Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Canada Day weekend!

Here's a pic from a few years ago in my Canada Day bikini! and a pic from yesterday enjoying a cider on a patio with some friends. It has been a hot weekend! I think last year it rained on Canada day weekend so this was a lovely change.

I did however spend most of the weekend at home in my backyard reading and tanning.. and here are as well a few pics of some of my garden which is developing nicely.. and I found 3 unusual clovers! 2 four leaf and one five! I must be very very lucky :)

oh.. and a pic of Max standing on Timmy.. it's rare that I manage to actually snap a pic when they're doing something cute because they're off and doing something else immediately after I pic up the camera.


Randman said...

It's always great to see recent pics! It's good to see your garden and your adorable dogs! : )

Anonymous said...

I always loved you in a bikini. I really appreciate all the photo's you just posted. I actually saw you twice and would love to pay tribute by writing a review on your escort site. How can I go about it?

milfcarriemoon said...

I think you'll have to send me your review and I'll have to post it on my escort site..Thanks for asking