Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reality tv show with Spenny

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Idiot rant

So.. this is not a encountering an idiot client I mean.. but one thing was which I'll get to in a moment. I can handle sooooo many types of personalities. The older I get the rarer it is for me to find someone who rubs me so much the wrong way that I flip. Today was the day.. Was I sensitive? well yes.. that's why I wrote about sledge first... you now get an inside view to my sensitivity today. BUT was I oversensitive? Not if you know me. One thing that will have me kicking your ass out of my house faster than your feet can carry you.. is blatant disrespect. A few months ago I kicked a little shit out of my house.. He showed up with 40bucks.. but waited to tell me til we were sitting in my bedroom and had a good look down at my tits.. and asked if they were real. I told him yes.. but I knew something was up right away when he started this line of encounter and he hadn't even paid yet! So when I told him he needed to take care of business first.. he got all squirmy. Long story short I ripped into him about disrespect and walked him out of my house. Today was a similar start. Young guy shows up.. acting a bit squirrelly.. so I figure it's 'first time gitters'.. nothing to worry about. BUT he only has 140. Not a good start. I say you know my rate.. why would you bring less? He offers to go to the bank near me to get 20 bucks more. Idiot.. that's not the fucking point (I think to myself.. I don't say it). It's disrespectful. I don't get why guys think they'll get a good encounter out of anyone by shorting them at the beginning of the appt. btw.. yesterday a sweet client came for a 2nd appt and handed me an extra $20. That's a sign of extreme gratitude and respect. Some guys don't get this.. you want good service at your favorite restaurant? you tip the server.. you don't short them! That's why you get the label idiot! So.. anyway.. that's something I can tolerate but it certainly doesn't put me in a generous giving mood. I tell him he can bring extra the next time he books me.. but in reality I would likely never let him book again.. we'll see how the session goes.. Well it goes from bad to worse. While we're fooling around.. He asks if I like hard sex... I answer no.. not really.. I like it to start off slow and then sometimes get hard. He's grinding on my but not very erect.. grabs me intensely in different areas instead of gently. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to tell him to back off.. but so far it's not so bad. He's got my hair.. is it okay to pull it during sex? yes.. I say it is.. if you know what you're doing.. I offer to blow him.. get out the condom. He's not very big so I can easily deep throat him which he likes of course. He asks me if I squirt.. I don't. Do I wanna cum today. I explain it may or may not happen. It's not that simple. He says how lucky I am to have a job where I get to cum and get paid. (I'm thinking wow.. yeah.. I'm lucky today...not!) We try to fuck but he's losing his hard-on..he tries to fuck me with a semi-erection.. I usually let this go to see if the guy will get harder.. but he's telling me he likes it rough.. I say.. yeah I got that! so I slap his ass a bit.. not too hard. But then he slaps my tits a few times..hard though.. wtf? I'm thinking? and before I can even say anything HE then slaps my Face!!!! HOLY wtf??? It wasn't hard.. but it was the principle of the thing. I got mad..he says well you slapped my ass so I slapped your face! WTF? I say to him it's not the same thing! But the banter went from bad to worse when he said sorry alternating with 'it's just a joke'.. alternating with 'take it easy' in a condescending way. Oh no you didn't you little prick! Shit just hit the fan!!! You know the saying.. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Well hell broke lose. I was so infuriated that he had the balls to contradict me in this situation.. while he's fucking me no less.. that I pushed him off and told him to get the fuck out my house. At first I contemplated giving him some of his money back and then I thought fuck him! if you're stupid enough to be this disrespectful you need to learn a fucking lesson. This idiot was still talking with the same line of alternating false apology mixed with I needed to chill.. that it got me even angrier.. I kept telling him to stop talking as it was only making me shake more with how mad I was.. I'm sure I was visibly shaking as I said to him.. I've never been slapped in my life by a client! and I hadn't!!! in over 23 years.. And I wasn't for a second in fear mind you.. I was enraged and indignant at the sheer disrespect he gave me. Clients for the most part are the most respectful thoughtful people on the planet.. which is why I love my job. They always ask if this or that is okay. Some are so submissive by nature that they ask if they can do every little thing before they do it. Even staring at my tits sometimes when they ask if it's okay to touch them.. I laugh with delight that they are so enamoured by them and can't believe they finally get to touch them. This young lad.. who knows where he got the idea that it was okay to do this.. he didn't explain himself.. and by now I wanted nothing to do with him. He had his chance to explain with a proper apology instead of the bullshit responses he gave. I told him maybe he would learn how to behave with the next girl he booked but he sure as hell wouldn't get another chance with me!

