Friday, July 29, 2011

3some with Chanel Reign 'squirter extrordinaire'

Chanel and I had had this duo booked for about 2 months. It was with someone I had seen a couple times and always had fun. He was a regular of hers..

A 3some is even better when the fella knows what turns each of our cranks and then watches the sparks fly between the 2 ladies he fancies.

Chanel and I knew each other for a couple years socially but hadn't yet played together.. so we were both nervous and excited. I was particularly excited about the possibility that Chanel would make me squirt and she did! twice! not as much gushing as she did.. if that were even possible.. because Chanel came so many times I had to throw the towel under her wherever she landed a 1/2 dozen times. It was fantastic to watch!

The best part of a threesome for me is the variety of juxtapositions of the bodies and points of view I can witness. But the noises and expressions of delight and stimulation amplify everything. It's way more fantastic than watching porn.. it's a live sex show with an up front seat and audience participation. Fanfuckingtastic!

M brought champagne for the 2 hr rendezvous and Chanel brought a fruit plate. M opened the champagne and directed the 2 ladies to 'get acquainted'.. but we were too busy yapping at first from the excitement and anticipation...

Eventually M directed me to lie down and have Chanel lick me...which she did like she was opening a xmas present. Seriously one of the best things about having my pussy licked is the delight of the licker! She was delighted to be exploring my lips. She confessed to having masturbated to me and it was obvious M was delighted by our delight in one another.

While she was licking me.. M stuck his fingers in her pussy and made her cum quite quickly and voraciously.. This was squirt #1.. and I watched while she gushed! It was spectacular. I hadn't seen it for quite some time esp up close in person. M commented that she had needed to take the edge off so he obliged her right away :)

Then as promised it was my turn to try squirting. I'd had a couple instances of clients making me squirt but my mouth and with fingers. She tried it with her mouth and a dildo.. and I realized what would work for me would be my magic wand and the dildo.. and sure enough it did. I really can't say I felt it much but both Chanel and M say I did squirt.. and M said.. 'good girl' to which I responded.. Do I get a gold star? and chuckled. I was tickled.. no matter how long you've been at something...There's always something new to learn or experience.

Chanel is equally voracious when she sucks a cock. She sucked M's cock while I sat on his face.. b/c as you know I love to watch cocksucking.. so obviously I was facing her instead of the wall :p While sucking him she fingerfucked herself and made herself gush a couple more times... and then it was my turn to suck some cock

During the 3some there was lots of breast play. She likes her nipples pinched and bit. So it was at this point while she was watching me suck M's cock..she was about to gush and couldn't quite make it when I reached over and pinched her nipples and voila! gush! We joked it was like milking a cow but the liquid came out of the other end.

Another joke came out of my mouth when M was slapping her pussy lightly.. I said. ''What is the sound of one hand clapping''? in my best confuscious impression. We of course burst into laughter for the rest of the session anytime anyone gently slapped (clapped) a clit.

Chanel was a bit drained.. understandably after gushing so many times.. so we tried to get me to squirt again. I lay on my back and she dildo'd me while I got my trusty magic wand out again. I tend to be slow to burn but loud and animated the more I cum... to the point where I'm afraid I'll fly off the bed! Apparently I squirted again a little bit.. but I really couldn't feel it this time. My clit was exploding and my 'loins' twitching so much that I really wasn't sure.

The two of them came up and squeezed my tits (which I love when I'm wound up) and I kept cumming over and over.. this was nearing the end of our appt which is why I had built up sooo much height to it. We lay around afterwards.. Chanel commenting that it is hard to stop orgasming once you've started (yes we women really luck out when it comes to cumming) and that with practice I would really get it about squirting. I might.. I've been curious about learning to squirt more.. but I commented that I like my orgasms so much the way they are 'why fix it if it ain't broke' is my motto :)

Here's Chanel's site if you wish to experience her gushing and other magnificent skills of course.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Foot fetish client review

I first discovered Carrie in a 2008 edition of ,"Leg World". I was immediately attracted to her amazonian qualities. Her long dark hair blended with creamy white skin and beautiful face was the first eye opener. (the pics make my hair look darker and my skin whiter for some reason) Carrie's beautiful voluptuous body was the next audience grabber. I fell in love with her large breasts, long legs and size "10" feet. When I gathered the courage to call her, I realized I didn't need it at all. She responded to me the next day and we spoke like we were best friends.. She was sweet,inquisitive and very patient with me. I never had been with an escort and had very little sexual experience. She was very understanding and open to discussion about my foot fetish.

