Friday, January 25, 2013

One for the books!

I just got home from a visit with a regular client who's disabled. He is already in his bed semi-reclined and nude from the waist down under his bedsheets when I arrive. We manage to get him more reclined for me to mount him or for me to give him a blowjob during my visits..
Tonight was quite different!
We spent quite a bit of time catching up as I hadn't seen him for a few months and had given him references to a couple of other providers at his request and we chatted a bit about those ladies as well as my recent adventures over the past little while. (I've been a bit of a naughty girl outside of the stories I tell you readers.. ha ha)
I normally sit across from him on the bed as we chat but he wanted to show me something on the laptop so I grabbed a pillow from the chair across the room from his bed and propped myself up beside him for better viewing. As I got up to get across from him again whoopsy! I shrieked as the bed cracked underneath me and the boxspring dropped a few inches propping the foot of the bed up the same amount. WTF??
I got up to assess what had happened and realized the supports were split from the sides of the frame about a foot from the headboard.
I was then directed how to use the sling support system to get him out of bed as it was a first for me.. and then took the bed apart. I assessed the damage. The person who had put this frame together had done a god-awful job. It was the thinnest of strapping held together merely with screws to the side frame which was made of particle board. It's a wonder this thing didn't crack before now!
I have taken a woodworking course in high school as well as put together several Ikea furniture pieces and other items to know better than that.
I was now directed to other parts of the house to find things that would be suitable to support the frame. Luckily he had picked a handy girl to have this happen with!
I found some recently purchased boxes of pre-packaged fire logs by the front door.. but went to see what was downstairs looking mostly for books to prop it up with. Ta da.. I found some books in a box hiding in the basement as well as some tiles. I grabbed all of these and came back pretty proud of myself and my scavenger hunt. I put an assembly of books and tiles under each side frame but I wasn't happy enough with that.. so I grabbed a few logs for the mid section and added books to that as well..
Now this bed was temporarily sturdier than before! I assembled the boxspring and mattress back together getting quite warm from this unexpected manual labor to find my friend turned on when I turned around.
Perhaps it was the anticipation of the bed being reassembled or the fact that his nether regions were completely exposed in the sling.. or maybe the sight of a capable woman doing 'man's work' turned him on but I asked him if he'd be okay a few minutes longer in the sling while I got on my knees and blew him there instead of putting him back into bed first. He was.
I threw a pillow under him and grabbed a condom.. and I took off my shirt.. popped a squat beneath him and he blew in a very short time. By now he had been in the sling way too long and I got to putting him back right away.
So that was 3 firsts for me! Believe it or not that has never happened to me with a client. It has in my personal life (broken a bed) but not for a very long time.
Nor had I put someone in such a sling before.. and never given someone in a sling a blowjob. It was rather fun!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Super Hot duo with Victoria Catarina

