Monday, July 25, 2011

Foot fetish client review

I first discovered Carrie in a 2008 edition of ,"Leg World". I was immediately attracted to her amazonian qualities. Her long dark hair blended with creamy white skin and beautiful face was the first eye opener. (the pics make my hair look darker and my skin whiter for some reason) Carrie's beautiful voluptuous body was the next audience grabber. I fell in love with her large breasts, long legs and size "10" feet. When I gathered the courage to call her, I realized I didn't need it at all. She responded to me the next day and we spoke like we were best friends.. She was sweet,inquisitive and very patient with me. I never had been with an escort and had very little sexual experience. She was very understanding and open to discussion about my foot fetish.

I made my first appointment with her in June of 2008. I traveled from New York by car and met her at her apartment in Toronto (she now lives in Ottawa). Driving for such a long way I booked a 4 hr appt so we could spend time getting really acquainted and I could experience everything I wanted to in my first session with her.

The image of her waiting for me at her front door as I exited the elevator in lingerie made the long drive worth it!!. Carrie made me feel very comfortable(once again) in her apartment. I felt at ease very quickly and oh that Canadian accent! We sat on her couch briefly. She could sense that I was nervous When we went into her bedroom, I vaguely remember how interesting it was decorated with red throw pillows and sexy lavalamps. It really enhanced the mood and atmosphere.!

Carrie eventually removed her lingerie. She didn't rush to get me in bed. Her body was perfectly proportioned. That sounds like an oxymoron but it's true. Carrie was very attuned to my desires. She offered to smother her feet on my face as I removed my clothing. I declined because I was nervous I later indulged in my foot and leg fantasies. If you have a foot fetish then you'll love putting her foot in your mouth.

When we got into her bed,Carrie asked me to lie next to her. We cuddled for a while. I then came to a beautiful realization. Her breasts!!! Carrie's breasts were huge and god sent to suck on. They were so big it was hard to keep them in my mouth for a long time.

She had big, sensitive nipples too When we had sex and oral sex it was an arousing and exciting I never felt rushed and the time went by to quick ...Also,there were times when we lied in bed and just spoke about personal or even mundane topics. That really made it a memorable experience.

I visited her a 2nd time the following year and both visits are burned in my memory fondly to this day that I felt I should show my appreciation by writing a review of my experience.

NY foot fan.


Randman said...

Wow! What a great review! It was so nice to read that! Thanks for posting! You really are a wonderful, beautiful woman with so much class! And I'm definitely not being biased! : )

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with you and i hope someday i make love with you ! GREAT BODY ! GREAT WOMAN ! KISSES !!!