I made my first appointment with her in June of 2008. I traveled from New York by car and met her at her apartment in Toronto (she now lives in Ottawa). Driving for such a long way I booked a 4 hr appt so we could spend time getting really acquainted and I could experience everything I wanted to in my first session with her.

The image of her waiting for me at her front door as I exited the elevator in lingerie made the long drive worth it!!. Carrie made me feel very comfortable(once again) in her apartment. I felt at ease very quickly and oh that Canadian accent! We sat on her couch briefly. She could sense that I was nervous When we went into her bedroom, I vaguely remember how interesting it was decorated with red throw pillows and sexy lavalamps. It really enhanced the mood and atmosphere.!

Carrie eventually removed her lingerie. She didn't rush to get me in bed. Her body was perfectly proportioned. That sounds like an oxymoron but it's true. Carrie was very attuned to my desires. She offered to smother her feet on my face as I removed my clothing. I declined because I was nervous I later indulged in my foot and leg fantasies. If you have a foot fetish then you'll love putting her foot in your mouth.

When we got into her bed,Carrie asked me to lie next to her. We cuddled for a while. I then came to a beautiful realization. Her breasts!!! Carrie's breasts were huge and god sent to suck on. They were so big it was hard to keep them in my mouth for a long time.

She had big, sensitive nipples too When we had sex and oral sex it was an arousing and exciting I never felt rushed and the time went by to quick ...Also,there were times when we lied in bed and just spoke about personal or even mundane topics. That really made it a memorable experience.

I visited her a 2nd time the following year and both visits are burned in my memory fondly to this day that I felt I should show my appreciation by writing a review of my experience.

NY foot fan.

another 3some with sky

So.. my SNR (sunday night regular) had such a good time with our duo he booked another one straight away (this was Monday again this past week).

I think part of it was we hadn't had a 3some in some time til this one with Sky and it was such a hot one.. coupled with the factor that I'd been talking about a duo with Sky since I met her at the xmas party and we anticipated it for 6 months!

This time Sky was anxious to play cards again and we had a blast playing strip gin for over 30 minutes. I won :)

SNR brought along a toy for us to play with similar to the rabbit and Sky squealed with delight demanding to be first to experience the new toy. I suggested we also incorporate the magic wand on her clit while the vibrator twisted against her gspot while it vibrated inside her.

One interesting thing about the differences between Sky and myself. Sky threw her head back in pleasure while demanding I put the dildo/vibrator deep inside her and put the magic wand on full blast.. whereas when it was turned on me several minutes later I couldn't stand it on full blast.

With regards to the magic wand it has become my only go-to vibrator.. I need full control of it.. because my clit is way too sensitive to have it on full blast and the lower speed is still extremely powerful.. I wish they made it with a variable speed but they don't. It's only high and super high... no low.

Anyway.. Sky was making a ton of noise.. thank god my house is a detached and very soundproof. I was laughing my butt off watching her buck in delight. I can't explain why it's comical but I commented that I could never do a serious job of a porn where I was doing this to her. It was just to delightful in a hilarious way the response to these toys. She was able to tolerate this exquisite 'torture' for quite some time before calling 'uncle' and then it was my turn.

Like I said we are different in our sensitivity and it was too much right from the get for me with her running the wand on high.. so I had to handle it while she used the dildo on me. Then I took over both devices and once again I enjoyed watching the play between the two of them and got myself off a few times (I win again)

Then I demanded she blow Headmaster Dick as part of her education.. (we went back to our previous role-play on and off during the session). She suggested instead that I teach her how to give a blow-job and I realized she was right.

I showed her how to put on a condom with my mouth and suck on the head as I did.. and slowly force the condom down with my mouth. SNR is an older client and has trouble getting fully hard... so this works better than putting a condom a semi-erect or even non-erect penis. She later used this technique with other clients and was so glad to learn this technique.

The major issue with semi-erect clients is air in the condo.. which makes for horrible blowjobs for both the client and your mouth. It's like sucking on a plastic bag. SNR loves my blowjobs.. but then again I've had almost 10 years experience with him as a client so I know what he likes.