yin and yang

Well.. I wrote Sat about my wonderful time Friday night..I was excited and distracted and spent all day yesterday recuperating because Sunday I was rearranging so many things to get a room ready for Isabelle to work in more regularly. So! now here's the downer... In every happy hookers life some rain must fall... A friend of mine was killed last week.. Sledgehammer aka Marland Anderson. I waited a week to write about it because this really hurt. It hurt because he was one of the sweetest, kindest, gentlest giants I'd ever met.. and I find a lot of big guys who at first glance might seem intimidating are actually just giant teddy bears. I knew he struggled with depression.. He was actually very shy. When I rented a room from him my last month in LA we spent time together at the beach and out clubbing. He was encouraged by me to get out more and socialize... after all.. I do like to socialize. BUT I was concerned about how much dope he was smoking... self medicating it seemed to me. That was April of 2008... I met him in LA when I did my first LA based porn. I knew from the girl I was staying with (I was living with Porno Dan and his wife Kira Silver for my first few weeks there) that he would be gentle with me. I mean he had a super giant cock to go along with his big giant body! Kira was much tinier than I am so I figured if she can take it.. I could too. So that happened last week.. I have had more than my share of people in my life who suffer from mental illness. One who walked off a cliff when I was young while being a resident at a psychiatric facility.. a sibling who has been in and out of psych wards, jail and what not.. a grandparent who long suffered from schizophrenia.. and now recently another colleague is spinning out of control and I'm not close enough to intervene but also can't. I'm a recovering codependent. I can only direct others closer to her how to deal with her. It's tricky.. because in order to get a person to the psych ward you either need their consent which is almost impossible to get because they are not in their right mind.. either they are paranoid that people are trying to poison them (in the case of Sledge and my grandfather/cliff-walker) or they are enjoying the 'high' too much... whether it be from the drugs/alcohol or the manic phase which makes them feel invincible. They don't want help because they don't want that feeling to stop. So you have to wait til they prove to be a harm to themselves or someone else. In Marland's case.. he had done that.. A knife was involved and a suicide attempt. The first bit of news made the cops look like they were responsible.. over-tasing him to death.. But then the news was altered. They only tased him twice.. he had broken the handcuffs/railing in the ambulance. REALLY? sorry but something doesn't add up here. If the ambulance is that fragile.. why was he handcuffed there and not more appropriately in a squad car with the ambulance following? anyway.. I'm sure more details will come out but there definitely needs to be more education about psychosis.. not only with the cops/health care but with our own society. Yes.. it's scary.. we're afraid it's contagious. And in a way it is.. because dealing with a mentally ill psychotic person can stress you out so much that you too can become unhinged. There's also the manipulation. A good Manic episode will have you convinced after you've been manipulated enough that you are the crazy one. I have on more than once occasion had to pull the wool out of the health care professionals eyes where my sibling was concerned and do their job for them. You learn alot over the years on this side of the fence. Anyway.. It sucks.. but it's something I'm sure many of you have either personally experienced yourself or with friends/family members or know ones who have. It's not an easy thing to deal with. Next...stay tuned for an idiot rant. Then I promise we're back onto to hot sex topics :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

OMG.. amazing duo with Isabelle Styles

I have this friend who is a major cougar...and a Naughty Minx! I've told her for as long as I've known her that she needs to join me in the escorting business.. this past few weeks she finally confessed she has been fantasizing about it.. but was nervous. Would I invite her to do a duo to 'get her feet wet'.. WELL.. it wasn't her feet that got wet.. it was 2 juicy pussies and my tits when SNR's cum covered them at the end of our session.

Regular readers know SNR (used to be my Sunday night regular.. but this was a Friday lol) Loves to watch me play with another girl.. I mean.. what red-blooded guy doesn't love girl/girl action.

He had read about my duo with Dorinda..and I told him Dorinda wasn't available. She had been visiting a few weeks prior and was not due to visit again for a while. Then it hit me! I told him about my friend Izzy (my nickname for her.. you guys will have to earn that privilege ha ha) who had just decided to become an escort. I told him how she was very sexy, sexual and supremely bi-sexual and that we have a fantastic chemistry.

Now SNR has had duos with me with almost everyone of my friends who are bi-sexual or bi-curious.. but I warned him.. this was going to blow his mind. I was not wrong. hey.. I never lie.. people who know me know me for my honesty. I'm too mature (well I'm very immature when it's warranted.. after all that's how I keep my youthful attitude) to bother with bullshit. I will be the first to warn you if you have spinach in your teeth.. because I want you to look and feel your best. So.. good or bad I will be honest.. but only if we're good friends.. or if asked. I try not to offer unsolicited advice or comments.. but the key word there is 'try'.. sometimes I'm not successful at keeping my mouth shut. Anyway..I digress.

I called her up and said.. are you ready for your first appointment? She was nervous understandably.. but within about 15 min she was mentally prepared and said.. let's go for it!

Less than 2 hrs later we were getting dressed together in my bedroom and I showed her my favorite toy...which reminds me... I'm gonna do up a video of me using my Monster plug-in vibrator. I was barely showing it to her with her eyes wide-open in shock.. when the doorbell rang. SNR was here. No turning back now...

I told her how sweet and easily pleased he is.. and so she relaxed a bit. I'm only a few years older than she is.. but she immediately let me have the 'mama' I know that will switch very soon and she will be in charge! I keep telling her.. she was made for this business. A real sexual, sensual pleasure doll.