I've been getting to know V.C. for a while but when she's in Ottawa we barely have time to meet up for drinks/dinner and karaoke and occasionally fit in some shopping.. When I'm in Toronto which is even rarer it's even harder to get together.
Last visit we had a duo with a regular client of hers.. but if I don't write about it immediately afterwards I tend to forget the smoking hot details. So this time I promised myself I'd write about it immediately following.
She arrived in Ottawa in the late afternoon yesterday and we had been out for dinner/drinks but not karaoke last night as she had a client at 9:30 booked. When she was texting her prospective date she mentioned she was out for drinks with a friend and from our recent ads.. he had put two and two together and asked if she was with Carrie. When he realized she was.. he and she proposed the duo.. and badda boom badda bing when I dropped her off at her hotel.. she called me less than a minute later to ask me to return. Which of course I did.
V.C. put on a lovely black bustier type dress (similar in style to my beloved leopard print). I had no lingerie with me b/c this was unplanned.. so I was in my red bra/panties which are my fav undergarments and just my yoga pants and sweater.. It was all good. This particular client was a surprise guest that had visited with me before so it was a bit of a nice reunion :)
V.C. is a good half foot shorter than myself.. and also than D (the visitor) so it was appropriate that she also had some smoking hot black boots on.. but she still wasn't quite as tall as the two of us..
That's okay because most of her action ended up lying down on the bed.. and as the saying goes. We're all the same height lying down.
When D came in we both hugged and kissed him.. but when I realized we had met before.. we got amorous standing taking our time undressing one another while V.C. watched from a recline position on the bed and started playing with herself.
Well D and I couldn't just leave her alone like that for very long of course and I told him how much she loved sucking cock.. and to put it in her mouth which of course he did.. she bent her head over the back of the bed to take him in.. while I told her to straddle her legs so I could lick her pussy.
I started to get a bit of a neck cramp (I know how hard you guys who love to lick pussy work.. believe me) and so I put a pillow under her hips.
so.. I licked V.C.'s pussy while D stood at the end of the bed throatfucking her..
She had brought along a smaller battery operated version similar to my wand that plugs into the wall.. so I grabbed it and put it on her clit for while.. and then straddled the other side of the vibrator since she was enjoying it so much.. I wanted some too! It was a bit awkward of course.. but I managed to sort of scissor it with my legs and mount it from the other side so we could both get 'fucked' on our clits with it. It was pretty hot.. and D had to come away from where he was and come behind me to play with my tits and stroke my neck. I really enjoyed that! He had nice strong hands that make me feel very feminine.
V.C. had also bought a new strap on.. which I had promised on our last duo I would fuck her with next time we had one so I was pumped up at this point and said I had to fuck her. I put it on quickly.. as I've had just a wee bit of practice with one...ha ha. I got her on the edge of the bed in doggie position which works the best for me when I've got the cock on.. (they tend to hang a bit low in design) and pumped her good while D got in front of her with his cock in her mouth again. What a view! I love fucking a woman from behind.. as I know most of you guys do too! That ass immediately becomes heart shaped and when you reach for the waist I just love how the curves lift up.
It wasn't long before V.C. had to cum and pulled off my cock to do so.. ending up flat on the bed while she came. When she did this a 2nd time to cum she had to explain that she can't cum while the cock is inside her! It's so interesting how different each person is in what they like and how they cum. It's a magical thing to explore another person's energy, vitality and desires. And then even with each person some of these things change..
The better she and I get to know each other (this happens of course with each girl I duo with and each client I get to see over and over) the better and hotter things get! That's why it's a pity I think with some hobbiests that prefer a new girl each and every time they hobby. I mean they get a hotter experience probably from the 'newness' of each encounter so there's that.. but they don't then get the hotness factor of the trust that builds and resultant spark factor.
Anyway.. as usual I digress.. back to the event.
I had fucked her twice now.. and decided now it was my turn to get fucked.. however as much as I like fucking with a strap-on.. I don't like it that way to myself. I 100% prefer a real cock...
Luckily for me there was a hard man in the room.. so I asked D to now fuck me. He obliged :)
I got on my back at the edge of the bed while he entered me. V.C. was still on the bed and now beside me. I had been using Domme words while I fucked her.. calling her a slut and getting her to 'take my big cock'.. so now she turned the tables on me. She was on my left... put her arm across my neck and held my right tit. Alternatively kissing me, forcing her tit into my mouth (it was hot!) and keeping me in check with her arm I was immediately submissive to her. Now I was the slut.. and I answered her with 'yes ma'am'. ( I don't actually think I've ever done this before!). She ordered D to pound me harder and he obliged while I squealed with delight. This is my kind of 3some!!!
He must have pounded me for a good 10-15 minutes.. and worked up quite a sweat.. which is when V.C. demanded his cum..
Now every man's dream is a 3-some.. but a big tit fan would die to have a 3some with my 38G tits and her 38H!  What would you do? Of course we both got on our backs while D stroked his cock and emptied his load all over our tits.. although he did kind of miss and gave me a pearl necklace It was all good :)
Man.. what a welcome to Ottawa for V.C. first night here.
Victoria doesn't have a webpage yet.. but you can find her ads on cerb as finewinediva for here in Ottawa or when she's home in Mississauga or touring on SP411, redzone and backpage
I will be visiting Mississauga or Toronto again this summer and this time I'll make sure I'm very near her condo so we can provide duos! This was just too hot not to repeat. xoxo

Friday, January 11, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Xmas pics

I was out to a few parties just prior to xmas and I overdid it. I caught that stupid cold and had a fever all throughout xmas week. I didn't even get out for New Year's Eve although the fever broke 3 days ago thank god. Anyway.. hope you all had a good xmas and New Year's eve. Here's to a great 2013!