right on the site in case I forget :)

a few selfies..

I post pics on twitter frequently.. and then eventually remember to post a few here.. so here they are :)

Calgary tour.. July 15-23

I have only been to Calgary once in my life and it was a very long time ago.. this will be my first escorting tour and I'm excited to finally make it to 'cow-town'. I've been wanting to for so many years..

I will be hosting at a condo in the Marda loop area.

Rates while in Calgary are $250 hh, $300 45 min, $350/hr, $600 2/hrs

longer appts.. just multiply hrs by $300.

Looking forward to enjoying all the Calgary men :) xoxoxo Carrie.