He was as delighted as I was when he saw her.. I was wearing my red sheer teddy from the valentines day pics as per SNR's request.. and then I requested Izzy wear this!

The three of us chatted for a bit but it wasn't long before Isabelle and I started playing with and sucking each others tits. Her breasts are delightful and she has very responsive nipples. SNR stroked and massaged our tits too of course and then we all three got on the bed and stroked one another. I wanted to taste and play with Izzy's pussy so I moved into position! I have to say.. it's adorable! But licking wasn't enough for her. Isabelle isn't shy.. and she requested a finger.. so I finger fucked her with one finger and it wasn't long before she wanted two fingers. I obviously obliged.. and in a few minutes she orgasmed.. warning me I might make her squirt. I responded to 'go ahead' but she was already orgasming lol..

Then I grabbed my super vibrator and gently 'attacked her with it'.. I know how overwhelming it can be so I gave her the control while I returned to sucking her tits... but she passed it on to SNR so he could manoeuver it. Like I said.. she's a Naughty Minx! Just my type.. rawr!!!

She let him make her cum until she couldn't take it anymore and then I turned it on myself while the two of them suckled my tits.. I need control of that thing myself because it's sooo powerful and I'm very sensitive. As you all know.. I'm very visual so I enjoyed watching them play both until SNR suggested my favorite position with him.. the loungechair. He gets to a position leaning against the headboard area (I don't have an actual headboard it's the wall) while I lay reclined between his legs and relax into the position laying against his chest. Izzy let me play with the toy while she gently stroked my thighs and teased me til I came while SNR squeezed and fondled my tits. She is so erotic.. knows how to make her sexy eyes stare into your soul while she deliciously flirts and teases you.

After I came and my swollen clit settled down she asked me what I wanted.. oh baby.. 'I want you to lick me' I said... remember we had been dancing around this flirtation for several months but hadn't yet acted on it. This was not only her first escort appointment it was our first time playing together! The whole thing was mind-blowing. SNR was thoroughly enjoying watching this long stoked chemistry between us explode both figuratively and literally!

She licks a pussy the same way she licks a cock.. wet and sloppy and hungrily.. yet gently at the same time. How do I know? I watched her suck SNR later.. but that will wait. Her mesmerizing eyes looking up at you and that delicious tongue take real pleasure in making you squirm. I'm sure I'm not doing her justice by describing this.. so you'll just have to experience it for yourself.. but yowza.. she's so built for sex..

She finger fucked me and licked me.. until I could take no more.. or rather SNR could take no more.. I put a condom on him and sucked his cock while Izzy lay on top of him doing what I would call a body-slide of sorts.. not really up and down his body (or she would have run over my head) but just off to the side of my head and snuggling up on him while rhythmically grinding on him. Then I suggested we both suck him which we did for a while.. believe it or not he had never experienced this! I can't believe with all the duos he and I have had I never suggested this before.. silly me.

I handed the reigns to her so to speak while I grabbed my monster vibrator again... because as you know... I love to watch a guy get sucked while I get off.. and get off in moments I did. This is when I finally got to see her famous Blowjob skills..

Lots of slurping, eye contact and fucking it.. I kind of fuck a cock with my whole head when I suck.. she uses her whole body.. not sure if I can depict this in writing.. but perhaps you know what I mean. It's like she's bouncing up and down on a cock vaginally but the cock is in her mouth.. she did the same thing with me when she was sucking my clit. It's really neat! I may have to copy her moves :)

oh.. where was I... oh yeah.. I think I'm out of place in the story here but it might have been at this point she rode the other side of my monster vibrator while I was pleasuring myself and sort of body slid on me.. it was fantastic! Never done that before..

Can you believe after all my time in the business I still learn and experience new things???

Next time I'm gonna make her squirt.. I can't fucking wait!!!

Well I'm sure you know how this scenario ended.. SNR could eventually take no more and took off the condom to splurge his loads in his favorite place.. all over my enormous tits! And that he did! With gusto.

Then the natural hostess with the mostest (even though I was grabbed a hot cloth to clean up the glorious mess of 'creamy icing' covering my tattas. I just got to relax and savour the wonderful flush..

We then continued to chat and get to know one another better... before SNR left for home with one of the biggest grins on his face.. ah.. I love my job.

IZZY! be well nourished for your big squirt. I can't wait to play with you again :) xoxoxo Carrie.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New abibids store

I have opened an abibids store to sell mags/dvds/panties etc.. because I can't sell panties on ebay! So bare with me as I get items up there.. for now magazines and some panties/outfits are up. Here is my profile page Carrie's ABIBIDS store Here are a few thongs I took pics of today that will be for sale shortly

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2 new clips for Carrie Moon fans

My newest handjob clip is up on the Jerkygirls site The tutor 3
and the clip on cuckold husband of slut wife site is also up. It's called Cuckold by the Neighbour