Sunday, March 14, 2010

sigh... anne and my fantasies

so.. this weekend I'm hanging out with this guy who we'll call Tony who comes into my life for a few days about a year ago.. left the country and is now back. I have no illusions or desires to make him a long term mate and thoroughly enjoy his company while we see one another for the short term time. Believe it or not the conversation and just listening to his voice/hearing him sing/sharing laughs is way better than the sex.

He is quite open about being attracted to other women and usually young petite women. Kind of strange that he's also very much attracted to me! I'm far from that.. well let's just say he's got a strong appreciation for many types of women and I'm happy to point out girlfriends of mine who I think he'll like.

SO! Anne had asked me to check for her mail while she was on vacation down south.. and she had called me when she got back to see if any interesting mail had arrived. when she called this particular man had just dropped back into my life for one day.. after I got off the phone with her I had to tell him all about her and then showed him her photos as I knew he would find her as stunning as I do. Duh!

Anyway.. perhaps a 3some is in our future.. but in the meantime it's in our fantasies. Fantasy is often enough for me.. and I need several to help get off during an appt as I've said before. SO today during one of my evening appts!

I fantasied about Tony and Anne (picturing her blowing him much like a previous 3some appt I'd had with her and 2 other guys). Then him kissing her and her tits.. then it went to one of the karaoke bars she and I like to go to sometimes.. and me catching them in the bathroom and watching her give him a blowjob... as if that wasn't freaking hot enough for me. cut to the 2 of them kissing and then me including myself in a 3 way kiss. That was it! I blew the lid of my orgasm. Woosh Kaboosh!

I phoned Tony right after my appt to tell him my fantasy and my plans for getting him and Anne together to meet platonically at first :p

I'll update you if I'm successful. Muwooo HA HA!

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Vester said...

ever come down under?