Monday, June 28, 2010

my phone was stolen

Yesterday afternoon while at a lodge in northern quebec my purse was stolen out of my car.. getting replacement cards is the easy part.. my phone with personal pics in it and all my numbers.. the hard part. Stay tuned.

okay.. got a temporary phone while I wait for my replacement blackberry flip which rogers thankfully provides for free.. it's not the same as my curve but it'll do!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I had 2 domme clients in the same week.. which is rare for me considering I don't advertise domination. I do offer it.. it's just not my forte. I happen to like straight up sex more is all. I do enjoy some domme sessions once I get into the character of it but it takes more creativity in role playing than say playing a teacher.

The first one was a new one. I had been out shopping with a friend and got a really nice respectful phone call from a new client. He used the words thank-you quite a bit both during the phone call and during the appt.. so of course I had to bring up emoto's work with water and how powerful the gratitude words are. (see earlier blog on quantum physics). We arranged to meet in 1-2 hrs and that he would call me back. When I got home I texted him to let him know I was home.

While I was waiting for him to call me back I got the call from the new domme client. I told him I had a previous booking but wasn't sure exactly when.. perhaps if he was close by and only wanted a 1/2 hr appt I could see him first? He agreed.. and then right after booking him the gratitude client called as he'd been in the shower when I texted him. He agreed to come in an hour and I would again text him when I was done with the domme client.

Domme client called back (ten minutes had elapsed) to tell me he was coming from R***. "R***?" I exclaimed.. that's 45 minutes away! well that was helping me get into the mood I probably needed to be in to dominate him.

At the 50 minute mark I called him and got his voicemail. I told him he was late and that if it was my fault for the miscommunication I apologized but I was pretty sure he understood me that he was only to be booking if he was close by.. not 45 minutes drive away.. so he would have to wait now while I called the original guy back to let him know he could come over. (I was using a strict teacher voice seeing as he wanted domme anyway). Right after I hung up.. he called to say he was here.

I gave him the address and when he came to the door he was this adorable older man with sparkling eyes. He immediately gave me my tribute and put on his own collar with loop. I grabbed it (the collar) and pulled him to the floor. Told him he was in big trouble for being late and that it was his own fault that the appt was going to be short. Did he understand?? He said he did.

I made him lick my boots, told him he wasn't fit to be fucked and didn't deserve my presence never mind my cock in his ass (strap-on). This was fun! Long story short.. I made him kiss my ass and jerk himself off on my hardwood floors and then lick it off. I get quite a bit of glee out of watching a man lick up his own cum. He did too.

Then I got ready for mr gratitude.. who by the way told me I had the skin/body of a 25 yr old. I never get tired of hearing that!

When I saw my next domme client later that week it was someone I'd seen before. He likes the roleplay of an angry mommy. He wants to finish with him over my knee while I spank him and he 'fucks' my legs..

I had him over my lap spanking the crap out of his bottom while he finished as well on the floor.. Thankfully he couldn't see my face. I had trouble keeping a straight face as I watched him bounce himself up and down over my lap while I grabbed his waist with my non-spanking hand to keep him from falling off my knee. It's times like this I wish I could video the session so others could enjoy my predicaments.

The hardest part for me with domme.. next to the difficulty of coming up with the dialogue is that it's hard for me to inflict pain. I get that the participant enjoys it.. but my eyes and my heart feel and see otherwise. It's a real head game.. one which I haven't quite got the hang of yet.

pics by and with Vero

Vero was visiting Ottawa from Montreal and Angela and I went to meet her at her hotel for a swim. Vero is good with a camera so she was taking pics of Angela and myself and we turned the camera on her because Angela wanted to see a pic of our giant big naturals side by side. Thought you might enjoy it too!

pics with Lovely Dorinda

Dorinda was in town visiting for 2 days and we got together from some wings and beer.. then just prior to heading out for karaoke we had Angela take a few pics of us in the tub. Dorinda was enamoured of my big tits as was I of hers. She commented on my small pussy lips and asked if I had had them reduced which caused Angela and I to laugh our butts off. The only parts of me that are small are my eyes.. and my pussy.