Thursday, August 22, 2013

I had to post this hilarious calculation from one of my clients I first met over 10 years ago.
He was the first person I let photograph me for his own personal use. I was just thinking about getting into porn and was only shooting pics for my site then and videos with my face blurred.
So this is a pic from that first shoot with him :)

Hi Carrie:

It is your old time photographer friend from way back in 2002. Yikes that was a while ago.

I was checking out your website and found out and interesting statistic in it... you have been in the business for 24 years. So that got me thinking about numbers and stuff. So I did some calculations that I  hope you find entertaining and a little funny. Here goes...

if you averaged 10 clients a week and work 40 weeks a year for 24 years that would be 10 times 40  times 24 years = 9,600 clients that have enjoyed you and visa-versa

If each client's dick was an average of 6 inches and the sex act to completion took an average of 100 strokes that would be

9600 clients times 6 inches time 100 strokes = 5,760,000 inches of cock

5,760,00 divided by 12 and then divided by 5280 = 90 miles of cock

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You may have some milestones coming up .... the 10,000th client or 100 miles

I was with you several times and enjoyed seeing you immensely, I like to think I turned you on to being a porn star (shhhh don't ruin my imagination about it - lol). I still remember opening the door at the room in the hotel where we met and seeing you standing in the hallway. Wow!!!

Every now and then I pull out the old photos and check them out for old times sake. Neither of us ever age in them thank goodness, especially you!

Take care, thinking of you.

Now keep in mind.. 100 strokes to completion is a way overestimate! lol.. guys sometimes cum in 3 strokes!  It's still hilarious from his calculations anyway :)


B said...

It looks like you almost didn't change, you still look as fabulous.

I hope to have thte chance to meet you once.

Anonymous said...

Wow thats quite the stats. Kudos for you!!


Anonymous said...

Love the posts! They're the highlight of my month!

Randman said...

What a very interesting calculation! ; ) How nice for him to contact you with those awesome memories of you! Thanks for sharing the pic from back then! I would like to add that you look as beautiful now as you did back then! Enjoy your day! : )

Anonymous said...

Carrie Halloween is coming!!!

Anonymous said...

wow're amazing - a real sex goddess. i love the way you're so natural

thanks for sharing yourself, beautiful