Friday, January 25, 2013

One for the books!

I just got home from a visit with a regular client who's disabled. He is already in his bed semi-reclined and nude from the waist down under his bedsheets when I arrive. We manage to get him more reclined for me to mount him or for me to give him a blowjob during my visits..
Tonight was quite different!
We spent quite a bit of time catching up as I hadn't seen him for a few months and had given him references to a couple of other providers at his request and we chatted a bit about those ladies as well as my recent adventures over the past little while. (I've been a bit of a naughty girl outside of the stories I tell you readers.. ha ha)
I normally sit across from him on the bed as we chat but he wanted to show me something on the laptop so I grabbed a pillow from the chair across the room from his bed and propped myself up beside him for better viewing. As I got up to get across from him again whoopsy! I shrieked as the bed cracked underneath me and the boxspring dropped a few inches propping the foot of the bed up the same amount. WTF??
I got up to assess what had happened and realized the supports were split from the sides of the frame about a foot from the headboard.
I was then directed how to use the sling support system to get him out of bed as it was a first for me.. and then took the bed apart. I assessed the damage. The person who had put this frame together had done a god-awful job. It was the thinnest of strapping held together merely with screws to the side frame which was made of particle board. It's a wonder this thing didn't crack before now!
I have taken a woodworking course in high school as well as put together several Ikea furniture pieces and other items to know better than that.
I was now directed to other parts of the house to find things that would be suitable to support the frame. Luckily he had picked a handy girl to have this happen with!
I found some recently purchased boxes of pre-packaged fire logs by the front door.. but went to see what was downstairs looking mostly for books to prop it up with. Ta da.. I found some books in a box hiding in the basement as well as some tiles. I grabbed all of these and came back pretty proud of myself and my scavenger hunt. I put an assembly of books and tiles under each side frame but I wasn't happy enough with that.. so I grabbed a few logs for the mid section and added books to that as well..
Now this bed was temporarily sturdier than before! I assembled the boxspring and mattress back together getting quite warm from this unexpected manual labor to find my friend turned on when I turned around.
Perhaps it was the anticipation of the bed being reassembled or the fact that his nether regions were completely exposed in the sling.. or maybe the sight of a capable woman doing 'man's work' turned him on but I asked him if he'd be okay a few minutes longer in the sling while I got on my knees and blew him there instead of putting him back into bed first. He was.
I threw a pillow under him and grabbed a condom.. and I took off my shirt.. popped a squat beneath him and he blew in a very short time. By now he had been in the sling way too long and I got to putting him back right away.
So that was 3 firsts for me! Believe it or not that has never happened to me with a client. It has in my personal life (broken a bed) but not for a very long time.
Nor had I put someone in such a sling before.. and never given someone in a sling a blowjob. It was rather fun!


Anonymous said...

kk.... hey Carrie you seem to be cool.... and might I say gorgeous too... :)

Jason Rogers said...

What a great story! You know he's going to want to use that sling again next time, and he'll request that you turn up in the following uniform.

Randman said...

What an apt title for this weeks blog entry! ; ) That was so nice that you fixed his bed!It's so refreshing to hear that you still experience "firsts." He was so lucky to have a handywoman present! You are truly a Wonder Woman! Move over Lynda Carter! : )