Thursday, August 22, 2013

I had to post this hilarious calculation from one of my clients I first met over 10 years ago.
He was the first person I let photograph me for his own personal use. I was just thinking about getting into porn and was only shooting pics for my site then and videos with my face blurred.
So this is a pic from that first shoot with him :)

Hi Carrie:

It is your old time photographer friend from way back in 2002. Yikes that was a while ago.

I was checking out your website and found out and interesting statistic in it... you have been in the business for 24 years. So that got me thinking about numbers and stuff. So I did some calculations that I  hope you find entertaining and a little funny. Here goes...

if you averaged 10 clients a week and work 40 weeks a year for 24 years that would be 10 times 40  times 24 years = 9,600 clients that have enjoyed you and visa-versa

If each client's dick was an average of 6 inches and the sex act to completion took an average of 100 strokes that would be

9600 clients times 6 inches time 100 strokes = 5,760,000 inches of cock

5,760,00 divided by 12 and then divided by 5280 = 90 miles of cock

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You may have some milestones coming up .... the 10,000th client or 100 miles

I was with you several times and enjoyed seeing you immensely, I like to think I turned you on to being a porn star (shhhh don't ruin my imagination about it - lol). I still remember opening the door at the room in the hotel where we met and seeing you standing in the hallway. Wow!!!

Every now and then I pull out the old photos and check them out for old times sake. Neither of us ever age in them thank goodness, especially you!

Take care, thinking of you.

Now keep in mind.. 100 strokes to completion is a way overestimate! lol.. guys sometimes cum in 3 strokes!  It's still hilarious from his calculations anyway :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hot duo with Lena Fires

Lena and I have been friends for about 5 or 6 years but I moved back to Ottawa shortly after meeting her at an industry party. We kept in touch and when she became an escort a couple years ago we kept in touch more.. She had some to Ottawa a couple of times but was working for an agency and one visit was prior to her becoming an escort. Now that she's independent and I finally made it to downtown Toronto to her new condo.. we've had a chance to offer duos for the first time.

The young fit tall guy who booked us rocked our worlds.. Lena is a bit younger than me and a lot tinier in stature so we kinda look a bit like mother and daughter :)

We played around a bit whilst chatting and rubbing up against one another. Lena was in a very hot victoria's secret bustier and high heels.. and then she still wasn't as tall as I am barefoot :P

S was very tall.. but in short order we were all the same height lying down naked on the bed. Lena and I kissing.. kissing each other's breasts. S doing the same and of course at one point one of each of my tits in either of their mouths.

Lena wanted to watch S titfuck me so he was happy to oblige. I put some lube on my tits and commented that he had a long enough cock to get through to the other side as he titfucked me and that most guys don't make it out the other side. We laughed. He fucked my tits for a while and then we got him on his back.

Lena started blowing him while I kissed S and after a while we switched it up and I gave him head while she was up by his face.

You all know how much I love to fuck.. so I asked to be first.. ha ha.. couldn't resist. I got on my back while S fucked me missionary.. and Lena had her tits in my mouth and was kissing him. He worked up a sweat for a while and then when he was worn out we let him have a break and Lena started blowing him again while I gave him my tits to suck on again.

We unfortunately weren't able to make him blow his load and he confessed that he'd actually been fucking the whole night prior and would have preferred to book us another day when he'd been rested up but he didn't have another time slot free.. lol.. oh well! This does happen sometime and while there's no 'explosive ending to our story'.. we all had a fantastic time and it was a great introduction for the 3 of us..

Hot sex isn't always about the cum. Hard to convince some people of that.. but I personally had sex (intercourse and oral sex) for a few years before I even knew how to have an orgasm. I still love intercourse more than having an orgasm believe it or not.. but hey 'different strokes for different folks'

okay.. for those of you who are very disappointed by this ending I'll suggest an 'alternative' ending for you. I like to keep it real.. but this is how Lena suggested we end it... and it didn't happen. We did give it a good effort though.
Lena wanted him to cum on both sets of tits.. so picture that :)
dang it.. I should have got him to take a pic of our tits side by side. Next duo client remind me please :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Toronto and Mississauga visit Aug 19 schedule onwards til month end

I will be staying in lower downtown Toronto Sunday evening.. Available 10 am til 9 pm Monday Aug 17 til Thursday Aug 22. I will be offering solo sessions for $300/hr and duos with Lena Fires $600/hr

 I will be at Victoria Catarina's in Mississauga available also for duos on the Friday. Then the weekend she and I will be in Port Elgin where she will stay for the week and I will be back in Mississauga solo for the week of Aug 24 :)

613-762-4551. Please don't contact me til tomorrow afternoon (Sunday)
Today is my parents 50th anniversary and I'm spending today with my family. cheers, Carrie.