He still usually prefers and is better able to come by jerking off on my tits..and this session we put Sky into my normal ending position where I lie where my tits are level with his cock on my back facing him and he faces me lying on his side and comes on my tits. This time when he was ready to cum I jumped in so that he could cover both sets of our tits.

Next session I'm going to take my strap-on to Sky... I know now that she likes a hard pounding and I'm just the gal to give it to her.

Oh! we played a couple rounds of in after the session and Sky won 2 in a row very quickly. Luck probably.. but I'm thinking she plays better when she's been well satisfied.

another ynot interview

The interview on ynot

Sunday, July 17, 2011

mini videos

Here's a little video of Max and Timmy like eating clover

and here's a little video of me suntanning in my backyard

and another of me just after a quick swim

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Threesome with Alexandra Sky

I met Sky at the xmas social.. yes the one where I posted my pics in the silly santa hat and reindeer hat. I immediately thought she could pass for my daughter and suggested we should do mother/daughter duos. Well Sky has been in school and that includes evening classes so we really didn't get a chance to make that happen until this past Monday evening. Yes.. this was with the guy I have called my Sunday night regular (I'll call him SNR).. only Sunday did not work for her.

So! After much anticipation on all 3 parties we finally were able to make it happen!
We played strip gin for the first 20 min or so.. and I won! I joked that when I only wore one piece of clothing I usually won.. but when I tried to last longer by wearing several pieces of clothing I would normally lose.

Sky picked up the game fairly quickly never having played it before and really enjoyed herself! Since the 2 of them were naked when I won.. not having lost any of my clothing.. I had to strip. Tough titties eh?

SNR and myself had come up with a bit of a roleplay scenario from a couple visits prior where He and I were to play headmaster and headmistress of a school for wayward girls. Since 2 visits prior when we concocted a scenario where I'd be the school girl and I answered the door in pigtails and school girl uniform (I laughed by butt off when I saw his reaction)...

Anyway.. SNR (for purposes of this roleplay he of course was 'Headmaster Dick') and I decided on her punishment. I told her to lie on her stomach where we took turns gently spanking her bottom.. yeah.. none of us are actually into painful BDSM.. so it was gentle (or course she mocked me at how light my punishment was..and got more for it!)

Then I got her to roll over and Headmaster Dick played with her pussy in a frustrating teasing way while I forced her to suck on my massive tits..

I know.. I know.. really tough punishment.. and she kept giggling at me when I tried to be seriously punishing in my tone.

So I got out my MagicWand.. put it on highest speed and proceeded to give her some forced orgasms while Headmaster Dick roughly squeezed and fondled her tits...

btw.. her tits are awesome!!! She's probably the biggest natural boobs next to mine I've had the pleasure of joining with for a 3some in a while.

SNR has been a regular of mine for a long time and we enjoy a 3some every few months or so.. so we've sampled a few of my friends over the years... all types.. all ages and all sizes. But this was the closest I've come to watching a girl who looked almost exactly like me 20 years ago! It was surreal.

After she cried uncle on the wand.. I turned it on myself while Headmaster Dick and myself forced Sky to practice her oral technique on him. This sent me into a tailspin and I came very quickly... as you regular readers know I absolutely love to watch another girl suck cock.. (well another boy sucking cock is better even but that hasn't happened except once in my 3some with tgirl nikki).

I kept playing with my wand while I got Headmaster Dick to fondle Sky's tits for me.. and I came again and again. He gets off on watching me cum and I enjoy watching him play with another girl.. so win/win.

SNR usually finishes up on my tits but on this special occasion he finished on Sky's tits while I orgasmed again with my wand...

and once again I won! I had the most orgasms and won the most hands in the card game. Yeesh.. I live a tough life.. not!

Link to Sky

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Canada Day weekend!

Here's a pic from a few years ago in my Canada Day bikini! and a pic from yesterday enjoying a cider on a patio with some friends. It has been a hot weekend! I think last year it rained on Canada day weekend so this was a lovely change.

I did however spend most of the weekend at home in my backyard reading and tanning.. and here are as well a few pics of some of my garden which is developing nicely.. and I found 3 unusual clovers! 2 four leaf and one five! I must be very very lucky :)

oh.. and a pic of Max standing on Timmy.. it's rare that I manage to actually snap a pic when they're doing something cute because they're off and doing something else immediately after I pic up the camera.