Sunday, March 10, 2013

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Sleeping Beauty

I just finished watching this movie.. I almost didn't finish it.. because it was so strange and uncomfortable. Unlike watching 'secret diary of a callgirl' series to which I could totally relate.. I couldn't relate to this movie at all. It was about a sexworker in Australia who agrees to be drugged and unconscious in her 'sessions'.. but when I went to to read up on it.. I realized from one of the reviewers that it was a metaphor for how we all numb ourselves to some degree and then let ourselves be tools for others agendas so with that in mind I went back to watching the movie.

It didn't make the least bit of sense that this girl would allow herself to be drugged for a client so he could do whatever he liked to her but penetration while she was basically comatose.

I mean she wasn't a junkie... I would have bought it if she had hit rock bottom. She was forewarned. not drugged against her will...

I couldn't imagine a situation like that where I would turn over complete trust to a stranger like that.. so I couldn't relate at all.

Once I looked at it as a metaphor I could stomach watching the movie..

This girl worked as a proper sexworker prior to this.. and obviously had no issue with normal sex acts.. so she didn't fall into the category of treating her vagina as a sacred holy ground where penetration can't occur and the rest of her body like trash.. so anything goes.. I mean she was a slight drug user (doing a line of coke at the beginning) but not a drug addicted alcholic.. at least didn't seem like it to me.

I think in some cultures and some religous sects it's more important to be virginal than respectful to your whole body in how you treat it.
I'm reminded of a roomate in university who wanted to remain a virgin til she was married.. but actively dated and had sex in any other way but vaginal penetration.. including taking it up the ass.
She dated a guy who had a pretty small dick.. so it was okay I guess for her.. but then she started dating a guy with a big dick.. who tried to fuck her up the ass.. and she ended up pretty much passing out! She had a laugh about it.. but I was shocked... keeping in mind I had barely lost my virginity that year myself.. and to this day won't take it up the it was alot for me to process.

I found it hypocritical that someone would suck cock.. do anal.. but save her pussy.. but of course I kept my opinion to myself.
dang it.. I lost touch with her.. because of course this was before the days of facebook/email etc.. and she was a lovely girl. I have tried to find her but to no avail.  I'd love to know if she made it to marriage as a 'virgin'.. ha ha..that's a lot of work to avoid something great for something that hurts instead.

I'm of the mindset.. that if it ain't broke don't fix it.. you all know I like to fuck.. I might have started late (21) but I have long since royally made up for it.