Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My 'vintage' porn - part one

People keep asking me when I'm going to shoot new videos.. but there's very little money to be made in porn and hardly any companies in Canada.. and unfortunately I am not legally able to re-enter the US. I may get a chance to get to Europe next year and shoot some new stuff.. BUT in the meantime I have a crapload of amateur porn that I shot from 2004-2008.. so I'm now going to offer that for sale. Unless you viewed me on camz back when they had all these members sites or were a member of my old members site you won't have seen any of this stuff..
The webcam shows I shot and the initial porn scenes I shot were done with clients who volunteered to be filmed during a session, people I met on adultfriendfinder, friends or my boyfriend at the time.. I wore wigs and many of my cohorts wore masks or only shot from the neck down.

The camera quality is lacking but you'll get to see me blossom in a way as I grew more comfortable with the idea of really getting into porn. Once I decided to 'go all the way' I ventured to LA in Feb of 2008 where I had a blast.. in the meantime I'm offering a crapload of content for sale.

Not sure how to present what I have so bear with me as I work on this!

Cam shows are 1 hr long and have several images to go with them in folders. I will send you the link to the show plus the images. Each are $12 US or $15 Cdn.  or all 7 (plus 2 shows - pics not pictured) for $60US, $90 Cdn. payable by Amazon.ca giftcard to carrie_moon2000@yahoo.ca

The names of folders are on each collage seen below.

Here is the original promo for my cam shows made in 2004

 My first amateur videos for my members site are 1:40 min in length total. You can purchase 3 videos for $9US/$12 Cdn or the whole set of 18 clips for $50US or $75 Cdn.  The titles of each clip are on the promo sample as you watch it.. this sample is music removed.. but very cheezy music accompanies each clip :P

Monday, November 23, 2015

Xmas package specials.. videos, panties, custom pics, webcam session.. oh my!

I want to purchase an infrared sauna and the one I want is very expensive.. BUT since I can purchase it through amazon I want as many giftcards as I can get for my xmas present to myself..

Please use Amazon.ca for your giftcard to pay for your xmas presents to yourself from me.

Video packages are as follows.

custom videos $150US or.. $200Cdn for 7-10 min. Can provide the script and once again one outfit and no other actors.. check out the most recent clips on my clips store for samples.. JOI videos for instance

for  $10US/$15 Cdn you can be sent Naughty Canadians via mediafire to your email address to download. One solo scene and one b/g scene. includes all the other scenes from other actors in the dvd.

for $25 US/ $40 Cdn You can choose 5 clips that are normally $8-10 on clips4sale to be downloaded via mediafire.

For $60 US/$90 Cdn you can have all group of domination clip. This is 3 1/2 hrs worth of video from Mistress Carrie Moon.
bull cock - 15 min; cuckold neighbor. 25 min; dogwalker 1-4 - 22 min; foot jerk - 6 min; maid threesome - 11 min; Asian strapon - 14 min; Swing strapon - 20 min; Jenna xdress and strapon - 18; Carrie Amazon outdoor - 6; carrie amazon 2 - 6; Bi Slaves - 16 min; Chinese Spank Slave  6:25; double ended dildo - 6; Old Slave 18 min; Black boy strapon - 17

For $30 US/ $45 Cdn you can have all my footjob clips

Ask about a package price for combined webcam/video/worn panty combo

Bra and panty sets $30 US/ $45 Cdn plus shipping (generally $10-15 for regular shipping)

Worn panties 3 pair $30US/ $45 Cdn plus shipping, 7 days(7 pairs) $60US/ $80 Cdn plus shipping.
These are random mostly cotton underwear which are my favorite style to wear. Thong or Satin full bottom are $40 US/$55 Cdn for 3 pair, 7 days $80US/$100 Cdn

Thursday, November 19, 2015

new custom pics page

Sorry it has taken me so long to post again.. looks like blogger did not follow through on their decision to close down adult content blogs.. at least for now.

I have been doing custom selfie pics for a while now by request and since it's become more popular I decided to make it a regular thing.. eventually I may make it a regular thing to do one solo video for viewers every month or so as well.. I just don't want the commitment of a members site again.. so this will likely be the closest thing to that.

Here's my link.. and it will be updated as I go with more ideas and more items for sale.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Posting hot vids on youtube

For a while now.. I have mainly used my youtube channel for my karaoke aka carrie-oke vids.. but I haven't posted much..
Now I'm posting slideshows of my pics.. and a few quirky fun and hopefully sexy videos..
today I had some fun making bouncy boobie videos.. I have one up now.. and will post more as I get them edited..
Please subscribe to my youtube.. and enjoy!


I will get some more karaoke up at some point too! xoxo Carrie.

Monday, March 16, 2015

scammer porn company

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Google closing blogs with adult content

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Eye of the beholder...

I’m sure by now everyone has seen this controversy over the white dress vs blue dress. At first I was adamant that people were crazy who saw blue.. until I found that the people who saw blue felt the same way about those of us who saw white.
I’ve been a student of psychology pretty much my whole adult life so I saw this now as a fascinating human experiment and have already used this example to help a few people in conversation ‘see the other side’ of an issue and even help myself to see how the stubborn belief that ‘my view is the only possible correct view’ is a bad thing…
I usually consider myself to be open minded but I’m also a very strong opinionated woman.. and this can hurt you (me) as well as other people.
I took and NLP training course several years ago.. and long after I had graduated from my BA in psych and follow up courses along that line. I’ve attended Landmark education programs which i credit with a major life awareness and change inside me.. so this is right up my alley.
With the advent of social media bulling  (in my case review sites) becoming more and more nasty with regards to bullying escorts on an open forum.. it hits me every now and then when I’m vulnerable.
These misogynistic people think it’s okay to slag someone online so when I”m given a positive review they follow up with attacking me with no regard for the fact that there’s a human being with real feelings on the other end of their attacks.
We hurt.. and sometimes we hurt alot. Thankfully it does go away eventually.. because someone who thinks I’m too old or too fat or ugly etc.. well that’s just the black & blue dress they see instead of the white & gold one :) Not their fault.. I just wish they’d keep their thoughts to themselves about it.. ha ha.
They might be someone who only views 18-19 skinny bodies as attractive.. and can’t imagine for the life of them why anyone would want a mature curvaceous woman.. but the one who thinks I’m the perfect woman for them can’t see the 18 yr old as attractive.. then of course there are those who see all woman as wonderful.. those are the amazing souls I wish we all were.. but alas the variety of life is good too!