Tuesday, March 16, 2010

some fantasies are better in reality!!!

I've often thought most fantasies are better left as fantasies.. they often pale in comparison to what my imagination can come up with.. but I was wrong.
I spoke to Anne yesterday afternoon and asked if she wanted to go out for karaoke and she did.. we chatted about work related stuff.. and then I told her about Tony as well as my fantasy with her. She said she was flattered.. and I said he would be coming to karaoke as well. Then I told her if she was into it we definitely would want to have a 3some with her.
I had told both of them about the other and how fond I am of each of them. Tony and I picked her up and she conversations flowed easily. He was obviously as smitten with her as he was with me and off we went. Anne and I both sang some tunes while Tony perused the karaoke book. After much chatting with each other and a few other friends that were there he got up the nerve to do a song. We were really tickled as he's got an awesome voice. Anne and Tony chatted like I was watching a first date. It was both weird and wonderful. I felt as I did the whole rest of the night completely included and not the least bit jealous as I watched them fall in love in a way the same way he and I had almost a year ago.
I'm all about being completely up front which is why I had told her right from the start what my plan was and if it were to happen great.. but both Tony and I wanted her not to feel pressured. She didn't. It was so natural I pictured us all in a 3 way long term relationship.. and I do adore her and hope to be friends for life.
After closing the bar where we had such a great time we went back to my place where I opened some wine and put together a pizza and some hummus/chips to munch on while the pizza baked. It was getting late by this time so after we ate Tony whispered to me let's go upstairs.. again I'm all about being up front.. so I just asked her. Would you like me to take you home or would you like to join us upstairs? She replied.. Sure! I can stay for a while longer. Let's go. So we did.
In many ways it's all a blur.. but I know that the smile on my face was pretty much permagrin as we played, licked, fucked and stroked each other. Watching them together was the best part for me. Tony has a way of looking at you that makes you melt and she was obviously enjoying his adoration. Anne and I fondly kissed and caressed each other as well.. and I did with him of course. He licked and fucked us both but again.. I got more enjoyment out of watching them than being in it..
I've really realized how much of a voyeur I am. Could be why I also have so many mirrors in my bedroom :p
I have to say I was more in awe than turned on. It was sooooo freaking beautiful. 2 people I adore spending time with and bringing them together so they can also enjoy one another. It was blissfully erotic but more like watching a flower unfold to it's spring glory. Tony was of course very very happy. But by 5 am I interrupted things to request we go to sleep.. Anne needed to go home as well and thankfully she lives close by so I was able to drive her home and then we went to bed.
Tony woke up a mere 4 hrs later and it was then I wished she was back here so he could molest her instead of me. As much as I love sex... I love my sleep more. So I put him off for the time being.
We're off to karaoke again tonight so we'll see.. perhaps a repeat encounter will follow? In any case.. the reality surpassed my expectations. As the line from one of my favorite songs goes. Oh what a night..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

sigh... anne and my fantasies

so.. this weekend I'm hanging out with this guy who we'll call Tony who comes into my life for a few days about a year ago.. left the country and is now back. I have no illusions or desires to make him a long term mate and thoroughly enjoy his company while we see one another for the short term time. Believe it or not the conversation and just listening to his voice/hearing him sing/sharing laughs is way better than the sex.

He is quite open about being attracted to other women and usually young petite women. Kind of strange that he's also very much attracted to me! I'm far from that.. well let's just say he's got a strong appreciation for many types of women and I'm happy to point out girlfriends of mine who I think he'll like.

SO! Anne had asked me to check for her mail while she was on vacation down south.. and she had called me when she got back to see if any interesting mail had arrived. when she called this particular man had just dropped back into my life for one day.. after I got off the phone with her I had to tell him all about her and then showed him her photos as I knew he would find her as stunning as I do. Duh!

Anyway.. perhaps a 3some is in our future.. but in the meantime it's in our fantasies. Fantasy is often enough for me.. and I need several to help get off during an appt as I've said before. SO today during one of my evening appts!

I fantasied about Tony and Anne (picturing her blowing him much like a previous 3some appt I'd had with her and 2 other guys). Then him kissing her and her tits.. then it went to one of the karaoke bars she and I like to go to sometimes.. and me catching them in the bathroom and watching her give him a blowjob... as if that wasn't freaking hot enough for me. cut to the 2 of them kissing and then me including myself in a 3 way kiss. That was it! I blew the lid of my orgasm. Woosh Kaboosh!

I phoned Tony right after my appt to tell him my fantasy and my plans for getting him and Anne together to meet platonically at first :p

I'll update you if I'm successful. Muwooo HA HA!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are my boobs bigger than your head?

People are often saying that my boobs are bigger than the person's head next to me in photos.. well they are definitely not bigger than my own head. I have a big head. Here's the proof!

My new favorite smoothie

An avocado, Mango.. blueberries, soy milk, raspberry juice and shavings of pure chocolate... yummy chocolate raspberry smoothy! I know.. you're thinking.. avocado??? yes.. it's creamy nutritious and soooo delicious! I add strawberries, coconut juice, a pear.. or whatever I have going/handy at the time as well and drink this all morning. It's decadent while being soooo good for you!

Biggest Cock gets the jerk - jerkygirls

This clip was from about a year ago I'd guess.. one of my first clips for jerkygirls. Unfortunately they've pretty much closed up their Kingston studio and are solely shooting in florida (lot's of porn talent down there) so you won't see me in any new clips there :(

Here it is on xhamster